A cup of cold water

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It is a fast food restaurant, located in the downtown, business is booming.One day, a young woman holding a small baby came into the shop, she wanted to buy for the children to drink.However, the shops are full of Coke, Sprite like the cold, it is not suitable for small babies.Taking a closer look, she finally found the store has fountain, which the pure water, but can let the children drink a little.So she tentatively asked the waiter Hello, you give me a glass of water?Waiter look at her, he exclaimed: to take the cup.She surprised a moment, quickly said: I’m sorry, I did not mug.I will not.The waiter is incredibly easy to answer.Please, use the store’s glass all right?I’ll pay.She continued pleaded children were thirsty.Cup not to sell, buy you a drink bar.Sound waiter’s obviously a little impatient.Children can not drink, please give me a glass of water right.Her voice was trembling.This time, the waiter no more attention to her, but turned away, received the next customer that day, the young woman took the baby home, and neighbors chatted about the day on things.After listening to her face, very angry neighbors: the store is too harsh, then I will not go again.Yes ah, I certainly will not go to the.Then, they returned to their homes.Neighbor was a high school teacher, school next to a fast food restaurant.After work the next day, neighbors and colleagues talk about her experiences.We heard, endless emotion: too much, and even glasses of water are reluctant.This shop is best drained.Yes ah, yes ah again when students and chat, teachers will mention it, and then told one: After you run the best little whither.After the students go home, have family and talk about it, plus an end, our teacher said, after less to go there.Fast food restaurant is still open every day, to meet the Quartet visitors.But who can not tell, from the beginning of the day, the restaurant became deserted.In the past, the restaurant was almost full day; especially at weekends, students who wear school uniforms, always a long line at the counter.Can now, the store is difficult to see the shadow of the young.Student little less of it, can be strange, even other customers rarely visit; it was occasionally patronize, but also to buy things away, rarely take a ride in the store.Shop seats, mostly empty, it seems, the entire restaurant, lifeless.In order to improve business conditions, fast-food restaurants launched a number of new measures: award-winning dining, package discounts, gifts but these activities can gather popularity in a short time, or how long the store will still deserted.Gradually, there are a lot of restaurants downtown stationed at fast-food restaurants around, and more dumpling shop, noodle shop, Soya bean juice fast food business, is worse.Finally one day, a snack bar and had to shut the door.When store employees to pack up and leave, they no one thought that this unfortunate outcome, it begins with a glass of cold water.To recommend the latest information sauna

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