Dengshahe Nao Pass summit sunrise tours

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On the Town Xupu Ah with two gold Tsubosato the junction of the ridge, out of a towering mountain Au Au’s Ming Jiaosha.Confrontation between two mountain peaks, towering into the sky.It is said that sunny weather, the right time, at the top of the peak, only to watch the unique landscape, but also to enjoy the magnificent sunrise.    I was moved about several colleagues, I am pleased to go.    That day was very lucky to catch a rare good day.Blue sky and white clouds floating Jisi, the vast Sky high bright moon hung round.And before dawn, we came early to school, starting with waiting, looking forward to a dream come true.    Towards school, took to the Hill, and wandering around in the Silver Sea under the moonlight, enjoying the hazy night, breathing the fragrant vegetation, like the birds return to nature, like the fish swim into the sea, everyone relaxed and happy, extremely happy.After just over one hour, they came to the Valley Pass.    Pass the road, is the north-south arteries.Long said that when the leadership of the Red Army stepped Since then, leaving the hero’s footsteps.Standing in the way, when I look back, we were surprised to find that: the south turned out that the full orbit, domineering “big mountain”, now actually shrink into a little skinny old man, stiff heads bowed, it seemed so humble.A line distant hills, the formation of a color ribbon dignified, floating in the blue sky extending below.A strip-shaped layers of mountains not seen, parallel lines in the form of an arc, a lock of a lock, around the “mountain” behind the pitch line than the line density, a color lighter than a Yang Yang.Between Mountain, filled with misty morning mist, to weave the different shades, different colors of ribbon.Under the blue sky, in the moonlight, mountain Banlu ajar, indeed, rain fog lotus in full bloom, see its Guduo, but saw petals.Temple nymphs waving just like beam element, in the beautiful painting environment in general lightly dance.Huer to a gust of wind, we felt very comfortable and enjoyable.He had boarded so highly, broaden the width of the field of view, how can we see the hills outside the King away from this scene, mountain?    Along the winding trail, a road to bypass the mountain ridge, across a section of the trench, then to the sand Nao Pass nunneries.Here enduring incense, it is notoriously distance.But let me most interested in, but it is here springs.Hukou rough spring water, gurgle gush from the crevice, import gurgling brook flows to the foot.Listen to nunneries where people say, even if the hot summer, reached into the water, will feel the biting cold.If thirsty, and holding a handful in his mouth, feel the slightest sweet.If swallowed into the stomach, instant cold all over the body.    Leaving the person chanting, here is dotted with Iwaya.Here the unique geological structure, independent and bare a huge green stones everywhere.These stones, in complex geological movement in the stack take together to form a shelter from the rain and sun can be cool air Iwaya.Some, such as open clam shells, some like the open mouth of cattle, as well as the approximate excavated cave.They like non-dong-dong, non-house like the house, but it has a lot of space, can accommodate a lot of people.You can also see some signs of the ancients lived in this residence.In this I visited attractions Oyama, is unique.Under the hot sun, in the heat, if exposure Iwaya, breeze swept rock crevices, stroking on the skin, covered with moist feel a cool!    We attend to the beauty obsessed saw earlier, is not reluctant to enjoy the cool spring, Iwaya, and clung to the purpose of the day climbing tours, climb towards the summit of the highest peak.    Peaks inaccessible, there is no way to go, we had to climb clusters from thorns shipo.Day before dawn, submerged in the shining stars of shrubs, climbing among steep cliffs, you can expect, we encountered a number of difficult.Increasingly steep slopes, the mountain more dangerous, we are completely ignored, dead, struggling to move forward.Climb for a while, the immediate landscape gradually clear clear up.Looked back, confrontation near mountain was stepped on the foot, distant mountains can not stop the dawn slowly, dawn!We are pleased to have cheered.At this time, the hole is laminated green, sounded a gentle breeze, full of empty is sparse stars, Maner is a morning bird song Huan.Mid-autumn season is already empty mountains deceive quiet magic.Spyglass Hill Maple storied dye, worth Beijing’s Fragrant leaves, has a warm, inviting colors.    Enjoying the beauty of the immediate, unprecedented harvest of joy, we dare not delay a single minute of non-stop climb up.Mountains getting out, getting brighter hills.Waits for no man, just as bright persistently urge the drums, we walked forward life.As soon complete the final sprint thousand meters, we have to make every feeding effort, panting climb towards the top.After a child, we finally climbed to the top of the main peak!    