A dime of “small business” can also have a “great article”

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Li Baoliang was a farmer Shangqiu, some carpentry skills from primary school, but at home useless.So in July 1991, in order to make money still owed to the marriage debt, he said goodbye to his wife and children came to the Jinshan District of Shanghai Xing tower town to help people engage in decorating.Three years later, he paid off the arrears, the hands also have some savings, began pondering his own business when the boss.May be a few years, he not only did not make money, but they carry a $ 5,000 debt.No way, to pay off debts, he also called his wife to work in Shanghai.One day, looking for work to find Li Baoliang was distracted, looking for someone to chat, they came to a friend’s home town of Fengjing.Li Baoliang friends busy to take fruit, tea, but not boiling water pot three, a friend embarrassed to say: You see, a busy morning, boil the water thing to forget, and now you want to soak pot of tea to drink no way, if there is the same as a ‘tiger stove’ boiled dumplings nice as before.It turned out that the old Shanghai tiger stove to boil water to sell special place, as well as the 1960s and 1970s, when twelve cents a thermos bottle, good business, as early as now gone, only to the history museum to see the tiger the kitchen.From a friend out of the house, thinking all the way Li Baoliang sell tiger stove boiling water, but now people are very busy, from morning to evening, forget boil water often happens, if he can sell water bay water Square, received a dime a bottle of money, which is not a small business to do business up a dime Egypt also learned the next several days, Li Baoliang of migrant workers around the residence to investigate, they all said that if there is a dime a bottle of water sold certainly can not buy, because they own a flask of water, water, electricity or gas bills add up to much more than a dime, have their own cost and time to boil water, you can buy full bottles of water twenty-three.With this investigation, Li Baoliang greater confidence to sell water.Ningbo home to inquire about the factory after production of multi-function water heater equipment, Li Baoliang finally patchwork of borrowed 4,000 yuan of money, immediately rush to go.In August 2003, Li Baoliang of water in his rented Square Farmer Street officially opened.Because the price is really cheap, so workers living in the neighborhood are willing to buy, they said Li Baoliang did a very good thing.At the end of a Li Baoliang afterwards, net profit of 300 yuan, it seems that this business really profitable dime.People who work a dime in boiling water in a mass ten, hundred to spread, not long, even from far away also have to buy water.But did not last long, a few months later, people come to buy much less water.Li Baoliang was wondering, there is no second home near the water to sell, it is how it happened?Later, he asked one of the ladies often before to buy the water, he said Aunt: business guy to be honest, can not cut corners.Your recent burn water is not open, it is not in order to save firewood fee?Li Baoliang suddenly realized that I too did not boil water, but every day and no less firewood to burn, what is the reason water does not boil it?Li Baoliang to boil their own situation were recorded, with the temperature measurement is not about to burn out of the water from time to time, really only about 90 degrees, not enough open.Li Baoliang a telephone call to the manufacturer consultation, before we know water is not burning open due mainly to pressure, through the efforts, not burning water problems finally resolved, but also buy water of the people waiting in a long queue.But soon Li Baoliang of water has a problem.Many people reflect his burning boiler water has a very strong flavor, bubble out of the tea should taste, simply do not drink boiled water.Li Baoliang think it might be a long time been burning boiler, not cleaned reason.To this end, Li Baoliang a week in advance to tell people, sometime next week wash water heaters.After a good cleaning water heaters, boilers strong sense of smell is no longer.Since then, Li Baoliang set himself a provision, once every two months to clean water heaters, so as to ensure the water does not smell burning out.There was a time, often broadcast a television advertisement purified water, the ad said that now there are many impurities in tap water, the situation is pollution.Buy water of the people there has been such a worry.To this end, Li Baoliang went WSC bought a water filtration device to the home tap.After impurities are filtered tap water, buy water of the people more and more trust Li Baoliang, his water sales have gradually climbed an average day to sell more than 1,000 bottles.I ran a small business with a well-off one morning in December of the same year, Li Baoliang as usual is to boil water, one middle-aged men in suits and ties stood there watching for a while, and finally pulled out a business card and handed it: after you every day before 6 am, send me 100 bottles of water to the store, to give you double the price.If not enough I invite you to send, end of each month and you checkout.Li Baoliang could not believe there will be such a good thing to find the door, he took a look at a business card, so this is a middle-aged man New Era Hotel Fengjing Town boss.He said a person specifically asked the hotel to boil the water, doing wage costs expensive than buying water more than doubled, so when he heard a dime a bottle of water sold, Li Baoliang special trip to the water to see what Square.In this way, the water Li Baoliang Square received a first single outgoing traffic water.Until after 6:00 every day, Li Baoliang are using a tricycle to the boiling water inside and outside of New Century Hotel, a month earn six or seven hundred.Inspired, Li Baoliang began purposefully out the contact Customer.Li Baoliang first call fellow intends to send the agreement fair share of water when boiling water to make people responsible signed off, to avoid the occurrence of niggling things.After doing these preparations, Li Baoliang some of the factory began to Fengjing Industrial Park on business.The Li Baoliang confidence, because most factories do not supply water.Sure enough, he became the talk of several construction companies, garment factory and electronics factory business, every family in more than 100 bottles.Such Li Baoliang Square in boiling water to operate at full capacity every day, even in the garment factory workers have come back to help his wife.Now, alone please send Li Baoliang fixed water units have five, water Square month net profit of 5000 yuan.Li Baoliang also intends to buy a pickup truck in the middle of the end of 2004, so that he could send the water faster, more, longer.Vast sea, migrant workers, friends often only noticed big business, while ignoring their side of the small business.Li Baoliang experience tells us: a dime a small business can also make some big article.

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