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Teacher surnamed teeth, write his last name because he was not weird, but he always maintained the spirit of tough and focused in the unfortunate fate. Nineteen years ago, I was the next higher.I still remember the first lesson of high school language lessons.Teachers of stepping on the podium ringing tail striding, his forties, tall, wearing a beige long-sleeved shirt, dark straight jeans, flat hair type, Founder of Chinese characters face, revealed only other people in the winter red.Teacher head tilt opening, rather husky voice heard.Said his surname teeth, tooth teeth, turned on the board hold the right elbow with his left hand to write his name forearm, then self-exposing his shortcomings, we think some impact on teaching.First, his voice hoarse, urged the students to keep quiet classroom.Secondly, with the left hand to help when writing on the blackboard, in fact, due to the pain.Again, as with our students, he is also a township junior high school just tune up before training only in Guangxi University for Nationalities over Chinese professional, not taught in high school, and we want students to learn, grow and common progress, happily spend three years school life. Was probably the first time I heard a teacher in the classroom so commenced, so magnanimous to tell their own shortcomings, and to express humility to learn and grow together with students.This alone, I have a sense of admiration for the teacher teeth.After half a class, the teacher lecturing dental Mr. Li Jian, “the rain Goldenthal Mountain”.First, he shows a painting, a simple post author and writing background notes to guide the students to clear the article, telling the Du Fu ‘ “when” Qilu Qing outstanding “teacher is hands draw an arc, trying to lead us Tarzan students to enjoy the atmosphere of powerful, that if he had the highest shelf of like Tarzan.Unfortunately, dental teachers more excited, more excited the more hoarse voice.Teenagers, will soon come up with a variety of entertainment has been entertaining people for fun.In the dormitory, opened the evening lying together on Disarmament, I do not know whose idea it was, on every subject teachers nickname like the agreement has been found.Some students said that teachers are well-tooth duck – hoarseness; students say there is a dancer – a lot of gestures, large amplitude.In my eyes, teeth more like a comedian teacher, I enjoy his passion for performing in the classroom, anyway, I relaxed philology.After mid-September, the cooler weather, multi-tooth teacher in blue or gray dress appeared Zhongshan set out in the campus.The teacher grasping a few books, put a pot on top of chalk, a small cut rhizome, strode walk, never late, always passionate in the classroom to explain the article, students who answer too softly, and he three-step for two steps down the aisle, standing at the table that the students bow at the waist, like for the ears, then repeat out loud, give the students council answer was how, and finally tell his council. Monday morning, as usual morning exercises are finished speaking at a flag-raising.Dental teacher in the middle of the stage, facing the teachers and students published the week of school management points.It turned out that the teacher is not only the teeth two classes of language teachers, or our senior team leader, came when some of the new words that husky voice that is now a “strike hard” in the hope the staff and students improve education in schools teaching, do not break the law to participate in various activities. Rest time between classes, the students gather on the corridor Momin, flock to the direction of the gate, and looked what.I am curious to beat in the past, see the edge of the playground, two uniformed police officers rely on the teacher’s teeth on both sides, three of them quickly out of the gate.That gray tunic and law enforcement uniforms stark contrast, this picture fleeting, but resident in my heart. Dorm evening of lying about more than a central theme, the students began to spread all kinds of information about the teacher’s teeth.Some teeth are described in which the teacher is the specific location of the thumb is put on handcuffs, and some describe it with both hands covering the teacher what color clothes, as well as the teacher is telling the teeth back into the housing they have to want to take the textbook less than allow dialogue situation, there are numerous, numerous.Well-informed students, collecting gall to induce the source of this matter.The effect that the girls by the first two days of our junior high school, she was pregnant.Her parents pressed beatings and Romania listed in the “perpetrators” list, among them a tall, his face flushed male teacher.Regardless of the source of information and different versions, the fact is that we will soon have a new language teacher. It stands to reason, the absence of teeth teachers on campus, like the actor withdrew from the stage, attention should go to the other point of the theatrical program.Curiously, the protagonist did not see the figure, the more people seem to leave room for review and gap, but, as a stream of information from various quarters owned by the Department of the river, gently flowing all the way, all the way satisfied that the new, the accumulation of power Yin Zhi, cemented Amoy brush all torrent.Involving off rampant dental teacher legends.One student said he went to a relatives home for dinner when someone bureau-level leadership, and that relatives of disgraced teacher blew the whistle on the teeth thing, say the people alone for teachers to report material can be filled with a drawer, put it rhythmic, probably teachers the evil is already too numerous to mention. Small town northwest mountain laurel, not to late autumn season, overcast sky has long been coerced Xiepiao rain, a reminder that this is Qiu material pretty day.County public trial verdict of the General Assembly will be held in the market day in this weather.To achieve the goal of a warning to others, the venue of choice in a public trial verdict County High School.After all, there is a standard high school football field, on the sidelines have the biggest stage counties, can accommodate maximum audience.Representative units lime powder area delimited by mass, the masses pinch summarized towns scattered standing outside the lime lines.Law enforcement