Dental Mahjong

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Yuan and Ming, a man named prostitute brothel Luzhou Three Rivers House of bamboo flowers, flowers and bamboo homes Liu Man shoots, flowers and Yan Jiao month, poetry and painting are all capable, wealthy businessmen, Wang Sun Gongzi, after another, almost worn out threshold.  Jiangnan man named Jiang Feng’s son, suave, home of the rich and powerful.This year, he sailed to buy Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain, passing Luzhou Three Rivers, Man willow branches Getting talent, wealth and exquisite beauty, they come here.To get on shore, Jiang Feng aside domestic servant, alone came to spend bamboo homes, others have not door, they heard a sweet voice came upstairs, such as mountain birds, like beads down.Jiang Feng hear crazy, involuntarily fortunate walked over and saw the flower bamboo house, bead embroidered Court has a glamorous woman, eyes sparkling, she is playing a zither.Jiang Feng thought: surely this man is a willow branch Man.Contemporary folding a rope, walked character steps into the flower bamboo homes.  Flower bamboo homes madam Cai grandmother came to see Jiang Feng, came to call on Mangying, Jiang Feng offer full wages for 10 gifts, to see Liu Man shoots side.Cai grandmother saw a large shining white 10 silver, known Jiang Feng is a big customer, immediately grin, directed upstairs shouted: branches girl, hello good fortune, Jiang Yi Xiang Gong float in the air to see you coming?Man willow branches listened, smiling flower, Fengbai willow like a flower under the bamboo house, curl Nana came to Jiang Feng, said the Hail said: a small woman met Jiang Xiang Gong, Jiang Xiang Gong have requested.Then stretched out slender fingers, Jiang Feng cited the bamboo house on flowers.  Man willow branches Jiuli pleasure quarters, see Jiang Feng romantic elegance, but also the southern rich kids, cautious serve, is serving wine it is warm, and Jiang Feng post until midnight cup for cup, drink your eyes head mask Jiang Feng Long head, and Liu Man sticks stay forever, together Luozhang since then, Jiang Feng put flowers bamboo house as a residence, and willow branches Man drinking tea, playing chess playing and singing, all day indulging in gentle township.  Suddenly six months later, Jiang Feng has spent all the money carried by silver, Grandma Cai Jiang Feng did not look at silver, began, then inside, then outside reveal the angry color.Jiang Feng how smart, immediately decided to go home to get money.Before his departure, he reluctantly said Liu Chi Man: Liu Xiaojie, I was taken to buy Jingdezhen porcelain million taels of silver ran out, now not much left.I’ll go back and take the money, I’m ready to be, you must be asked to ransom, we were Xiangxie home life together.Liu Chi Man is nostalgia, tearful, she said: Dear husband, you my sexual gratification, Song of Benedict, Nujia it is reluctant to leave you ah?Dear husband, you go to the thousands of miles, to go back in case a change of heart, what to do?Nujia afraid of strong phase, I hope Dear husband left a thing, by day as at night Ye Hao Duwu see Dear husband, comfort Nujia a longing.Jiang Feng one, difficult to say: Liu Xiaojie, I am now in addition to the bladder and wrapped in a simple dress, not a few of the more than two-way capital money for the journey, really do not know what can be sent as a token of Miss?Man willow branches delicately lips and said: Dear husband, if it does not give up, Nujia most hi Dear husband teeth, I do not know whether to send Nujia a xianggongzhuang?Then, Liu Man shoots trained, trained, crying, she flew into Jiang Fenghuai in.Jiang Feng Liu Man sticks stand up to wear Enchanting wrapped around her, he called people got doctor, unplug a tooth to a willow branch Man.  After a few days, Jiang Feng returned home, Liu Man shoots will encounter things in Luzhou Three Rivers eleven consulting his parents, marry Liu Man shoots wife.Parents listen to his son, said Liu Chi Man, although prostitutes, but be sure that they agreed to the marriage.  Three months later, Jiang Feng with a group of trumpeter, five men traveling in the ship, decorated, all the way Chuichuidada, go Luzhou Three Rivers marry Liu Chi Man.Three Rivers ship to dock evening dusk, Jiang Feng whim, to keep informed of the servants flower bamboo homes, still alone came to spend bamboo homes, want to Liu Man shoots a surprise.  Jiang Feng riding moonlight, flowers and bamboo from the hospital back door quietly slipped into the go.Standing in the yard, see the flowers Man willow branches bamboo house room brightly lit by candlelight, silhouette flashing, you can not help suddenly surprised.He was worried Liu Chi Man has betrayed the oath, is to celebrate the night with another man, he spent a softly on the bamboo house.Jiang Feng seam through the curtains, a look inside, and saw much of willow branches and anything else Mann pleasure men, four women sitting around the house in a mahjong table, is laugh to play mahjong, maid walked carefully waited on.Jiang Feng see them very special to play mahjong, mahjong only a very small, white jade, but separated by a few steps, carved above note, pancake and Wan Zi, red and green, clear as at present, only but there is only one dice.Jiang Feng was looking strange, I saw a woman and a happy and said: This is my sister ‘Merry stupid human dental’ mahjong is really interesting, which is one of your Dear husband Jiang?Jiang Feng heard here, such as putting a pot of cold water poured down, could not help trembling with anger, anxious to immediately rushed to the Liu Chi Man Theory.It can be switched to another thought: people say heartless prostitute, if so.Stop stop stop, go by her?Think of it, to fight back the hearts of anger, quietly left flowers and bamboo homes.  The next morning, Jiang Feng to find his tooth’s doctor, tell the willow branches ruthless Man, how can I ask tooth for a tooth.Doctor squinting his eyes, got the idea for Jiang Feng said: Jiang Gongzai, now is the jujube market season, you can make people buy a basket of jujube, falsely claiming big name Mikawa Jin rule, send and willow branches early adopters Man , since she will be sore teeth, according to the old lady after as long as you measure, it will be able to recover the lost tooth of hate.  Jiang Feng from doctor to please at the idea, let the servants go back under the guise of the name of Jin rule, sent jujube and Liu Chi Man.Sure enough, after Liu Chi Man eating jujube, mouthful of teeth ache, she was looking for the doctor to heal, a doctor unsolicited.This doctor said to frown Wuzui Liu Chi Man: Please, Miss mouth a view.Liu Yi Yan Chi Man sitting on a chair, opened her mouth, which she was not prepared to take advantage of doctor with dental pliers suddenly disconnect the front teeth, pain Man willow branches Oh cry, grimace in pain, pointing to the doctor yells.This doctor ha ha laughing, said: Miss pacified, you see who I am, on the teeth It does not hurt anymore.Having said tear false beard, turban bang his head ripped off, exposing the true colors, so this doctor but Jiang Feng dress?  Man willow branches look, stunned, for a moment before asked: why is this son?Jiang Feng sneered: for that ‘Merry stupid human dental’ Mahjong?Man willow branches remark, can not help tears Chung eyeful, plaintive say: Thus says the son was not to.That wealthiest businessmen, is said to come back when Nujia ransom which one to go, which can have a go do not look back.Nujia Shenhen this and other ruthless, who, every break, necessary tooth to March for the degree, actually wanted to talk about the plot just under a hundred people teeth.However, the son of the tooth is still Nujia collection, the last one has not been carved dice.Son, which the world is willing to prostitute a woman, who is willing to do what a woman’s Ungrateful?Nujia the wronged son?When he finished, actually took a hit down the bamboo house from “March 3” 2000 7

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