Cao Cao tomb

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Looking to the Eastern Han Dynasty imperial how melancholy decline of national power again called the court of smoke dim color Gong Wei third world strife since the loss of life of Cao Cao, coastal bases Emperor to the nobility dominating the north of the vast fertile mind like chicken hawk flying in the sky ingenious swallow days China is satisfied that the universal quell princes drowned in the wheat fields of the Yellow River on both sides of the blade in Gejian Mobei vast desolation of the heart Longxi snow Sensation sound of running water and Chibi Guandu eyes whether victory or defeat is like the gurgling of the struggle is the norm a lifetime of dedication to the pursuit of sea view heaven and earth to reverse the fortunes of a few days to review writing poetry Wu Yi shouts world’s hearts copper bird table affair had already been around for thousands of years Dukang wine still intoxicated people last glimpse of the bedside generations worried about China split soil, behind home seventy-two graves, a maze to confuse the centuries are left empty legendary dynasty that lifetime of any generation change bumpy time wise overlapping sun and the moon shuttle, flooded Cheng pulls past has crossed a century, a snowy winter season Zhang Ye old side, the heavy dusty see also the king Japanese recorded history, the words of the former years of mystery solved, the world marvel eyes close embrace that North of the village, used the opportunity to once serene legendary, surprised the earth plane food of the people on the ground planting work, underground emperors buried souls resting phase and the common people, even safe to get along for so many years is a wake or continue sleeping, passed away the bones would pay tribute to it, historical truth is best to imagine living on the same piece of geography, but it is different time and space are always try to figure out predecessors descendants look [editor: Butterflies]

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