Cao Cao Road with school work and acceptance of talent, depending Guan Yu when the world of excellence

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Eastern Han Dynasty, because the affairs of state political corruption, official extraordinarily dark, forced prostitution, as Cao Cao then 20 years old, to give Xiaolian Lang, Wei was appointed to the northern capital of Luoyang, which is then belong to a family of minor officials in the alleged minor official, Cao Cao I am very much value their career to do the first step, instead of to show their talent, give presentations, cause the court to let his attention, perhaps thinking of his personal approach to the social discontent caused story Cao Cao was self-inflicted by the sword presented false excuse to see through after Dong, Dong assassination things finally get to chase Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao forced to escape under the jurisdiction of the city of Dong Zhuo, after being arrested Chen Gong, Cao Cao Chen Gong meaning known to kill Dong Zhuo but done generous attempts, put Cao Cao, then, that is to crusade against Cao Cao thief Han Dong of a hero, only to follow Cao Cao Chen Gong, travel extensively, Cao Cao due haste to do things confused, victimizes a hurry to save his people, is to give the old man a feminist Cao Cao a (full) celebration of Hershey, is secretly harm himself, then suspicious, pre-emptive killing Bo family, Cao Cao same mistake again, catastrophe, it is spared from the hectic, Cao Cao left memorable moment is to get good people will, Cao Cao also ungrateful man when it Men do not Cry is done by the people, to do things against their conscience, developments, among fuss made a big mistake to do, it is a good opportunity that is contrary to the people.Although at the time of Cao Cao period of social affairs of his own confused mind in a troubled society, insensitive, while this was something to make a fuss, and later, Cao Cao Chen Gong, left, is seen through Cao Cao Chen Gong heart, is so people feel too. Such as the Han Dynasty of the world, Cao Cao is a generation of dignity, mundane earthly, Cao Cao is also an excellent political, military strategist and writer home.To compared to Zhuge Liang, also even close, military advisor Zhuge Liang Cao Cao fear is out of his crafty plan plan, but he is a hero at that time to look at how the era of Cao Cao in the eyes of it?This may be in reading we will come to perfect results after “Three Kingdoms”, which is Cao Cao is a learned work of secular Road.Things such as Qi, is a troubled society at that time, said Kennedy, it is regarded as the descendants of Cao Cao Now that behavior with the idea of doing things to measure, although Cao Cao was later that he was an evil cunning schemer, but society always more complicated change, the other in the darkness of social domination, the cruel landlord class, persecuted people, like Dong villain number of such people is only pain pains people, the sovereignty of the monarch’s ambitions, but finally ended up and the fate of horrors. In the social villain is the most frightening, they often after being stabbed in the monarch trouble and make some evil will come to ruin the stability of nations, perhaps Cao Cao was troubled times is a hero of a historical figure , so that shows Cao Cao in the “Three Kingdoms” is a very good role, but also a veritable prime minister, at the time toward the positive civil strife, civil strife that is outside the worry of the situation, the country will also not bring the kingdom , people not born, the wicked head of the society, and if no one came out masters, can also cause social chaos, it might be in other countries to violate cooperation mess, thinking that there is only a statesman and strategist Cao Cao embrace the power of Wizards Even so, Cao Cao on the question of whether the emperor’s very smart to do it, he’s nonetheless do so, they fear being scolded posterity name thief on his back through the ages, but the most outstanding of Cao Cao competence is has its own approach on Careers Shi talent, Cao Cao was also a man of love, to discover his talent in the backbone of the soldiers, he posted on talent “Careers order This is the history of the recruiters today called San Ling.For example: Cao Cao is set in its own ranks in a high-level team, raised out of the veteran generals have to ban, Yue Jin, Wade culled are experienced, they have enacted Cao Cao in the “Careers order” requirements regarding personnel, is proficient in political, military, economic literature, and so its useful talent, Cao Cao was promoted according to officials in order to align the size, and from local despots generals to decide, for example, there is Dian, Li Tong etc. Intermediate generals talent.Use these talents to conquer the world himself as Cao Cao, Cao Cao although the public was seen as a traitor, of course, at the time of acute turmoil dynasties, people of non-vegetation, winner takes all, loser for Kou’s the law of the jungle will you do not have to go to hell this atmosphere who go to hell, forcing Cao Cao became the hero of a dignity in troubled times into. Cao Cao has another side we can learn from watching, inter-current events promiscuous, just as credit for it?Riboud was a bad faith of believers husband, although Wan Yong husband lost it, but it does make people feel rogue and disloyal people, officials in front of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao and so that people feel terrible person, Cao Cao broke Riboud cunning and treacherous, due Riboud men try to play on their own, so Xiaguan disgusted, but after his drunken tied Riboud, and sent him to dispose of Cao Cao, Cao Lu Bu eradicate this bits are not reputable people, revolting people and hateful people, this is the impression that praise the deeds.Cao Cao is also one of their own to open up the way to make a proper choice in the future. Pico was the era of chaos affairs of state, the head of the wicked, Dust in the Wind, the roots of troubles, bad people everywhere, will leave unrighted wrong gas also, depending on the Lu Bu Cao Cao but Pifuzhiyong, that is to say foolhardy, temper explosion dry, covet wealth, unscrupulous, who, not things people amplifier.On the contrary, in the “Three Kingdoms” Guan Yu in the first-known, is the general demeanor, courageous and prudent, martial arts is a rare talent for Guan Yu, Cao Cao admiration and respect, sense of obligation to the people, the generals of excellence in the melee fireworks, Cao Cao, Guan Yu round the siege, this time by the time of a general Cao Cao Zhang Liao in the persuasion rescued Guan Yu, Guan Yu is the chivalrous people, does not violate the three brothers in Taoyuan sworn in mind, speak of Cao Cao three about their demands, one of about: me and Huang Shu set oath, Han Dynasty were helped, I just drop handi, Cao Cao did not fall.Both about: two sister at the press Huang Shu salary maintenance, a person should be up and down, etc., are not allowed to door.About three: Once you know the whereabouts of Huang Shu, regardless of ten thousand mile, off to find a will resign Tso.Guan Yu proposed three about nothing more than a delaying tactic, prompting Cao Cao also has the presence of mind, if not from the three about Cao Cao, Guan Yu is willing to treat each other with death, Guan Yu three man about to become history’s prophet Cao Cao, is a love was a pioneer of rare dignity in.Cao Cao also shows that when the world thought a man of knowledge inherent worth appreciation of the Road. Cao Cao also recognized the style of a book will be hard to find, so-called Cao Cao can dominate the world, but also that the side, Cao Cao Cao Cao is not a pawn of man, but a scholarship and was familiar with the history of man, a statesman and strategist, did not know how to use at least suspect, the suspect not smart people, Cao Cao, Guan Yu proficient clearly recognize that through the history, courageous and prudent, and have a sense of obligation generous trend also, is a hero worthy of respect , which is similar to the three things it must be done, but also that he will not be stopped is about three, Cao Cao, Guan Yu to want to buy, and give robes, and give the red horse, ultimately, in terms of money, as well as to official seal area, but this eventually failed to buy into the hearts of Guan Yu, Guan Yu leave Cao Cao, Cao Cao also sent to chase robes sent Guan Yu and see line, indicating that Cao Cao, Guan Yu to pay for such a big reward of Guan Yu is a useful loyalty of a martial arts talent.

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