Is hitting them: “You say that again?”

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“I just want to take you as a wife, just I do not want my sister!”Ginger really blurted.
He himself was shocked.
Ah Feng has even threatened not to light: “I beg your pardon?!”
“Anyway, I has been determined, you even think about stopping me!”Jiang really finished, he turned and ran, and I’m afraid this is one of his most fat guts up.

Chapter 168 I admitted the mistake

Ji House.
“Madame,” Spring pushed open the door, they sent a message: “This is the message sent home in South Sioux City, he said that the end of this month Ms. Su Jialao had birthday, sent invitations.”
Traveling business was only when the Ji family in this town still not safe from the eyes of what, say white is a little rich, forever now she Mallory Street momentum gradually under the hot plate, became the most popular throughout the town of peace lots, the value of that street’s rising day by day, Ji family status of the light will gradually have peace in the town, the town now who do not know the full, safe town now out of such an upstart discipline at home?
Is, therefore, safe town these big events are also open

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