Demure flowers

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Silent, bloom, Qing is Zither, and I’m your fleeting day, but I would like to be a people who understand you at this time in dull, even before you wind fleeting passing, so willing.    - Inscription “Luopu Limbo female, Wind tired eyes open.Flap suspected jade cup, the root is a disgrace Yaotai.Whitening should bully snow, fragrance let plum.Addiction to spend rest of his life there, wandering this day.”As winter rain falling, beating the window lattice season, not cold, only poetic, perhaps this is the Jiangnan misty misty rain inherent qualities of perseverance and bar, hazy, subtle, and freedom.In this rain, such as cakes in the afternoon, two pots of coffee table Limbo fairy light pull, tread water comes, Bing Ji Han Xiang, jade bone condensation, do not say Merry, Merry partial to!    Narcissus pot kept in the wrist like jade color pen wash in Jingdezhen, a poem on the Hang Kaishu too recluse in the Tang Dynasty, “A Man”: Even to pine trees, high stone pillow sleep.No calendar days in the mountains, in cold do not know.Comes with a painting, high mountains far away, someone vaguely Yunfeng stone pillow clothes, figure who trained, deeply hidden indifferent, then passing Jingdezhen, fancy, think as pen and ink wash pond, a little damage, brought back daffodils come every year to a moist its lonely Hermitage.There is a deep blue glazed pot, which is overflowing with lush green, a deep one shallow, a popular a pot elegant, quietly bloom, white petals Push distraction, revealing golden flowers around, round and round enclosed inside a few thin flower, Calendula Yu Tai, light sweeping Crescent, the Wind Nongying, where the light of?Cold Lake is like a fairy flying dream.    Love flowers, born, informal luxury, for example, winter love daffodils, brought out into the end of the day, changing the water, light, bored.Tired, sit-ins, and flowers on the TV, spend speechless, I am speechless, long time to shrink in the moment, each other’s eyes will light up suddenly, the day of silence to read along, read through, Qing I know, I know Qing.Silent, bloom, Qing is Zither, and I’m your fleeting day, but I know you would like to be a person in the plain of life is, even before you wind fleeting passing, so willing.    Fast-paced world, always felt that this world is too complex, too dirty, how lush with flowers and than got Zhenjing, I do not know why the word “flower” word, a good tarnished flower Qingyu.People love flower, flower lovers will be, Lianhua.Speaking of Lianhua people, comes as Daiyu, took this to also clean to clean, it is better to do with brocade pouch, falling away of the Qing Yan remains; with a handful of clean soil, burying peerless romantic.This Lianhua people, but also people pity, but lonely too sad too!Lianhua if not genius, it was some biting, some tolerance, it Xinxian!    Speaking of narcissus, will think of “Lingboweibu, Luo socks raw dust” that lines through the ages, and people will think of the verse that says – Cao Zhi.A romantic “Goddess”, let us lament as Cao Zhi and Chen Mi love.Gifted, encyclopedic knowledge of Cao Zhi, by nature do not like war, then to its Sister Chen Fei from morning till evening, and then give birth to some affection, Chen Mi died after being framed, Cao Zhi is devastated, since Fanglangxinghai, unconventional Ting Lake.Department of night boat Lo, half awake, to find a woman ice raw silk shawl, Yufeng breathe from, “bright eyes gaze, Lingboweibu, Luo socks raw dust, Ruofei if Yang”, it can not be a lifetime that partner, after the death of hope Flying partner Chen Fei.It turned out that she has turned into Roselle, where waiting for a long time Cao Zhi.They hilarious lingering in a dream, only willing to heaven on earth, never to be separated.However, dawn, wake up, Roselle disappeared, but, on the Lo Ting River, but full of Chinese jade green calyx flowers – flowers that spotless, Limbo open, as Chen Fei noble love.    A flowery not impetuous, fresh air four Dat’s Lyrical Poems, in people’s minds to establish a “Pina, if fleeting, If You Long Wan Rong Yao Qiu Ju, Huamao Chun Song.As if the hostess Qingyun shield months, go waving Come back to the snow if the wind flow.”The image of Roselle, Roselle undoubtedly will become daffodils flora, a symbol of himself, and thoughts, pure, passionate love and lonely.    Cao Zhi pen Roselle, undoubtedly pure water, sweet water, soft water, graceful water, such as water Limbo fairy passionate, is amiable, the pleasant, skin contact may be shaping, can quench their thirst, can always focussed goddess; also warm colors such as jade, pleasant fragrance of flowers body.    Because of this Lo River, Cao Zhi, Chen Mi, Roselle, one of four daffodils, romance drifted into the incessant chant verses later, the number of clever allusions are derived.    Song Huang Ting Yin said in the poem: Limbo fairy dust generation socks, water lightweight micro-month step.Who is this trick heartbroken soul, as a kind of cold must spend Jichou.    Liu Chuang Yin prefer daffodils: Hua-year-old was desolate shake off a breeze absolutely pathetic.Not all mud invasion Hao Su, depends on wind exposed secrets Yan.    One kind of breeze absolutely pathetic that countless past lives, all in bloom demure Love Lane, worldly Xijin fragrant shadow, blue flowers Yao bushes out, a gust of wind, do not capture, it is a room full of flowers, in the end Roselle went to dream or fairy Ling Po, they are quiet good poetry.Daily everyday life, dull time, can meet and spend a demure, how can it arouse people Poliphili?    Shut murmuring flowing fragrance, flowers and delightful, made laugh, piecemeal flowers, one, one, the release of Mo Qing Yu Fenghua, misty rain that plain stubbornness, was originally woven for you on the Xiaoxiang Lo, once you cross the clear joy.

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