An alms story

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There was once a sub-cents, and when he came out of the mint in his radiant, dancing and shouting: Long live!I now want to go up the majority of the world!So he went to the wide world will come up.He holds the child with warm hands, the miser with a cold and sticky hands clutching his.Elderly people over and over again to see him, he got a hand on the young man spent.This sub-cents is made of silver, copper rarely component body; he came to have a year’s time in this world – that is to say, in his casting of this country.But one day he went to travel abroad.He is the master of his travel purse money in the country last one.Only when this gentleman came only money he had on hand know.I actually left in the hands of a national money!He says.Then he can go with me to travel the.When he put the child cents While still go into the purse, on the issue of child cents clatter of sound, jumped with joy.He is now with some strange friends; these friends came and went, leaving empty seats to fill people later.While sub-national cents but always stay purse; it is an honor.Several weeks later.Cents son in this world has run very far, which makes even he does not know exactly to what.He just heard about from other coins, they are not made in France, is made in Italy.One said, they came to a certain city; another said that they are in a certain place.But these allegations are completely sub cents puzzled.If a person always stay in the bag, of course, see nothing of.It is this situation of sub-cents.But one day, when he was lying in the purse, he found the bag did not buckle.So he secretly climbed pocket, he glances toward the outside.He should not do that, but he was curious – people often have to pay for this kind of curiosity.He gently slipped his pocket and go; that night, when the purse was taken, but it stayed child cents in the same place he.He and other clothes together was sent up the corridor.He rolled to the ground here, no one would have heard him, no one has seen him.The next morning, these clothes was sent back to the room.Gentleman put on, to continue his journey, and sub-cents While this was left behind.He was found, so they had to come out for the people.He was used to go out together with another three dollars.Look around things are a pleasure to work with, the child wanted cents.Know a lot of people know a lot of customs, but also a pleasant thing.This is what a child cents?Then one of them said.It is not this country’s money, it is a fake money, it did not help.Cents son’s story, according to he himself put it, begin from here.Fakes – no use!These words really makes me sad!He said sub-cents.I knew I was on a good cast silver, knocked up loud, official seal is true.These people must be a mistake.They never refer to me!But, yes, they refer to me.They specifically call me a fake, I say I have no use.”I have to use this guy to sneak out!”I get the man said; then I was in the hands of people the night, people are cursing the day.- “fake – to no avail!I have to get use out of it.”Every Yinhao be secretly treated as a national coin changed hands when he was trembling in the hands of others.How pathetic I was a child ah cents!If my money, my values, my official seal are useless, they do for me what is the point?In the eyes of the world, people think you are worth considered valuable.I would have no sin; because of my looks against me, it is guilty, so I had to surreptitiously crawling around on the road of evil.I feel so uneasy; it was a terrible!- Every time when I was out, and the thought of those people looking at my eyes, I shuddered, because I know I will be treated as a liar and a fake go back, threw on the table.Once I fall into the hands of a poor old woman, as she was a hard day of labor wages.She did not throw my way.Who I do not, the result I became one of her heavy mind.’I had to use it to cheat cents a child who,’ she said, “because I did not force a collection of fake money.The rich baker should get it, he has the power to eat this loss – but, nevertheless, I did it exactly right or wrong of.”So I had to become a burden on the conscience of this old woman, alms, sigh.Do I really want to change late in life to have so much yet?So the old woman went to the wealthy baker go there.This man is very familiar with the popular general ShangXi cents son; I can not make him acceptable.He personally took me back into the old woman to.She therefore there is no use me to buy bread.I am very sad, I think the source of the pain actually become someone else – and I was so happy when I was younger, so much confidence: I realize that my values and my official seal.I’m very depressed; people do not want a child can milli some pain, I have a whole.But the old woman brings me home.She in a friendly and gentle attitude looked at me warmly.’No, I will not have anyone to deceive you,’ she said..”I will make a eye on you, Haoshi people to see that you are fake.But – and – and I just thought – you could be a lucky son of cents.I believe this is true.The idea impression in my mind deep.I will make a hole in this sub-cents, wearing a wire, take it as a good luck cents neighbor child hanging around the neck of a child.”So she hit me in a hole.He was knocked a hole is certainly not a very happy thing; however, as long as people’s intention is good, it can endure a lot of pain to be under the.I was wearing into a line, so I became a badge, hanging around the neck of a child.The child smiled at me and kissed me; I have all night lying in his warm, innocent breast on.Morning comes, the child’s mother took me get a hand, I study.She has her own set of ideas about me – that I’ll be able to feel it.She took her scissors, cut the wires this.”Auspicious cents a child!”she says.”Well, we can immediately see that.”She put me in vinegar, made me whole body green.Then she put the plug hole, rub me for a while; then in the evening twilight, took me to a man selling lottery tickets go there, I used to make her fortune to buy a lottery ticket.Yes, ah how much I pain!My heart there is a tingling sensation, as if I would burst like.I know that I will be called a fake person, person to be thrown away – and in front of a lot of the other sub-cents coins and throw away.Their faces are engraved portrait and the word, and therefore can feel great.But I slipped away.Sell lottery people in the room have a lot of people; he was busy, so I’m just like many other clatter of coins rolled into the box gone.What my lottery prize goes no, I do not know.But one thing I know, that is: The next morning, people will recognize me is a fake, but I take it to continue to deceive people.This is a very very sad thing, especially if you own conduct would have been good – I can not deny myself this point.For a long time, I just go to the bird only from the hands of the hands, this one went to that house, I was always cursing, always be looked down upon.Who do not believe me, for myself and the world have lost confidence.This is really a very tough day.The last day a traveler came.Of course I was transferred to his hands, his people are very naive, actually accepted me, put me as a common currency.But he also wanted to go out with me.Then I heard a cry: “There is no use – fakes!” I came to accept it as genuine Yeah, ‘said the man.Then he looked at me carefully look, suddenly face a smile – I’ve never seen in any face when I see this expression will be exposed.”Hey, what is this?”He says.”It turned out to be one of my own money, a come from my hometown, honest, good old sub-cents; and people treat it knocked a hole, but also think of it as a fake.Ah, This is a wonderful thing!I want it to stay together to take home.”I heard I was called good old honest cents son, my whole body feel happy.Now I’m going to be home to.Where everyone will know me, know I am cast out with real money, and covered with official seal, I am pleased almost to emerge from Mars; but I do not really smoke performance Mars, because that is the iron and steel characteristics, rather than the characteristics of silver.I was wrapped in a clean sheet of paper, the better so that I do not mix with the other coins to be used out.Only in festive occasions, when many of their own people together, and I was only out for everyone to see.Everyone praised me, they say I am very interesting – it is wonderful to say, one can not say a word and still appear interesting.Finally, I finally came home,.All my troubles are ended.My happiness began, because I made good money, and stamped with the official seal genuine.I never worried thing to endure, though I like a fake coin, like, who have been wearing a hole.But if a person is actually not a fake, then what to do with it?One should wait until the last minute, he will always be injustice Shen Xue – that is my faith.He said sub-cents.

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