What do you need to do to make your marriage better in January

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Marriage is beautiful. Many people always want to enter the palace of marriage.. However, marriage is also very painful. If both parties cannot understand each other’s quarrels and trivial matters at ordinary times, it is easy to break down a relationship that should have been happy.. To have a good marriage life still needs the maintenance and persistence of both parties.. So do you want to know what you do in January to make your marriage better?? Test it and you will know the answer. Now let’s do a marriage test together.! 1、. Are you a person who cares about state affairs? Yes, not occasionally.. What are you more interested in? Drawing and Singing Technology 3,. Do you believe in fate?? Do you believe in the general 4,. Do you actively pursue the person you like?? Will it depend on the situation 5,. Do you think you are a lucky person at ordinary times? Yes, no, not bad. 6,. Do you believe you can become a successful person one day? Believe it or not 7,. What pet do you like best? Xiao Mao Dog Hamster 8,. Do you always think your other half is beautiful? Yes, no, not bad. 9,. Are you willing to pay for your marriage seriously?? Are you willing or not willing to look at the situation 10, what do you think is the most important thing for two people together? Communication Concern Passion A, Learn to Communicate What you need to do most in January is to communicate well with your lover in order to make your marriage more happy.. The first thing to understand each other is to have good communication. Both parties can understand and tolerate each other’s difficulties and mistakes, which is an important factor in maintaining marriage.. Unilateral pressure or like to hide their worries, it is easy to explode dissatisfaction with each other over a long period of time.. B, learn to be responsible. what you need most in January is to learn to be responsible and to be responsible. Marriage itself is a kind of responsibility. Since choosing marriage, one must be determined to shoulder this responsibility.. First of all, you should learn to face up to the trivial things in life and understand that marriage is not only Moods of Love, but also the ordinary life of Miser oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.. The secret of keeping fresh is to be able to enjoy beautiful things in ordinary On The Occasion Of Remembering The Turning Gate.. C, Learn Romance What you need to learn most in January is romance. Marriage sometimes requires passion. Although it is true to say that it is plain, it can bring different freshness to marriage and increase the interest between them is also a very good way.. Making Little Surprises romance for each other from time to time can not only make each other happy, but also bring good influence to yourself.. If you want to have a good marriage, please have more Mobbed.! D, learn to act. what you need most in January is to learn to act. If you want to care about each other, you must speak up and do what you say.. It’s no use just talking about care, it can’t make the other party feel your love.. You can take the initiative to help each other, care for each other and give your own practical actions.. Don’t just talk about it, it’s very important to want a good marriage.. Re-answer the original article of First Constellation. Please contact the website management if reprinted, otherwise it will be regarded as infringement..

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