Dependent as partners of the empress home

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Grandma is my father’s mother, also a father of his son’s grandmother.Today’s young people babbling from the grandmother called and told my grandmother relatively gentle, but we’re used to Shangyu grandmother called the “Goddess”, although called the “Goddess” Earth seem a little stiff, but I still think the grandmother called “empress” more cordial honest.  Whenever I walk, passing, suddenly I heard someone shouting, “Goddess,” I’ll stop stop.In front of the empress suddenly emerge out of that kind of voice and facial expression, and picking up some childhood memories scattered debris in the depths of my memory, share the feelings of the empress so far still feel warm and cordial.  I was only fourteen months in large, hold the hands of time, it was my grandfather, the empress from Yangpu District, Shanghai received Shangyu, came baiguan.Before the age of fourteen, I have been led by the empress, with.It can be said, I grew up drinking Cao’e river town at the Millennium hundred officials.  My family lived for generations in Baiguan, the hands of the older generation has an unwritten custom set to be lived in Five hundred officials who can be counted.My family’s ancestral home is located in the City Baiguan at the junction of the first bridge, the north shore “Baiguan River”.  My grandfather had three seats east to the west of the ranch house, there is a sort of a small yard.Front of the house has a rectangular authentic fitted with rocks, ground stone has been depressed too smooth.  Under the previous authentic stone-faced, as well as a rectangular vegetable garden, planted a few vegetables plot.  In the vegetable garden on the north side of the innermost planted with a tall “fragrant bubble” trees, vegetable garden on the eastern side near the stage door also planted with a short of “beneficial interest” tree.(Junction is kind of like the cherry like fruit) garden on the west side, there is a south-facing grave, piled high pointy soil, top covered with grass, lying inside I do not know who our surname Yu ancestor.  Graves tightly against the first quarter of Ancestral Temple east side of the wall.  Our Yu family authentic house layout has a cross-shaped 7, authentic houses north, the south has a very wide door station yard, with a rope hanging above a tiny bells.Whenever there is wind blowing, or someone pushed open the door, will be sounded “When whisper whisper when the” bell.  The introduction of cross-door, is a high-level getting low-level stone “Step legs files” steps about a ten-level bar!  After down, is the North Shore “Baiguan River” a long, continuous stretches of road, the ground covered with a block length of jagged quartzite stone road leading east to the junction of the bridge, Min Bridge, Wan Onkyo water Bridgeport three Tanahashi, and west to the bridge leading to the teaching field.  Our Yu family authentic, which is home to three families, the innermost one is open Dragon grandfather, the middle one is remifentanil Arbor, the outermost one is my grandfather, the empress.  My family back home, wall to wall tightly close Baian grandfather’s house.We followed a bigger Yu family authentic, which are home to many of Yu’s family are from ethnic Azeri.  My grandfather was too taboo name Yu Songting, his “court” character generation have five brothers, then these two Yu family authentic lived all his five brothers, children and grandchildren.Therefore, we are all flesh and blood pro room, but also inter-generational far way to go pro!  My grandfather five brothers ranked a little big, so my family more than a generation than others, seniority becomes smaller.In the Yu family authentic than my years I have seen so big, almost shouting to be his wife, grandfather, empress, but in order to see with me is similar or smaller than me, almost every cry uncle, Uncle, Uncle.  Chase now Renmin Road Mall this land, then all of our family for generations Yu residence.  Small, at home I was the empress’s “stooge”, empress to visit relatives or neighbors stopping by our house, I will follow away, it can be said that the empress to go, where I will certainly have.  In the eyes of the empress my grandson is a long room, therefore, for the empress I grew up very spoiled, what will follow me, according to my.In the leaner years, what good thing, she always hidden in the elderly, tuck, I keep to eat.We can say that the empress is my life’s most loved my elders elderly.  In empress home, not just a Goddess who spoil me, my grandfather baby.  I often heard the empress, Arbor talking about, Grandpa always let me ride in Grandpa shoulders, walked under the bridge at the junction of Mr. East Church opened a grocery store to drink.  At that time the shop door stays with a row of antique Langpeng, here is the city of the first people to gather in the center more lively.  My grandfather often come here to buy peanuts, bamboo chair sitting on a small square table, will the drink, can be afraid of the empress scold me every time drunk temporary home, always told me do not tell me the empress.  And I always face to face, “uh, uh,” he promised to be good.  After outstretched hands to be eaten peanuts or small sugar cookies, entered the house, they call loudly: “Goddess, Goddess, grandfather ate a wine!”Every time I have deliberately naughty ‘snitch’, which led to my grandfather suffer a scolding.  This time my grandfather would use little finger, scolded me: “Little live monkey, bad media!”” Next time do not go out with Lennon Kenya!”Grandpa tube curse curse, but each still take me out of.  So, grandfather and grandson have continued to repeat this story.And my Uncle, one will be free often led me to teach baiguan Three Mile Long Street, the city went from the weir head on the head, and from the weir head went under the city head, sometimes I can not walk she would have to hold heavy “stone-heavy” I go home.  