Dental record

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A few days ago suddenly found previously to fill the cavities had somehow opened again, on the right, a hole in each upper and lower teeth, a drink or brush your teeth, gargle when the water seeps into the hole in the gap, pain.But I love to travel, because of the daughter of the college entrance examination and school classrooms for a holiday home, so the past few days I have not been able to take time to fill a tooth.    This morning finally went to the hospital was empty, as usual, is registered queue, waiting queue.Finally my turn, I told the doctor my situation and purpose.The doctor said yes, I can help you fully check.It also does not matter inspection, an inspection also found on the left and lower teeth also have a small hole.I said I did not feel pain Yeah, the doctor took to the mirror I watch the two holes, I did not see holes lie, dubious, since I thought the doctor said hole, then he incidentally mend should not be too expensive (if the buy one get one free the better), so he asked the doctor whether all finished up (because some doctors insist once only make up a tooth), the doctor readily agreed: “Yeah, no problem!The extra part I’ll give you to check Ferri (I was the provincial public health, treatment is limited). “.The doctor finished filling holes on the right after fill the hole left when drilling hair I really feel there are two needle the size of the hole.I began to admire a good eye doctor, the doctor is also very grateful for the dedication, even offered to help me find the problem and solve the problem.    It was a long time finally all patched up, I would like to instrument allows to rest assured that drink water.But we found a water seepage inside the teeth as well as the right feeling, still aching.I asked the doctor if the hole has not mended, would like to fix it.The doctor said, the hole has been patched up, no problem, probably because I have periodontal problems make water from periodontal sink in, and asked me to shoot a film and see if it periodontitis.Thus, billing, designated price, pay.A closer look at the list that says “Every hole 50 yuan, 4 × 50 = 200 dollars”!Boy, the light which is once four holes 200 yuan!Coupled with a hodgepodge of material costs, inspection fees, and other fees filming, almost 300 yuan!Fortunately, I was at public expense, pay only 20%, only dig 50 yuan.Finished film to the doctor, the doctor said it really is periodontitis, if later still hurt so badly, I went to him to “poison nerve”.If the “nerve poison” Not yet, just unplug it.I asked whether it is necessary now to unplug it (I really have to worry toss to toss to pull)?But doctors say there is nothing I sent out.    Sitting on a chair outside, I’m so depressed, long time do not understand, I co-authored spent so much money, I spent half a day or a toothache still results?!Sometimes I do not know to go or to stay to find the doctors on that point.In desperation and a Chase Gulp drink water, slowly feeling like inferior dental pain just so, so want to spend so much money, he spent half a day, still angry, so not worth it!It’s not my style, contrary to my pleasure principle.No, I have to re-think about it, then I found just angry for two reasons: first, the right two holes $ 50 even if a little expensive no problem, but left those holes are so small, how much time neither fee , how much material is also useless, actually have 50 yuan a, really takes the biscuit!    Second, that left two holes did not pain, because Bubu think the way, accounting for point cheap, the result is not a penny less, I feel some regret; doctors take the initiative to find these two cavities for me was simply trying to earn spot treatment costs, but also I have to thank him, I feel some fooled, even more upset.    But now, in turn, might think: first, then left two small holes should be 50 yuan, while the right side is much larger compared to the two holes, the doctor has not chaos increases, has only 50 yuan, more cost-effective compared to the left!Such a thought, my heart is really smooth and more.Moreover, it is hospital policy, doctors have no right to make change.Like the bus, got into the car is 2 yuan, which is you take a tube or 20 Station Road Station Road it?If you think for one stop way to spend two dollars too innocent, big deal to have the time and boring when you sit down at the terminal from the starting station had to put the money back, the driver will never ask you for a dime!In short, a long time, slaughtered more often, and will slowly get used to, no longer feel unbalanced mind the.    Second, that left two holes although it is a small hole, but if you do not fill it, the future is bound to grow into large hole, and it is bound to make, of course, the money is not the province.Now that sooner or later had to make up, then dragged its pain might as well come and fill up now to never troubles.Such a thought, they not only do not feel upset, still feel today fillings really come to the right, not only to solve the issue at hand, but also to advance the future problem solved!    While such a thought, while they can not help a Chase Gulp drink water.strange!Firelight did not, does not seem to hurt Gajah!Then she stood up, picked up the package, go home!    June 10, 2009 [Editor: Tree man]

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