Once hurt in love, inside will never love again.

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It takes all your courage to love someone. Once you get hurt in love inside, these constellations will never love again..   Cancer Cancer people are very sensitive and shy. Before they decide to be with someone, they must have thought for a long time before they made up their mind to love. They are very sure that they can always be happy.. However, there was no comedy ending in the end. He was injured in love with inside. The kind cancer would not resent each other, but would feel inferior and not good enough. Therefore, he hid back to inside, the crab shell, and stopped loving her..   Aquarius Aquarius is extremely pessimistic about love. It is hard for them to fall in love, but it is very difficult to convince themselves of love. As a result, Slapping’s tragedy still hurts them. The proud Aquarius will be ashamed and chagrined and then return to their spiritual world of inside, vowing never to believe in love again..   Libra Libra is easy-going and introverted. She likes Que Sera, Sera and loves it very hard. They regard it as their most important thing.. However, the only thing they care about has broken their hearts. How can this not disappoint them?? Not sad? So I can’t love anymore.   Scorpio Scorpio people are very stubborn, or don’t care about love, if love a person will be determined for a lifetime, with all my heart to thank you, but his heart tao tao lung for a scar, Scorpio recognized. It’s not that you don’t love, but that the person you love is no longer there.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.

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