In the street I saw goodies will be greedy, clamoring to eat, Uncle always fail to beat me, he had pulled out a meager pocket money to buy me a little food.  At that time many people regarded me as her son, almost affect her find the object.  At this point, Uncle and Uncle being in love, even I mistakenly thought I was Uncle Uncle children, ha ha, my heart also had been sour, this was Uncle told me later.  Later, my parents to bear the difficulties the country, in response to the call of the government to streamline the urban population in mid-1962 also came to the ancestral tenant hundred officials from the east metropolitan Shanghai, I came back to the arms of their parents.  But after three years, my father has been transferred to the National Emergency depths of the mountain “Third Front”, to make the guns went.  Father did not because I was “raised his son alone,” and stay in Shangyu work, give me more love, I still dropped a left Batui.  I was associated with the empress still dependent alive.  But at that time, my grandfather home only three level house, living Erdie, Arbor et al..  My parents just returned from Shanghai, no place to shelter, rental housing only habitat of someone’s home to live, my family was living rent the other side, at the foot of the bridge at the junction of Bridge City, building a next head “Baiguan River” in.According to my father said, the monthly rent fee is 6 yuan.  My Goddess Yuchen Shi, Shen Wen Xian taboo.Twenty-two of the lunar calendar in mid-April 1911, was born in the town of Shen Baiguan get within a scholarly family.  In the year there are two hundred officials Shen Lane, an escape, Lane bridge in Taoyuan tiger, a bridge in Chiang Chiang, Lane, I get in the middle of the empress’s maiden piece of alley in Chiang.  Chiang Shen, Lane, Lane next to the stone horse who stands out too official, very famous in Baiguan old, seen Shen renowned former glory.  Shen has been moving in the Crown’s ancestors, his family was well-off.  My father was the empress Baiguan street to sell business and cater to Mr. and another outlet in Shen get, side streets in open school private school, private school this school is the location of the original county soldiers and Quarantine Bureau later broadcast station.  Although I Goddess Women Current generation, but also read the private school school literate, who was the side streets where the only private school school girls, mixed group of boys in the middle of reading the classics.  I grew empress received a good education and cultural influence of the family, doing things which laid a solid foundation for her later in life and man.  Yu three generations of our family, my grandfather on the early thirties died.I too twenty-four widowed empress, but also a “three-inch golden lotus”, not Shimoda labor, relying on technology to do the tailor to get a modest income, who are raising my grandfather and great aunt two grown children.  My great aunt was married to one of the side streets in Wang’s family, his house is open grocery store.Then the dawn of photography shop on the second floor of the house is his home, selling above is ceramic tableware dishes and bedding straw mat.Royal descendants whole work in Hangzhou, which it has not recovered property rights.  My Goddess since married my grandfather after Yu-Chih cents until 1997, died May 27, made a great sacrifice for us Yu family.  My daughter entered the Goddess as Yu Taiwan-door, provoked the family bear the burden, Fuchangfusui, in addition to caring for her mother, but also my father was born, and I Erdie, I Arbor three children, and take care of all the family Daily life.  Her busy life is spent for the Yu family, for the children worked hard in trying to.My Uncle culture has become college students, is the pride of my life and pride Goddess.  In the woman with bound feet must become a “lotus feet” of rampant years, I have a pair of Goddess “liberation feet” worth her life proud of.  Every time it comes to this as long as your feet, my Goddess will face glowing with the kind of happy smile.  My Goddess had been bound feet at the age of seven under coercion too grandmother, but her old childhood personality stubborn, unwilling to firmly crying, adhere to unyielding in the beatings, forced too grandmother changed his mind and gave up to me Goddess of foot-binding.  Fortunately, my grandfather too usually very strict on students, but open-minded on this matter.Finally, my Goddess loosened the bindings that long, the liberation of their feet.  Because not a “three-inch golden lotus” My Goddess possible to go out to work, feed their families.  Although my grandfather Xiangmaotangtang a talented, but the family was too poor to “jingle” sound, my Goddess as a rich princess lady, do not pay attention perfect match willing to give way to marry my grandfather, I finally understand the truth of.  My Goddess was young, tall and handsome face, I wear the hat of Lenin photo when she saw a middle-aged.  In her after the old, although his mouth has lost a few teeth, but I can measure out her old young body, she stopped on that kind of face haggard but still somewhat pretty still, but with spot face strewn with a few grains of small pits.  Haha, this is a description of her old disrespect, but I seek the truth of history.  My Goddess hair comb is always very bright, very bright eyes, stare brilliance.When he laughs, his face wrinkled in a circle wave camel unfold, very kindly.  I am the empress’s life has gone through three historical periods Qing Dynasty, Republic of China, People’s Republic of China, the soldiers panic disorder horse of the year in order to avoid war, in order to survive, with my grandfather, with my father, a family and I their homes, in a hail of bullets travel extensively, in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi in three cities Dianpei Zhanzhuan time and time again, gone through hardships.  