Female CEOs posture, restore the kind of calm, took a deep breath, calm said.

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  ”We all like, get off it.”
  Although Mo Yu heart has been forced to put on a look of calm, but saying this, the sound is still a little shiver of.
  After the car, Jin Mo Mo conspire heart Yu front, hehe smile.
  ”Sister, you have to admit it.”
  ”Get out of here!You are a girl who is not looking to beat?You just do not see it was an accident?”
  Mo Jin quietly said: “Hey, look out ah?Sister, yesterday I gave you forget a diagram, you have to pay the recent romantic encounters.”
  Mo Yu heart a black line, simply pay any attention to this girl, walked into the leaves Villa formalities to go.
  Just take the time, heart Yu Mo’s face still red, peach blossom this kind of thing is not only a man said Jin Mo, a few days ago a few colleagues have spoken to her about it.
  Originally peach does not matter, Mo Yu heart is school-age young women, and the find a boyfriend.
  can.This may not be a peach blossom leaf white, ah, when I went to Tong Tong explain how with ah!
  Mo heart Yu walked, distraught, suddenly feet

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