Dengcao girl

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During the Ming Dynasty, Mu Ying crusade subsequently migrated to Yunnan Huize customers, there was a man named Mu given women, living in the village Huize Lu machine, but the offspring of Public Mu, too husband, surnamed Li, was a strong dry the farmers.Although the hard-working couple, but the tax is too heavy, not how life better.Sometimes year’s harvest was slightly better, but after grain prices are low farmers, as poor.Mu set girl intelligent by nature, intelligence and, at the person upright, work carefully, it is a clever wife.She ingenuity, no matter what means something, always over and over again.Cross it, get it straight, carefully pondering scrutiny.Apply for one thing, always want to come out of several practices.Sweeping broom, left hand, right hand, was out to get back all right, others not clean sweep, as long as her hands, what the recessed pit crater, blink of an eye, it swept clean.Everyone says: “Mu sister set sweep, the Gunpa sleep on make up, who will not dip gray”.    Mu set girl likes to headland, Riverside ditch ridge get some weed, grass mosquitoes, and other small ivy, home draped open, some flowers Blue textile, mention pocket, small lanterns for children to play.One day, she picked some stems elongated circle for many years aquatic weeds made up a small hydrangea, plants Phi later on, which found there was a fine white soft grass die, she thought, this white Sang Sang, soft honking things, used to hold the pillow would be nice, in her dexterous hands really this round straight out of the wild plants in a draped white grass roots photogenic powder to the core.This is something most vulnerable to burning, can be placed inside for wick lamps, lighting even better than cotton lines, lightweight, fuel-efficient, well-lit, smoke and small, call it Dengcao, it is more appropriate than the.So, Mu given to this unknown girl grass depending on the application named “Deng Cao,” Phi out of the core is called “wick”.    After she and her husband discuss at home plate with a mound of seedling Teng out of this specialized transplanting wild plants.After her diligent cultivation of plants that grow more Feishi, shoot sub also longer, Phi out of the wick long and thick white solid.The remaining grass shell, can also be used woven straw, retort lid, the lid small crafts, baskets, baskets, pots and the like.Later, she used Dengcao raw material, weaving Dengcao slip mat, mats to sleep on the bed with a cushion, very soft, but also as food packaging and drying purposes.These handmade textiles get on the market for sale, cheap, lightweight and durable, welcomed by the people, lovers calculation, an acre Dengcao much larger than ten acres of millet seed revenue.So they put this kind of wild plants into a home, year after year, the more the more species, life is getting better.Mu same village neighbors to see changes given home the envy of everyone, all of them covet, but also secretly learning Dengcao species, but always find Phi Dengcao and tricks textile sliding seats, to find Mu given the increasing number of girls who ask for advice, but given Mu couple very conservative, not teach the original.    One year, due to overwork, Mu men and women are given the family fell ill.The village has a fifty-year-old Yao aunt, kind-hearted, helpful, see the predicament given Mu home, they offer a twenty women in the village, to send food to send medicine to help her cooking life.Mu couple outlook given this scenario was deeply moved, very guilty, said: “nice folks, I’m sorry everyone.”.After a good girl Mu given disease, put the Phi Dengcao, compiled sliding seat craft passed the village women.Later, the village will Liamine machine slip mat, wicks selling northeast Yunnan, and then spread to the west winding, winding south, throughout the province, exported to Sichuan, Guizhou, and even incoming capital.

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