Delicious alley

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Wang Shangtong Shanghai Shikumen alley delicious narrow alleys quiet long, living in this little universe of residents, on a date and then embarrassed, open seven things always have to be properly arranged.Breakfast eat rice with soup, fast and convenient.Eat rice with soup inseparable from the “salty side dishes,” Shanghai mama would have been on a date, and brains with radish, watermelon, turnips, pickled skilled assorted pickles, sauce, kohlrabi, radish sauce, cucumber sauce, a a small dish of small dishes on the table in turn end, unusual soup bowl, a chewing salty side dishes, there has been a touch of mouth delicious homemade.Eat soup, belly fill, on a half-day strength of not less.Soup to eat quite a mundane tone, no wonder people laugh: Shanghai people do not eat rice with soup tired.As night fell, a small dark narrow alleys, “Sam Sun small ravioli ah” cries of hawkers sounded in the alley.Upstairs garret small window open, a mass of soft light and shadow suddenly spilled from the window creak yo yo hanging down a basket, inside a bamboo basket empty bowl, bowl placed money, food stamps, carefully wiped the hawkers empty bowl, a bowl of scented small ravioli, braved the steaming heat and the CASTLE, small ravioli and delicious also remain in the alleys of the night.Faster than the Spring Festival, the alley is more lively.Neighbor small Ningbo small stone house put to great use, every household by the hour rafts team, small stone cheerful turning from morning to night, alley smelled the fragrance of glutinous rice flour.Shared kitchen room is draped in Naomeng, delicious home-cooked great blend.In order to warm a large pot lady’s dinner, sat briquettes Ladle egg dumplings, the sub-frying pan, a touch of pig skin, a spoonful of egg pouring, pan Qinghuang promoter, early into circular pancake, hot teaspoonfuls meat, folded into a semicircle, a golden delicious egg dumplings, done in the skilled lady.While on the other head stove, fried fish burst, blinds package, Pork, rice pudding, including spring rolls were too busy mama’s aunt, laughter, showing people’s culinary alley, the alley delicious homemade.Reform and opening up, flying out of the alley delicious homes of ordinary people, openly boarded the hotel’s table.Temple pavilion, Lvbo Lang in the small ham dumplings, thumb-sized thirteen wrapped in red silk, Queen Elizabeth eaten, US President Bill Clinton ate, bearded Castro have eaten.These exquisite dessert pastry chef is not done, but from Aunt skilled alley.It is said that long-term supply to Lvbo Lang’s aunt, counting money hand cramps ah!Some rivers and lakes of cooking the old Master fade, deep in the narrow alleys.Flies open a small museum, a lot of celebrities wholeheartedly finishing excavation Republican dishes, such as chicken Daqian, Tan head, chicken Huadiao Chiang, Mei Ling orange crab, Ailing beef ribs, Mei Lanfang Royal chicken, duck Eileen Chang tongue, etc..Sell themselves, alley developed delicious round after round, in addition to local visitors, as well as from Beijing to Guangzhou, diners do, even foreigners find what you want to taste.Japan is said to have played a small fly over to taste.Mind active aunt Shanghai to start a private kitchens, “snail shell to do temple” little cramped in small rooms, room furnishings imbued with Eileen Chang era of old Shanghai style, the hand-cranked phonograph, EMI produced a black bakelite records turning slowly, the golden voice of Zhou Xuan sweet songs linger in the house, decorated with a modern girl wearing a cheongsam Calendar, black and white walls hung with old photographs yellowed, a mahogany square table placed in the center.Aunt both cook, but also a waiter, a Road exquisite local cuisine end on the table, like a butterfly, like the shuttle in the hall and Zaojian.Very particular about food, and fresh, elaborate, warm hospitality, the wind blows, smooth and slick, look just like a Qingsao.Gongchoujiaocuo guests enjoy delicious, coming from film, Banlaoxuniang lingering charm wife holding glasses flying over the court, will enjoy a banquet atmosphere to a climax.In San Mao “Sahara’s story,” he wrote: “the process of life, whether it is highbrow, vegetables and tofu, I had to taste what it’s like, it was a worthwhile to go so ah!”Homemade taste delicious alley, launched a Shanghai as the most vivid, the most vivid vulgar everyday life, but also very natural landscape ever launched Shanghai culture, down to earth, a range of children.

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