Foot he kicked out a long while, Father Joe was tentatively asked, “Who is the object?”

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  When asked about this, I expect to see the Qiao Yu eyeful.
  Qiao Yu smile, “is that you see every night of drama Xu Lusheng.”
  Joe mother, “the lawyer ah?”
  Qiao Yu, “What lawyers, people play lawyer, is the star of their own.”
  Qiao Sheng mother took Joe’s hand, really mixed feelings “you.Jiaxizhenzuo ah?”
  Sheng Joe nodded bite the bullet.Father Joe in there heavy sigh complain, severely cut out a Qiao Yu, you do not even want to say.Daughter hand fly, angry!
  Sheng Joe quickly change the subject, “aunts and uncles, this is a gift to you.”
  Qiao Qiao Yu took the mother to let, temperature channels “do not always have to come with a gift, aunts and uncles nothing, you can come and see us enough friends.”
  She took Sheng Joe sat down on the couch next to Father Joe pick up a newspaper, turn down, get up, put down, Sheng Joe could not help but ask, “Uncle, how do you, ah?”
  Father Joe paused and said, “You told the lawyer to talk about how long?”
  Qiao Yu next to “say not a lawyer, is the star!”
  Father Joe “You shut up!Worthless things!”Joe has turned around to see Sheng,” the star you okay?”
  Sheng Joe somehow a little cry, tried to make her smile. “He was particularly good to me, people are particularly good, I let you have the opportunity to meet him

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