The moon sank, running out the stars, the sun has not come out.    Exposure to the summit vistas of unprecedented field of vision.Clean the sky, such as washing, Sky empty Ming Shen Bi.The original seemingly high hills, in contrast to new heights, lost once towering and majestic, just like the thicker plush wool sheep, scattered in the vast grasslands on tour.Morning mist filled the air, slim boundless, Wanru Hao Han sea, waves surging magnificent.Former haughty Nanshan, has become a small steamed bread on the steaming tray, ready to be buried steam.Previous air and high-handed, has been interpreted as outdated rhetoric, very pale!    I do not know King knows my heart, or our faith touched God, instant, morning mist settling, earth clarity, in front of the magnificent stretch of picture.Looking around slowly, like being in the hall of rotation of the Oriental Pearl Tower, beauty drift occurs, dizzying: the north: a plurality of mountain-like shape extending outward radiation, lopsided afar short.Mountain ups and downs, such as galloping horses rushed to the front line.Covered mountains on the terraced fields, some pieces such as fish scales, some, such as beacon Jinzun.Cooked rice, glistening terraces linked together, boundless side, constitute the vast magnificent golden sea.Move back to the line of sight, the same mountains, has turned out countless Huanglong, winding down, heads held high, vivid!What is the land of good fortune, or God throwing magical fantasy?    Originally the west side of the hillside is seen, then it turned into a colorful ribbon, in the breeze, slowly drift westward extension.    Uninterrupted views of the south: the bottom meandering river, amidst glittering.Mist hit, as if setting off fireworks over the large stage, a silver gray.Hollow clean clean bright, distant vast.God picturesque clouds, brilliant brilliant.Which is not as modern painter’s masterpiece, it certainly is God T Ma Liang Jing Hui fine paintings page description!    Look East, near the same size, uniformly distributed round mountain.Luan between the bottom flat, interconnected with a string.Mountain similar Tanigae interlinked, like a natural labyrinth, enough to make visitors disorientation, visual confusion, spinning can not get out.A little far away peaks everywhere, like a hero hero awaiting review, imposing impressively!The most distant, is Zijingshan of the main vein, a north-south, Majestic, spans the sky, they constitute a natural screen, just like arch protect Beijing’s Great Wall, majestic, magnificent!I Dunqi Supremacy: what is the arrangement applied gods, or God?    The sun like a shy girl has not outcrop, it may have been a brilliant sky.High beauty like lips, like the lower shiny silver flake.Varies, different scene.    Instantly, as the sun dropped into the pan into the fire in the valley, is firmly hold large pair of invisible hands, slowly, step by step, a sparkle sparkle to a rise, hung in the air gap of float.Just as an absolute beauty, girl, Renjunbuzhu, stuck his shy face from the gap in the curtain curtain, round, like he were drunk, flushed red.The mountain is like a guardian warrior princess, mighty handsome, points out both sides.Although Piedmont is bright cover and still dim, the summit may have been gold ten thousand, pink clouds sky.Surprisingly, in this light peaks, as if being cut became a section, scattered in the early morning mist, mixed in dense mountain crevices, against the background of the open between heaven and earth, bright extraordinary.Mountain of light or dark, color or darker hues.But the hills beam radiance, exceptionally bright.Constitute a clear hierarchy, color clear, strong sense of three-dimensional picture.This world is so much spectacle!We seem to have entered a fantasy world of the gods, intoxicated, sweet Mei Mei, dizzy spin spin, do not really want to wake up a drunk.    However, this world is not the people’s will, we can not tolerate greed.After just a moment, the sun out of the hills, the sky and then a transient change, just that intoxicating scene quietly disappeared, everything returned to plain common.    I have been to Beidaihe Pigeon nest, standing where Chairman Mao had to stand and see the sunrise over the sea of brilliant.Also visited “list of small hills,” the very term Tarzan, tours to the Great Plains Qilu spectacular sunrise.Now standing on top of the sand Nao Pass Xupu home and enjoy the wonderful mountain sunrise.Everywhere are hopes of finding different things to watch, and each time has a special feeling.Sand Nao Pass summit sunrise tours, I deeply feel: beautiful scene, often in inaccessible place.Only certain moment, to see the specific weather.If the beauty of the fans, was hindered by hardships, we did not seize the golden opportunity, how can we enjoy to this fleeting, hard to find enduring spectacle?Willing people found the target, do not toss, do not slack off, seize the opportunity, pragmatic, work hard to create a better tomorrow motherland!

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