Testicular conservation methods Man: Golden Cold

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  Man is the lifeblood of Chinese medicine called kidney, in fact, refers (also known as extrarenal)。 Many men want to improve their sexual performance, for their own and his wife's sex, more and more men friends started kidney health can suffer Yang fistula, premature ejaculation who still growing。
In fact, the real man is the lifeblood of the testicles, a man's sex, the source of life, the man's testicles control fertility, control a man's sexual function。   Responsible for the production of sperm and sex hormones。 Energetic, youthful men will。 Testicular effective care, sexual health are protected, can really play a role in sexual function。 Sexual function dangerous situation, smaller testicles is a clear sign, which means testicle may have already begun to shrink, it will seriously affect sperm production and sexual function。 If the testes continue to become smaller, there might not be found in semen sperm, the man will be no fertility, sexual function also will disappear。   Healthy adults of major axis?4 cm。
For self-measurement of adult males, there is a simple way to –OK assay。   Normal size adult male, with the index finger and thumb into a circle about the size of a circle。 The specific measures: to be OK as long as their own gesture to cover the testicles, not loose not tight, normal testis!Of course, stuffed some are a little tight or loose no serious problem; if it is loose or do not fit into, so it is normal testis is questionable。
But if there is testicular atrophy, testicular it may be due to some factors in premature aging of recession。 But if the original can go into, but a few days suddenly become so large that simply will not fit in, there may be a testicular lesions。   "Golden Cold" for the conservation of intimate people from long years found that low temperature is conducive to health。
An analog Winter yin (cold) of the Regime Golden Cold results are good。 Golden Cold There are a variety of actions, it is about the testicles (outside the kidney) to low temperature。 Here to tell you a simple method of curing testicular。   Room in advance first with cold water, or wrap the whole penis and scrotum with a wet towel, so you can make testicular temperature decreases, blood flow slows down, relieve stress and inhibit the premature ejaculation。 An ordinary bath with cold water and warm water repeated stimulation of the testes, exercise may play a role in men's sexuality。
  Many factors make the life of a virtuous cycle, mutually reinforcing。
Of the ancient theory of health in our country has given us inspiration。 Golden Cold from the critical nature of maintenance – man, namely the elimination of inappropriate sexual behavior or environmental factors to cause the testicles, start to improve sexual function, the sexual harmony to promote the physical and mental health, but also to increase sexual pleasure。

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