Cao Cao poetry

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Cao Cao poetry (26) (13 Lidai election, according to Fang Zhonghua “Cao Cao set” completion.Chinese characters were replaced the traditional characters.) Cao Cao (155-220): That Weiwu.Three Kingdoms, statesman, military strategist and poet.Word Meng, nickname A hiding, Pei Guo Qiao County (now Anhui Bozhou) people.Early give Xiaolian, the north of Luoyang Wei, moved to Farmington order.After the war and crusade against the repression of the Yellow Turbans know Zhuo, and gradually expanded military.Chu-ping three years (AD 192 years), as Dagon mok, differentiation, Seductive part of the Yellow Turbans Qingzhou Army, compiled for “Qingzhou soldiers”.Jian first year (196 years), are welcome Emperor Xian Xu (Henan Xuchang).Since then, with the name of its orders, and other separatist forces Riboud has flattened.After the Battle of Guandu Yuan Shao big break Hebei separatist forces, the gradual unification of northern China.Jian thirteen years, carry as prime minister, led his army south, the Sun Quan and Liu Bei’s forces defeated in Chibi.Feng Wei Wang.Son Cao Pi became the emperor, the emperor is Zhuizun.He in the North Fang Tuntian, irrigation, lack of rations to solve the problem, have a role in recovery of agricultural production; meritocratic, recruit landlords in lower figures, suppress tyrannical, strengthen centralization.Area ruled by socio-economic recovery and development.Elite law, the “grandson of a little solution”, “access to the art of war” and other books.Good poetry, “Artemisia in line”, “sea view” and other articles, to express their political aspirations, reflecting the life and suffering of the people of the late Han Dynasty, the magnificent spirit, generous desolate.Prose also clean and tidy Jun.Author of “Weiwu set”, has been lost, there are inventors of this series.Today there are finishing typographical this, “Cao Cao set”.( “Ci Hai”, 1989) Dynasty imperial army more than thirty years, having left hand books.The book is talking about military strategy, thinking through the night pass.Fu will climb, and made poetry, be it orchestral, are into music.( “Wei”) on the Ya Wenji good poetry and literature, although the military, Shoubushijuan.Often Dinh, calmly saying: fewer people eager to learn, then The thoughts, as long forgetful; grow up and ability, diligence and scholars, only my ear and Yuan Bo industry.( “Code on · Autobiography,” Yuan Bo industry were left, Yuan Shao from brother.) Tso ancient straight, even saying desolate.(Zhong Rong “Poetry”) gas out singing (three) driving six dragon, wind the line.  Line universal, Yakuni under the road.  Pro Calendar climbing a mountain valley, a cloud and the line.  Line four overseas, east to Mount Tai.  Lady immortal, down Ao Yu.  Can of corn syrup drink driving Liulong.  The river do, not east.  Drowned their sorrows abdomen, drink corn syrup.  Feng Chi line, east to Mount Penglai, from the days of the door.  Under Yu Que, introduced into too, relatively Akamatsu, surrounded by Gu look, depending on n [Queensland Fire] Huang.  Xing Yu heart is open, the gas to one hundred.  Infinite pass on closing its mouth, but gas-life years love.  East to the sea, and even days.  Immortal way out into the deep yao, often when the special.  Tiantan heart, nothing [Xin Camps].  To sit behind closed doors and beware of heaven and Gas.  God would like to have people coming in a cloud car ride, Can drive white deer, on the day the door to the God of medicine.  Kneeling by the, worship together.  As such, road unsolicited.    Second Hua Yin, thinking big.  High Baizhang, whom cloud cover.  To be immortal, out of the wind, out of the rain.  I blow Xiao, piano psaltery, what □□ (the “word” tone “silver” in the “gate”)!  Wine and song play, today Sagara-for music.  Lady on, when the number of dance move.  He advocated a Cao Cao.  When coming from the northwest, mystical multi-drive smoke, a cloud dragon ride, Yu Ho [Lv Service] [Lv Service].  