officers, armed to the teeth, a few steps Kong, all of them grim-symmetrical standing.Black banner on stage, put up black and white logo.The meeting was chaired by sitting in the first row under the stage, microphone control will drive a Bobo criminals, was tied up in batches bet arena.They face the public, to accept a public trial and sentencing.With the sound coming out – the criminals tooth хх bet arena!Three bailiffs immediately tooth teacher risking stage.He wore a gray tunic, his hands tied behind, and sixty-seven same shaven-headed man in a row.Moderator reading teacher crimes, such as teacher teeth restored to his former position of senior leader and teacher identity, actually stand up tall, also with contemptuous sneer!Unexpected scene took place.A diminutive quick action of the judicial police pounced on the stage, jump up on the teeth fiercely to the teacher’s forehead slapped a palm sound mind.The teacher finally hanging head, gaze fixed on the toes, no longer suppressed, despite the bright sound audio, coax reprove his scandal.I do not know how long this process, I feel very heavy heart, regret their acts as boring asked for spectators.I’m glad we did not watch the live execution of death row inmates in 1989 to go to the beach side of the Red River. A few months after the public trial verdict, dental teacher appeared in the campus, the hair had grown up, is still a tunic, but Xingyingxiangdiao, hurry, avoiding the crowd.Some students said the teacher teeth on bail, saying there is probation, some say in more detail, said after the verdict in the teeth teachers starting with a quarry work, round sledgehammer, smashing stones, processing, transporting cement bricks , because too much fat, so come back.I thought the teacher came back teeth better, a few days later developments confirm my innocence and childish. We moved to school buildings across the front of the building there is a concrete tunnel.This channel through the old quarters teeth.One day in the afternoon, during the break in period teacher teeth passing this concrete tunnel rush.Some classes of students immediately to the teacher’s body, his head thrown chalk.There are students to military training field training slogan was modified using a typical sub-side sing, some people here began shouting “teeth хх” on the other side of the students in response to “pervert!”Then in turn, the cycle, which has been the voice of the teacher pushed to the end of the cement channel.Some people still complain that something more to say after laughing.Previously only know that he is in love, and now know hate father and daughter.Dental teacher’s daughter just in the county People’s Hospital practice, also live in the residence of the teacher.There are all kinds of people and kind of desire, we will deeply regret when confined conditions can not be achieved.When conditions permit, will be doubled Request.This concrete tunnel is too short, it is impossible to meet all the teachers who want to abuse the tooth desires, ancient and even punish, even today there is disgrace, dental daughter’s teacher who insulted the task naturally fell, in the form of practical operation remains unchanged , chalk and throwing zipper edge separation sing formula.Really like runnin across the street battle, people cry. Probation may be true, but I do not really know.I heard a dental school teachers volunteered to come, is the implementation of so-called school cleaning public toilets.I did not see how the teacher teeth cleaning public toilets, according to’ve seen students said, usually seven to six in the afternoon teacher can do that live in the implementation of the.Also heard that some students dormitory upstairs, to perform dental cast a teacher watering, pour leftovers soup, pour rice and other acts, forcing the teacher to alter the time to clean public toilets around five o’clock.I was for a morning run, get up at six wash, I did hear someone downstairs to clean toilets flushing sound.This sound, every morning all sounded like it urged me to get up early the horn.High school graduation, I was admitted to dental education teacher went through college and enter the same professional.Teach “Foreign Literature” Professor Lin bluntly no feelings for our students during classes, he will be keen to let our students have an unfavorable attitude.He was too miserable to pack his students during the Cultural Revolution.Said students seized his diary, taken out of context, wantonly distorted, leaving him no longer keep a diary; the students gather in the classroom he said a few words written in different patterns of complaint letters, he broke his leg; he was in a small room, you can not turn off the lights to sleep, or else be rejected reform, there WeiZui suicide of the suspect, which led him to keep the lights until now sleeping habits.I suddenly thought of the teacher teeth, sleepless night.Winter vacation to return home to inquire about the status of dental teacher, that teacher and rehabilitation work, and later transferred to a township school principals.It is said that tooth has appealed his conviction to his teacher, continue to appeal, the relevant departments to win the case. The years of time on the course of history, just a drop in the ocean, living in the cusp of people, fate changes a few years time, but it is a major event in life.Cheng injustice Dutch shame is like drowning, often only a few minutes to set the dead students.People are gregarious social animals, although expensive for the senior primate species.Hatred disputes between individuals are slowly digestion time, but the collective to the individual harm and abuse has become a historic injury pain; scars on the body can be given is true Excluding the help of advanced medical technology, creative mind is difficult to cure.Spectators collective unconscious or conscious playfulness can fill the pit itself boring life, but also plays a role in fueling the development of the situation.Recall tooth teacher spoke of “the rain Goldenthal Mountain”, his wonderful exposition of the author’s intention of writing.Think the article read between the lines to guide the reader to establish the bull by the horns, tough and focused, courageously climb soaring ambition.Dental teacher personally, in the unfortunate fate still uphold the indomitable spirit. November 25, 2015 in the morning

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