Department of love to the depths of my life

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Month, seventh day, I went to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, everything is normal!Logically entangled three months of illness away, I should be happy; may his heart he was faint raw pain.Witted whole person, once obscure old songs constantly tangled fragile heart, so deep-seated.Trying to think of trying to find complete you, but never find the original look like.Looking at the fragmentation of you, I, I think I will treasure, continuing our eternal!    Surprisingly, things are fine eyebrows?Not the think Haijiaotianya.  Jade broken heart all one thousand kinds of Italy, said a string of ice blue crazy.    Yumi good news fruitless searching, send jade breeze diffuse fragrance.  End of the World Looking Mengyin passenger, also offer all kinds of non-compensation.    Jade bracelet has always been my favorite.I have this feeling: jade bracelet like a spiritual classic woman, should the pool of spring water was gentle and quiet, romantic, melody, embodies the essence of heaven and earth.She exquisitely carved, Wei Liang Qin bone, pleasant landscaping my mind and body.In ancient times, people think that wearing jade bracelets not only live longer, but also illnesses and misfortunes, which is the combination of spirit and content of traditional Chinese jade culture.I deeply feel: wear a jade bracelet, not only represents the pursuit of beauty, there is a kind of spiritual sustenance.    Maybe, fate, or good fortune tease?Has never betray you, suddenly broken, my heart is how War?Somewhere, you still took my arm, diffuse speckled fresh, constantly expand the expansive water Runyu pattern, warm silence me tightly with silent love surrounded me.You cracked, my illness was unexpected good.They say that wearing jade bracelets sudden fall, bracelet broke, and people did not have something, it seems that the bracelet in primary care.Until today, this story has been circulating, bracelets to protect its wearer from harm, bracelets can resolve a variety of negative effects and bring good fortune to its wearer.I think really, you make me safe and sound!    Time flies, you have the heart, I walked with the Red, into the misty rain.Hello is that the spring wind, blew away the chill in my heart, let the morning dew kiss stiff me, awaken me, to meet brave bright sunshine.I understand your sacrifice, I know that you have been a smile, you think I feel at ease, I think well!Room filled with your breath, there was an air of happiness, I will give it my way, you will be embedded in the window frames, embedded in the years to come, we are always together, so I always feel your warmth..    Guling a silent apart and sent away the tenderness pregnant.  Sitting in a dash of crazy Xuan Lan, a cavity mind does not have to guess.    Such as soft jade line friendship love, soul crushing waves one day in autumn.  To spend months journeying to Italy, and the secluded Wye pen at the end to close.    The hustle and bustle can engulf the whole world, but I can not invade the quiet soul, because your spirit has been poured into my blood.I am reminded of the ancient retrieve their full property of the story, “and Choi” can change fifteen city.In my mind you’re the “NCM”.    Love to the depths, such as meditation old, I will put aside all sadness, with a new attitude, to perceive life the most real, the most beautiful!Silent, clings to life, peace of mind!

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