Travel octupole, is the Kunlun Mountains to the west side of the Queen Mother, the gods of gold only Yuting.  To those whom?Akamatsu Wang Qiao, is the door to spin Germany.  Le total diet to dusk.  Multi-drive sit together, long live long, should descendants.    Third tour Junshan, very true.  Cui Wei Ge ballast, Seoul from God.  Is the Queen Mother to Taiwan, Yu payment order for the Church, Chi grass raw Dianpang.  What the car, passenger Full.  When the owner of the line feast, seated longevity hurry central Ho.  Changle just beginning should grandson.  Often the owner is willing to increase in years, and spend the day.    Jue primary finishing column, designated made of ceramic material, there is the end of everyone.  Who did not have Final.  Sages can not avoid, what is this worry pregnant?  Would like dragons Chariot, thought Kunlun ranking.  Thought Kunlun ranking.  See the blame on to the roundabout, Chi Italy in Penglai.  Chi Italy in Penglai.  It went down Zhou St., Hueiji to Fenqiu.  Hueiji to Fenqiu.  Tao Tao Who degrees?Gentleman to worry Eph.  In the evening do nothing, when out of date to micro.    Degree Guanshan between heaven and earth, man-made expensive.  Lijun herdsmen, whom the rail.  Track horse track, Jingwei quadrupole.  Demote and promote nether, Li Shu Fan interest.  In Shuo Xian Sheng, President of the State domain.  Five feudal nobility, Ida Prison.  Dan has burnt books, no amnesty Cape foreclosure.  Gao Yao Fu Hou, where there is dereliction of duty?  Sigh zai later, restructuring commutative.  King and labor people, its labor force Fu.  Shun paint tableware, banks are ten countries, less than Tang Yao, mining rafters do not chop.  Shi Bo sigh, trying to use vulgar Li.  Big extravagant evil, as were thrifty Germany.  Xu made sometime, anything Instance Qu?  Universal love is still the same, Shu Qi who is.    Xie Lu Wei Han Nianer line world, that any adverse Cheng.  Muhouerguan band, know little and seek Xinjiang.  Hesitated not dare break, because hunting Executive king.  Bai is consistent day, had also first bystander.  Zeichen country holding the handle, to kill off the main Yu Jing.  Di swing cover Foundation, Ancestral burnt to funeral.  Sowing the west migration, and boohoo line.  Bringing LA He Guo, neutrinos is Sad.    Wine wine song, Pacific time, officials do not call door.  King Yin and Ming, the prime minister Gu Gong are good people.  Salty comity, nothing contentious people.  Three years farming has nine storage, barn full of surplus.  Grizzled not load.  Amasawa so, with the hundred valleys into.  But cursory, fecal its Tsuchida.  Jazz 公侯伯子男, salty love its people to demote and promote nether.  If the child support have a parent with brother.  Guilty of etiquette, with the severity of the punishment.  None of the private road Supplements.  Imprisoned emptiness, winter festival ever.  The oldest old people, are able to end of life.  End extensive vegetation and insects.    Artemisia line has Kanto righteous, Xing Bingtao Qunxiong.  The beginning of the league Tianjin, is the heart in Xianyang.  Military force uneven, hesitant and flying geese.  Snobbish people fight, heir also a self-Qiang.  Huainan brother title, engraved Xi in north.  Health lice nit armor, Wan surname death.  Bones exposed in the wild, thousands of miles without crowing.  A one hundred pepole left, read off people’s intestines.    Mo Mulberry driving rainbow, take the red cloud, Peter Gordon Jiuyi calendar Yumen.  Han Ji-day, Kunlun, the Queen Mother of the West see Ye Dong Jun.  Pay Akamatsu, and the tomb door, by the spirit of love to Midao.  Chi-ying food, drink Liquan, column stick Gui Pei Qiulan.  Absolutely personnel, tour muddy yuan, if the blast swim [SWATTED] dancing.  King did not move, thousands of lines, such as Nanshan life did not forget transgression.    Short song (two) of wine and song, life geometry?  Such as the morning dew, Goes.  As with generous generous, Concerned memorable.  Why grief?Only Dukang.  Green Zijin, Youyouwoxin.  But King and so thoughtful for now.  