Cao community sector to play kerosene

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Cao kerosene community sector to play a very young age, that we Shangougou no electricity, every household kerosene going to fight Cao industry sector.    One cold night, we accompany your mother in the allocation of seed, a stockade of children gathered around, in the dim kerosene lamp, we listened to your mother told us the story, we moved a tea happy child, children fast hands and feet, manpower and more incentives: only dialing tea seed let us go on to play kerosene Cao sector.During the day, adults busy doing farm work on the field come down to earth, where there Xianxin play kerosene, tea seed until every household are elected, we take up bottles and cans along with a large partner happily off.    Walk along the ancient Miao been up the river in front of the house, climbed the pig trough slope, he began to embark on curved around tea woods, walking in the gloomy woods, and everybody hearts are inexplicable scared panic, climbed sector, we see the old quarry on the edge of the road is full of ice, such as curtain-like hanging in there, rows, Halfmoon bend paddy fields on the ice thick knot, male partner entered, and throw a stone, issued thump thump sound.Which horizontal thick glass did not damage, we continue to move forward, go on a road rough coarse hair, on both sides of the road was full of green tea mountains, Niangshui, that they planted, the tree has become forest, mountain tea mountain, a curved, a mountain ridge, there is no Zashu, overgrown grass tea woods, golden wild chrysanthemum everywhere, birds chirping, and no winter Silue.On the curved road, blue sky, cloud is very light, very wide field of vision, and the whole mountain under our feet, we step on Wanfeng Dragon empty mountains, where we feel a lot better mood.However, seen the car coming.We look forward to have a car to come, we hope. After growing up, will have its own car.So walk through the green industry sector.Now think about it, that is how beautiful natural landscape!Autumn, bright red bulging tea sub-encrusted branches, a tree, a shining, picking tea seed preserved everywhere full of people hanging on the ridge of trees, shaking Akira, fly like a butterfly limp walk in the trees, like falling branches shake to swing to the play chase birds.Bustling!Camellias bloom every year when every household nailed a box, on a big tea tree, to the late autumn, wild honey barrels moved back to the New Year.    Abduction a good number of curved, we came to a flat floor, it was early in the supply and marketing cooperatives building, door open, keep an old man on the inside, all the goods are on display at the counter, eat, wear, with the elderly person is responsible for the supply and marketing cooperatives, one can know that we are at the foot of the mountain to the Miao, quickly call us to the counter to move out of the baking oven bench we sit round the fire warming himself, asked us all Which person is a child, boss, the second, the third, one by one line, and the elderly-headed, we are well aware of his children a Village.Cried the condemnation of our name.We feel just this very kind grandfather.Very natural to call him Grandpa.Which is what we in the basket of a few kilograms two households, large and small bottles that, in his 11 big drums there with container, the amount of our kerosene.Our own pocket money to buy a few rabbits fruit sugar, packed in a bag containing one in the mouth, tastes, great grandfather greet our partner more than a few bottles back, the little guy back a few bottles less, we look at home to the door of a small stockade called hedging, on the hillside, in front of the spectacular curved Yueliangtian.Now think about it, rice mature, Huang Cheng Cheng studded ridge, the stockade in golden Shakes the Barley Lane, really beautiful, we bypass a few bends, it has been downhill, go home feeling good, we do not see over the hill, hill or mountain side.The first time I came, the good level of the top of the mountain.Home, twilight shrouded the people on both sides of the river, you have to spend a kerosene lamp.On the right side of my house, there is a 60-year-old blind lady sky.We gave her booing kerosene, on the point, she lay on the house, she cried and said: “Great, yeah, two Ah, I have a house with bright up!”Later, grow up, just know, that eye disease called cataract, it is easy to cure, just a minor operation can be healed.At that blocking traffic information behind the ravine, the lady did not get treatment until his death.Father and sister afraid I get myopic eyes, just point two lights on the big desk, a lot of time on my tummy and fell asleep on the desk.Mother to hurry, said: “Xiaoya, a waste of kerosene!”Until one day, we put up poles sub-village, every household pull the wire, hanging lights, to kill a pig, celebrating energized, since then, every family bid farewell to the dark, unforgettable farewell fight Cao industry sector kerosene experience, however, that period of difficult years, but always remain in my heart of hearts, Oh!How warm, how gracious!

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