Delicious potatoes

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Speaking of potatoes, I think whether you are a rich, or poor people, no people do not know it.And everyone could eat, large and small markets, you can see a khaki-colored, egg-sized oval one, you say you have not seen it?It is absolutely impossible.Whether in restaurants, restaurant, food stalls or in farm recipes, potatoes can be said that had got under the kitchen table on all dishes, mashed potatoes, potato chips, potato silk., Regardless of what to do, both fragrant and delicious.For children, it is eat a hundred tire of good food.  Say potato, I know it’s the color of red, purple, khaki several, but I’ve eaten mostly khaki, because this variety of potatoes silty and more refreshing taste, no matter what color their names are the same, but the name also special, another name: potatoes, the eggs, mountain eggs, potatoes, etc..Of course, this is its nickname, it also has a big name potato.For me, has been the case to explain the origin of its name, I thought maybe it was originally in the name of rural areas should be called potatoes, mountain eggs, egg nickname to these local gas espresso, and later entered the city becomes culture, people feel it is not so earth, give it changed the name of potato, also comfortable listening.With the opening, it must advance with the times, to do business abroad, so after traveling at sea, naturally have a very Western style of the English name of the potato (Solanumtuberosum).Although I say amused to say, but I have often thought so.Such a person is not reborn of it step by step?Plants can also use the silent gesture from release.  Anyway, no matter what people call it, I used to call it the nickname \ “potato \”, listening to intimate.Of course, most people just eat, and for its benefits but still not very clear, the nutritional value of potatoes, it can be high.Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and clear the gut.In addition, the potato tuber also contains a cereal grain that are not carotene and ascorbic acid.From a nutritional point of view, it has more advantages than rice, flour, can supply a lot of heat the human body, known as the “perfect food”.Potato water, less fat, calories per unit volume is relatively low, and long is not eat fat.Potato or a good blood pressure lowering foods, and has anti-aging effect.Potato gastrointestinal absorption is relatively slow, full after eating special resistance, the potato starch is a resistant starch, with a reduced role in adipocytes.Potatoes are a very good high potassium low sodium foods, it is suitable for edema obesity consumption, coupled with its rich potassium content, almost the highest in vegetables, it also has the effect of stovepipe.You see, a lot of it is the role of the potato.  However, the light that the benefits of potatoes, do not say the disadvantage is not enough, or eat of the ill will.Potatoes contain toxic substances called alkaloids, a large number of human intake of alkaloids, can cause poisoning, nausea, diarrhea and other reactions.This toxic compound, usually more concentrated in the skin in the potato, so be sure to eat peeled, in particular, to cut the net has green skin.Furthermore, sprouted potato more toxic, it must take root and shoot buds dig eating, and placed 清水中浸泡, when the fire should stew.For Green peeled potatoes, it is best not to eat, throw away immediately.As long as the master of its features, along with potatoes on how you do, you can do it boldly eat, endless delicious, nutritious and belly.  I was very young, Yuan Longping has not developed hybrid high-yielding varieties of rice and maize, the family often eat food shortages, potatoes and resistant to eat, easy to grow long, and large output, so a lot of kinds of potatoes.Remembers his family to be able to kind of slopes are planted potatoes, potato growing season is short, planted in early spring, April and May lean on mature, like peanuts as potatoes, fruit is long in the ground, I think, maybe this is \ “potato \” the reason the name of it, when digging underground towards a cut seedlings dug a pit there are more than a dozen, looking happy.Poverty in those years, because potatoes aid, so we have not been hungry.Mother always rice or potatoes and a surface made of staple food, vegetables but also potatoes, potato chips last meal, his next meal potato silk, often also lump boiled potatoes for lunch.But for potatoes, no matter how mothers do, I like to eat, but also not as hard to swallow to eat cornmeal.In those years, to fill his belly that potatoes can be achieved a lot.  Today, life is better, the potato is still meat and potatoes.Previously little oil, salt, variety is not much to do.Now we are very different, want to do on how to do more oil, condiments and more, more natural varieties.Fresh potatoes can do green pepper potato silk, spicy potato silk, hot and sour potato silk, etc., supermarkets have flavor potato chips, tomato potato chips.; Snack Street mashed potatoes, spicy potatoes, string, salted potatoes., Varied, everything.From the supermarket snack little children out of the street, a man holding a bag of potato chips, eyes, mouth full of laughter and satisfaction.If this day only for potato chips and like music.  My son likes to eat potatoes, Sundays, I like his son to do the potatoes as soon as I said: \ “Son, fast homework, and so will you do to my mother fried potatoes \” So, even if we do not son will be willing to do the slow work, not afraid to subdue him, the temptation to go again because potatoes?I do, began to wash the potatoes, peel potatoes and cut potatoes, Ann pan put oil, neat and quick start fried potatoes, put seasoning, pot.For a while, his son was attracted fragrant smell came, it went to work, to taste the block again, I said: \ “How to son, mother craft?\ “\” Not bad\”.Listen to his son praise, look devour big chunks of potatoes son, and my heart more than anything else sweet.Happy with your happiness, this is the greatest happiness of motherhood.  Chinese people like to eat, foreigners also like.You see the restaurant, Keshi, KFC will be accompanied by a dish of fried potatoes, tomato sauce and then stained point, refreshing cool, sweet and savory.If it is on the steak, chicken ate the same oil but not greasy, delicious full.Potatoes as food culture, and thus toward the internationalization, foreign Wei-wei on the table, and had a big name __ potato.From the original potato staple food, face-lift into a fine meal on the table, can be a welcome song.  Potatoes on campus, it is not only earth, but also with a lot of romantic.We remember the nineties on the university campus, rows of roadside food stalls, mostly potatoes raw materials for snacks, potato Baba, potato strings, spicy potatoes, potatoes, lo, anyway, a lot of gourmet potatoes are done into, cheap and tasty.Or after Sunday night classes, pairs, a pair of lovers on one after another of the small wooden stool to sit side stalls, pan around, man holding a small dish, a little on the spicy side, or a small point sauce, sandwiched pot of potatoes Baba, a little bit stained a little bit of sauce to eat, especially the gentle elegance and romantic, night school to become a beautiful landscape can not live without.In those years, no computer games, no mobile QQ, this little romantic lovers do not know how many achievements and how much to defuse awkward.Now I think, are particularly warm and memorable.  Potatoes can do far less to these delicious, if you love food, and a food goods.It is not anti-try hands cold hot and sour potato silk, silk fried potatoes, tomatoes, potatoes wire; potato soup mutton soup, potatoes, beef soup, potato soup pork ribs., Everything is delicious, not greasy eat a hundred, a thousand food is not abandoned.Delicious potatoes, you eat a bit, you have a deep love.

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