My Goddess and my grandfather in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, in the three cities have done factory work.  Pro liberation, my Goddess Kailin canning factory in Shanghai, due to the hard working, outstanding performance, was valued boss, entrusted with “Panama temperature” duties.  This “Panama temperature” is now the foreman, specialized management workers.  Later, Shanghai Kailin cannery to migrate to Nanning go, my uncle fair unemployed, put to work to give a small Jiugong.My little Jiugong canning factory in Nanning, Guangxi has been done retirement.  The Cultural Revolution, my Goddess told me that during her Shanghai, worked with “Gang of Four” in the neighborhood Jiang Qing, living in the same Shikumen garret, at that time the name was Jiang Qing Lan Ping, Xin long tall, looks pretty beautiful, avant-garde fashion dress up.And out to greet people, more polite.  My Goddess Back in Shangyu, I never go out, and we have to do at home housewife.My grandfather could not do farm work, in Baiguan do is porters, “three days Ke fish two days drying net” can not earn much money, but also love to drink.  My grandfather is not very good health, suffering from bronchitis, coughing frequently, although the doctor looked eat a lot of medicine, but not always effective.So life is very difficult.  My father told me that when he was young, often carrying a sack went to his grandmother, to go rice tank volume meter point, to make up for the home.  My father and therefore we sold seven hundred officials in the street to Tang Bing, fourteen-year-old went to Shanghai to work, go to school, “foreign coppersmith”, a month earn 5 yuan Yin Yang Tian.  In the KMT soaring prices, Yin Yang Tian is hard currency, folded bundles of paper money is to help a lot of busy home.  After the liberation, my father worked in Jiangxi, pay wages of $ 60 ranking in more than ten thousand workers was actually second place.At that time, they plant Wang thick is the highest salary, but also only took 75 dollars.Now people simply can not imagine.  My grandfather died fifty years old, and this time I Goddess of the heart must be very lonely, but the consolation is that three children have grown up, and the grandchildren, so she too Goddess fortunate than me.  But in those years of poverty and want of food shortages, life is not easy.In order to survive, I personally holding the empress’s dowry many good things and some are antiques, sent Baiguan Baiguan Street Bridge Huaihua consignment shops, as well as supply and marketing cooperatives baiguan acquired stores into several thin bills, buy food, buy wine.  Now think about what a shame!  My Goddess in our minor child, the annual Spring Festival will give us a few rooms grandson, nephew, granddaughter, niece issued a red envelope.  I remember the first received is a brand new 5 cents, ha ha, to be more than 3 cents to show the difference grandmother.  Later, I also received two yuan, 5 yuan lucky money, her grandchildren on Junior’s blessing and prayers are all incorporated into the ground in that little red envelope.  My Goddess usually also used to give me some money, and when she opened with Doudousuosuo hand wrapped in a handkerchief money will be handed one point, two points, the fifth of several “hot slot”.Let me buy a popsicle to eat, to buy sugar cane to eat, buy comics.  So, my childhood home of Trinidad and Tobago is comic, this is the dedication of my Goddess.  My family comic books and more, but also in the yard, “Yi Li” can be picked down to eat, but the nearest school from my house, I also served as squad leader, Little Red Guards battalion commander, my house was just a child activity center.  My Goddess fared quite familiar with our kids, we called her “commander”.Later, the “commander” of a very, very big name in establishing a new primary school, even the teacher met also call her “commander” of the.A little funny!  I’ll stay with the empress fourteen years, fourteen years I slept in her old bed.  Fourteen years old I want to hang on to her bed, but family members do not agree, I have to leave the empress.Because I have grown up to be an independent life.  While I and the empress separated, but the empress accompanied by fourteen years, she for my growth, my thoughts she has given me a lot of influence.  Mid-1997 May 27 empress left us forever.Goddess deathbed my father said many times that she wanted to die in my home, want to die at home Erdie.  At that time, my father are brothers take turns monthly dependents of the empress.And then three days to turn Erdie home, in my home really empress died peacefully closed his eyes gone, fulfilled her last wish.  Goddess of the hall in my Four Seasons hotel lobby, I closed down three days specially made for her funeral.Empress she will always remain in my heart.  Years rush, long life, the time has passed for 15 years, the empress figure often appeared in my eyes, I’m dreaming.  I always felt she was on my side, I have never left me her old.I wish I could listen to her old inculcate in me, and I wish I could accompany her mother was off playing cards and drinking wine together, but between heaven and earth, yin and yang of two vast community.  I can do only in the first day, the festival gave her old grave, graves pull pulling weeds, and then on her grave a stick of incense, point two candles, burn some paper money again and again, kowtow to bow down.  Then put the unified firecrackers firecrackers, to comfort the soul of the deceased empress.  Whenever I stood up from the grave and the empress of time, wind around the smoke-filled eyes always fascinated me, let me tears, tears.

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