Yo Yo Luming, Siye of Ping.  I have guests, harp blowing Sheng.  Obviously moon, when it can drop out?  Sorrow welling up, can not be cut off.  Street of the footpath, with phase memory in vain.  Lease wide dinner talk, heart remembering grace.  Yuemingxingxi, black magpie flying south, juke Sanza, what branch to follow?  High mountain tire, tire deep sea.  Duke spit-feeding, the world’s hearts.    Second Siberian Chang Zhou, pregnant with this holiness.  Third of the world, while the other.  Xiu Feng contribution, not Long Chen Jie.  Chong Hou’s slander, is the arrest.  After the amnesty see the original, thanks to the ax, was the conquest.  Referred to as Zhong Ni, up to and virtue, Utah Feng Shi Yin, Syria on its beauty.  Qihuan power, as the head of tyrants.  Nine co-princes, a Marina world.  A Marina world, not to military vehicles.  Without being deceitful, Chuan said that Germany.  Confucius sigh, and said Yi Wu, China by its grace.  Thanks to confer with the temple, no worship life.  White did not dare Seoul, Tianwei right close Yen.  Jin Wen also tyrants, bow Mukden king.  By giving Kyu-chan, [Wo Ju] Yi Chang Tong bow, bow and arrow Lu Qian, three hundred people Huben.  The majesty service princes, the division of.  Plus heard of it, the name of Asia Qihuan.  Hayang of the Council, misrepresentation Zhou Wang, whose name is divergent Pa.    Qiu Hu row (two) on the morning scattered off the mountain, how difficult this road when!  Chen scattered off the mountain, how difficult this road when!  Newton can not afford to fall between the car valley.  Sitting on a rock, playing the piano Wu Xian.  As a clear angle rhyme, Italy and annoying fans.  Song with ambition, on the morning scattered off the mountain.  What three husband, died next to me?  What three husband, died next to me?  Negative □ ( “fight” and “Si” to “close” sound “speech”) is fur, like non-constant people.  Yunhe afflicted with self-hatred that State, helpless helpless pace, and come here?  Song with ambition, what three husband?  I’m living the Kunlun Mountains, the so-called real person.  I’m living the Kunlun Mountains, the so-called real person.  Deep channel available.  Famous calendar view, travel octupole, rinse stone pillow flow drinking spring.  Pondered decision, then rising day.  Song with ambition, I am living Kunlun Mountains.  Over and over again not recover, Regret phase pull climb.  Over and over again not recover, Regret phase pull climb.  Andhra sleep soundly every night, melancholy with self-pity.  Not being deceitful, because according to Fu.  Passed over by the west to the pass.  Song with ambition, over and over again can not recover.    Second willing Goldenthal Mountain, the man of God were excursion.  Goldenthal Mountain willing, God altogether excursion.  Experience Kunlun Mountains, the Penglai.  Gone away octupole, with God all.  Best in the magic pill, long live the period.  Song with ambition, willing Goldenthal Mountain.  How long the world!Humanitarian short residence.  How long the world!Humanitarian short residence.  Shi Yan boyang, not knowing that the old; Akamatsu Wang Qiao, Yiyun enlightenment.  I have not heard of, Shu to Shoukao.  Song with ambition, how long the world!  ASE Obviously, what are not Mitsuaki!  ASE Obviously, what are not Mitsuaki!  Two instruments together sanctification, they are not alone people?  The nations of earth, WANG Chen.  Righteousness in the name of pride ritual.  Song with ambition, obviously off the sun and moon.  More passing seasons, day and night with a Year.  More passing seasons, day and night with a Year.  Congenital and adult day Vladimir violation.  Qi years not to, worry about the world died.  The survival of a life, consider it as Chi.  Song with ambition, more passing seasons.  Yu read the sad!The meaning of laughter.  Yu read the sad!The meaning of laughter.  Zhuang Sheng Zhiyu, not to special.  When interest into love, who will benefit?  General heedlessness, likewise what is!  Song with ambition, sad Yuhe read!    