Deng large Lingtou

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Large Lingtou, located on the right side of the Xuefeng Mountain, about 13 km from the city.There the trail deep, cave clouds, the Pro at Yuanshen Baizhang Cliff, Cloud Flying, the terrain is very dangerous.Before liberation, hundreds of miles from here is the nest of bandits, after the liberation, with the eradication of banditry, over time, like a large Lingtou generally disappear from the earth, had been gradually forgotten.  The past two years, with the continuous heating up the field of fitness, here began to heat up.First, here’s wild red mushroom because of its good quality, nutrient-rich, high therapeutic effect in the sudden emergence on the market, prices doubled every year, soaring.Here is the unique underground environment, natural beauty I do not know who fancy wealthy development, the scale bigger and bigger, a short time, has become the preferred tourist destination downtown residents and foreign visitors.Of course, these are only after I went to the big Lingtou know.I remember the first time I learned that the name of a large Lingtou, or six months ago.Then listen to the same family of new small mortgage, he said outside the city opened a new scene at the very good.Only akin to finding remote, rugged road, and when they want to tell him soon, his host.  Small Jie graduated from college, it may fledgling sophistication a good skills.He was smart, careful effort, life skills sleek, excellent popularity, always a smiling face, saw no one brother, sister.This time around he was the reasoning in the Council under the grass-roots exercise good about it, but what he did not go directly to stay in a hired compound.Privately informed sources revealed that these young people will thrive, just report that day, and I do not know what trick, put the boss irrigation was drunk, prompting the hiring of a junior who is anger and hate, envy.  I am the person lazy by nature, and often thinks aloof, ears do not hear the body of Foreign Affairs, one read only the books of sages, plus something more was I, all day with a small mortgage proposal did not mind, what there is nothing to a large Lingtou.  This year autumn day, the wife of organizational units of collective outing, I wonder who the leadership of a hot forehead, clapper board the Lingtou.After returning home, his wife is about lobbying, inviting me to.Wife’s body last two years has been very good, so long-distance outdoor climbing, I’m afraid too much for her, so I agreed with her peers.  Originally say good the next morning at 6:30 in the old port city Temple collection, can wait until 6:40 only to see the wife of the unit colleagues one by one after another over.Especially those fellow women how to look like mountaineering, but rather like a date, the latest fashions, dress up beautiful, brilliant.I thought, do not you climb a mountain, so why toss?  Wife about see through my mind, not without irony, ridicule my old stereotype.I do, indefensible, do not fight back, say good men and women do not fight, indifferent smile, be self-deprecating.  But having said that, precisely because of the arrival of these female compatriots, and it comes without a break chattering sound it makes this city gods lonely mouth about a wonderful, bustling.It seems, you have to learn to appreciate everything, no wonder the sages say that attitude is almost Images.Also a flower, a grass, the text might be some people’s eyes poem, a song, some lamented; but I am afraid that the eyes of ordinary mortals the image of nothing but nature, not what is the difference.  After the officers in attendance, a collection of named, stressed Notes, distribute dry food, etc., went a little time.When we go out in the morning his wife has brought many fruits, snacks, plus those just distributed a bag stuffed full.Those of her fellow women and unceremoniously stuffed from time to time to tell the belongings, which led to my departure has not been short on the long Phi hung heavily armed gone completely white horse Journey.Fortunately, the wife of units we have long recognized the talk of the town, day counterparts, without any explanation slips him some, whatever the outcome, so I can take a breath.  After 7:30 we are team of people, starting from the mighty Temple mouth, turn west along a few streets, bustling city finally slowly more the farther down the.  Although I could not be a long stay in the city, but always thought that this city still is understood that out of the city, they knew that they ignorant.  I will not speak criss-crossing the road came from nowhere, leading to where, what is the end, on this sight let me eyes lit up, as another fall in paradise-like situation.  For the first distance, from a distance I saw a stream stretches from the mountain, streams downstream to form a broad everywhere Bay, next to the Bay of hard-working local village women carrying large pots kegs are busy on the shore Laundry polyester material.On the hillside above the stream-like blocks of stone covered with wildly embedded chalets, with the terrain and built, large or small, or square or round, or with a single or floor, only to be set up, chic style, from afar such as painting the river, paradise on earth.  