Cao grave of decapitated horse

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In Licun southeast of Mingguang City about 3 miles, there are about 30 meters high base, base diameter tomb nearly 100 meters.Princess tomb is the tomb of Cao long, several mining, now has a concave shape.Cao Princess is the first Ming emperor’s sister, Wu Ming Jing Wang Li Wen-chung’s mother.There are many Shiren, stone horses, stone turtle on Shinto Cao’s grave.It is said that two stone horse on Shinto is the first Ming emperor personally selected stone carving to find the capital Shendiao king size according to the size of the real horse Seiko.The strange thing is a head south two horses, horse head north, but the horse is not only head north and Shinto diagonally, and no horse.  According to legend, Shen Diao Wang did not know when the employer is the first Ming emperor engraving Shima.At that time, the emperor incognito eviction personally find this Shendiao king, made it clear that the requirements of this horse sculpture by some bargaining, each horse to charge the cost of engraving 200 taels of silver, the emperor somewhat dissatisfied.Because my sister is very fond of horses during his lifetime, the emperor fight for the country, engaged in a major event, failed to send Martha, the sister, the sister’s death so be sure to find the best stone masons carved two horses sent.Because in the capital find a second stone craft stronger than Wang Shen Diao, so the emperor also recognize the high price, dropped 400 taels of silver talk given 20 days to goods.Wang Shen Diao accept that the 400 taels of silver, not neglect, day and night overtime.Before the nineteenth day, the emperor sent people to see the goods.People came to see the goods, a product wearing the official uniform.Wang Shen Diao I do not know come to see what goods, come to say that a pair of stone horses, Diao Wang was surprised and asked who the employer is, long live the emperor come today to inform Lord.Shen Diao Wang was being carved horses to the mouth, there are a few chisel can be completed, the employer is the emperor heard, horrified, accidentally, in the hands of a hammer smashing down, the blood, such as injection, red the horse’s mouth.  The next day the emperor sent people to pick up the 400 taels of silver Wang Shen Diao sealed, pull back, he said Shima is offered as a gift.That refund of 400 taels of silver to Zhu Yuanzhang, the Leaving aside.Shima says that to have on the horse drops of blood after Wang Shen Diao, after many years of breeding thunder and lightning storm, and the living, and actually practice gradually became a god horse.  Cao grave not far away from the country, there is a living by growing vegetables honest middle-aged man named Li.Early one morning, Li honest to cut vegetable dish ready to pick a city to sell.To see if there is a vegetable dish Shang most of the leaves gone, leaving only cabbages.Lee honest angry half to death, knelt down, carefully looked for a long time.Saw cattle hoof prints child, smaller than the hoof, larger than a donkey hoof prints, like hoof prints son.Lee honest I thought, someone around here have not heard of a horse, hey!Out of luck!May be crossing businessman horse.  Lee honest cut two baskets of vegetables to sell to the city to pick up, then the food is not eaten by horses to heart.  The next morning, Lee came to the honest and pick vegetables vegetable basket.Look, damn, vegetable has been eaten half Shang Ma.This time Lee honest rage red with rage, the hair root smoke, huff back to the village, house to house questioning someone of horses.May ask for a long time, the village neighbor did not hear someone’s horse.Li Lao solid Mende Huang, came home to find a large machete, the Si Jin, grinding, grinding one side while the gibbering: damn beast, you see my knife not hacked.  After dinner the same day, Li honest rolled up the mat, hanging quilt went to the vegetable garden.A dry ditch at the edge of the vegetable asleep, his head pillowed that the fast front machete.Chicken called head times, Lee honest woke up, just listen to the vegetable garden have observed goo goo RCP chew food sound, honest Lee quietly climbs, moonlight look, Goodfellas, a tall white horse in his vegetable garden ruined any unscrupulous.Lee honest gas is not one to play, holding machetes, he came to the White Horse softly behind him, raised his machete to make the feeding effort, threw a knife just listen to the clatter, followed by another boom slamming, white horse’s head He dropped to the ground.Lee honest hand tiger’s mouth were shattered, bloody, pain.That white horse head chopped off, headless horse was raised hooves flew away.Look at the horse still on the ground, hand touched Lee honest horse, do not touch it does not matter, exactly three souls scare off the two half-soul, turned out to be a stone horse.Lee honest guilty mind wondering: Are we not, have to see what happens.Lee honest horse running along the direction of the chase in the past, came to Cao chase near the grave, I saw a headless horse.Lee honest terrified sat on the ground for a long time to get up again.Sin against God, and this can be terrible?  Since then, Li honest atonement, forgiveness ask God to bless before dawn every day carrying a large broom, sweeping Shinto, and for Shiren, stone turtle, Shima wipe off the dust, especially decapitated horse horse It has always been polished spotless.

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