What constellation is January

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January is Capricorn and Aquarius. The corresponding constellation from January 1 to January 19 is Capricorn, which belongs to the earth sign and is located in the tenth sign of the zodiac. Capricorn is the most cautious and enterprising constellation.. They are mature and steady, down-to-earth, very planned and patient.. The corresponding constellation from January 20 to January 31 is Aquarius, which belongs to Air signs and is located in the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Aquarius is characterized by innovation and independence.. They treat people kindly, communicate well with others, and like to make friends..   Capricorn was born from January 20 to January 22 in twelve. Capricorn was born in winter in inside. It is a very calm and diligent constellation.. Capricorn’s personality is rigorous and steadfast. He strives for justice in his work and abides by discipline and rules and regulations. draw a circle on the ground to serve as a prison will not easily break the routine. He likes to plan and standardize his work in inside.. Capricorn people are patient, hardworking, conscientious and responsible. They are relatively cold-tempered, do not communicate well with others, like to handle their own affairs, and often give people a very harsh feeling, which makes them difficult to approach..   Capricorn is a very responsible person. They will play their roles, take up their responsibilities, and strive to be the best and the best for both work and family.. Their dedication to work is very strong, and they often forget many things for their work. They pay attention to reality, pursue reality, and will not be unconstrained style. They are innocent and romantic. They are eager to succeed and pursue what they want.. However, they are very stubborn, rigid and inflexible. They do things in an orderly way and do not know how to turn. They are often prone to miss many opportunities..   The birth date of Aquarius is January 20-February 18. Aquarius people show an alternating state of enthusiasm and apathy in appearance. They are quiet as a virgin and move like rabbits. They can be released and released freely.. They love all novelty and novelty, are willing to accept new discoveries, and like to explore mysterious things.. Aquarius people are very smart, have a unique personality, like freedom, pursue freedom, like innovation, and pursue the unity of the spiritual world..   Aquarius inside always has strange ideas in his head and inside is unconstrained style. Moreover, they love innovation, like to explore new things, pursue different life styles, and do not like the same life style. They have endless creativity in pursuing their own unique life style.. Aquarius is known as “the star of friendship” and is very good at making friends, but Aquarius defines friends very harshly and has a strong guard against people who have just come into contact, so it is difficult to confide in them.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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