Beneath streams, large and small, homeopathic Diego down with dozens of pieces pond, thousands of large square, less than a hundred small square, lotus pond fish species, the breeze blowing, the fish move to spend shift, people stopped for not before, linger.  Listen to talk of the town said that this river is now a small amount of water, the river is not wide face, if the spring and summer of communication, above the source of runoff and more prosperous tributaries, streams roaring churn, endless sound, the scene is very spectacular.  I prefer this now.Standing in the stream, looked around, saw the crystal clear streams such as pure girl, lying quietly in this valley, reflecting the sides of Castle Peak trees red tiles on the water, people like crazy dream, daydream Lianpian.  Unfortunately, along the stream Shangni far, they suddenly turn lane road cross mountain insert.This path into the mountains not the same as the outside, the whole is bent, rugged mountain linger, well above the inlay trimmed sizes, shapes, colors of different rocks.Perhaps a weathered rust deserted for many years and honed reason, these rocks seem to read the best of the hardships of this world, already gone past that insolent edges, become silent, smooth the Shunliu.  At this point I do not know who is in front of Ting Qian shouted: “Come see what everyone, sun!”I quickly stepped forward, and she saw the opposite side of the mountain, a red sun is gushing out along the hilltops, that ten thousand gold dream camel through the forest between flashing colorful light.It was a moment dumbfound by the sudden spectacle, after the pressure of cross God, all of them hurriedly took out his cell phone, camera, making a stop.  And I did this Yuting foot of exerting greater interest.  This all-Bin wood material build a rain shelter is located approximately in the Mid-Levels.Although a kiosk, in addition to the foregoing, do not know why the other three sides are surrounded by half the height of the low wall, low wall behind the left side of a small mouth opening, into the small mouth, a spring carved seen from artificial rock crevices.Unfortunately, now spring has been dry, but in spring the reservoir side and absorbent bamboo spoon bailer with everything evil, clean, orderly place.  Perhaps the reason is the construction of age-old, four-sided fence that support Yuting most of the paint has been peeling column, column column couplets also illegible, but the plaque hanging on the front Yuting “rain shelter” three official script is still visible.People out of the eye is, I do not know that “literati” on a whim, impressively into the pavilion in left and right columns 22 red lacquer mad book characters, “even if we have not read rich gold and silver body is not expensive, the poor and eager to learn, although no fame Chi also high.”Read, I do not know how too, suddenly felt a burst of appetite discomfort, it will be much less interested in the original.  After leaving Yuting, the way we men went their way forward, you can not go far in front of people stopped again, bustling blocked the way.I do not know where, and how it?  Rushed to the front we realized it was a long four or five tall wild chestnut trees on the hillside road ahead.The chestnut per plant more than ten meters high, thick trunk, crown-like shading the mid-air as Jusan.It was just chestnut harvest season, falling from the branches chestnut hair covered hillside, most of these old chestnut hair flesh has been stripped to pick up a few recently fallen from the branches to the ground new chestnut hair mixed old wool chestnut shell heap, Nosy new Lost flesh from the shell pile of old chestnut hair, a time of great interest to climbers, many people put down their bags, along chestnut four weeks to find dry up, look sharp and pretty soon those kung fu, less than half have actually picked up the bag, prompting onlookers road, tongue repeatedly, envy.  Room facing the road, the noise of the trees, squirrels chestnut to be left on, they stare at a pair of glossy black eyes, looked puzzled it all happened on the ground.I’m afraid there are two small twin brother, playfully shaking a small skull, riding people are not prepared, sometimes elegant jump from the branches of the branches, but when the two front paws kept wiping out lovely small face, amused the crowd giggle straight smile roadside.  Today, climbing another landscape unit should be the son of the wife of the hole, and this little guy little man, with a pair of old-fashioned spectacles tied round hole line (born after I heard one eye on the eye amblyopia, now has in doing correction), pointed head, the spitting image of a pedantic old man.When the little guy just go, go all the way from a joy, but one into the mountains, he would not leavin.First hold pestering his mother, after his father back again, his last wish was distressed to parents, will haunt everyone back, all the way uncles, aunts barking, like wiping the honey Zuitian like to see that his age did not match the small mind, let everyone laughing, where no reason not to add a little fun.10:20, we finally scheduled to board a large team of men Lingtou, full calendar Row 2 hours and 50 minutes.

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