Praise row (three) old male □ ( “trespassing” next to the handle, the sound “guts”) Fu, hanging Jen Jide.  Hong think of one, in Bin Zhewang.  Too par Yong, Wang Jen.  Shi Baishi line, broken body issued a document.  Bo Shu Qi, Yin ancient heritage.  Do not let the country, the first mountain pass away hungry.  Tomoya Shan Fu, Xuan Wang relative to each other.  He used Dob, I’m tired sage.  Qihuan of tyrants, Lai was Zhongfu.  He served vertical Diao, household insect outflow.  Yanzi Ping Chung, Chief Jide Ren.  Shen and Shi, not necessarily think life.  Zhong Ni of the world, Lord King and country.  Drinking with the system, the official Yangbo.    Second from Xishenbohu, Su cheap suffer wretched.  Neither three migration to teach, not heard before the court language.  As its poor pumping crack, since the Si to presume.  Although ordinary Huai-chi, is capable of!  Keep the poor poor and lowly, sigh sigh tears like rain.  Qiti to Bei Fu, begging security can see live?  I would like in the days of the poor, tilt left Langye.  Suiyu loyalty dried up, the public property of their Chu Yan.  Fast by the people sigh is, the situation may not hold Syria.  Significant day trip to teach people, who knows everyone thread.  I would like to follow when?This difficulty also sigh.  I will now how the light illuminated Yao?Release title as good as rain.    Third Asahi music with the music, I do not know drunk Hanyin.  Sad stimulated new chord sound, clean air blowing flute.  Music in the intestine moving, the four are joyous ride.  Only a handful of high classroom, cool breeze into my room.  If you do not hold full profit, virtuous person can pawn.  Gentleman multi pains, the worry is not only a.  Ug ug at the White House, the grip must not be lost spit.  Zhongbin full return, the owner is not bitter note.  Fly Xiang Yun Han, Luo who the custodial security?  Natural red so still, to mention the glory!    Bitter cold line north Taihang Mountains, where towering storm zai!  Sheep Sakazume bend, break wheel whom.  He bleak trees, north wind Grief!  Bear brown bear to me squatting, Butch cry folder path.  Few people valley, where snow started falling!  Extension of the neck long sigh, travel and more conceived.  My heart how anxious depression?Siyu Yidong return.  Depth bridges absolutely, positively hovering Road.  So lost confused way, no dusk dwelling places.  Japan has been far trekking, while men hungry.  Tam bag line to take salary, ice ax held for Mi.  Sad “Dongshan,” poems, long makes me sad.  (As in Jian eleven years) stepped out of Xiamen line (five chapters) Yan rain cloud line step beyond Jiujiang Gao.  Pro concept of similarities and differences, mind pregnant?Yu, I do not know when the complex from here?  Tateishi through to me, my heart melancholy East China Sea.  (As in twelve years Jian Chun) view of the sea east Tateishi, with sea view.  Water where Dan Dan, Island heave.  Forested, lush Herbs.  Autumn wind blows, Bo filled.  Sun and moon line, if out of which; Xing Han brilliant, if its in.  Fortunately, even holy!Geyiyongzhi.  (As in twelve years Jian autumn) winter October MENG Dong October, wandering north wind, clear weather, frost fan started falling.  [Kun birds] chicken Chenming, Hongyan Nan fly, birds of prey hidden, cave bear brown bear habitat.  Money □ (Kim Bo change next) parked, agricultural product farm income.  Nilv whole set to Tunca supplier.  Fortunately, even holy!Geyiyongzhi.  (Jian twelve to thirteen years to make winter) different soils in different local, Shuo midwinter.  Flow exhaust floats, boats than done..  Cone would not join, the [Lv Feng] [Lv Lai] esoteric.  Water does not flow exhaust, hard ice can dance.  Shi Yin’s poor, non-light Xia Yong.  Heart often complain sigh, sad and more sad.  Fortunately, even holy!Geyiyongzhi.    Although life turtle turtle though life, when actually there are initiatives.  Teng snake multiply fog, and finally to Tuhui.  Old steed, high aspirations; martyrs old age, mistakes, and apologized.  The reduction of interference, not only in the day; Four Yue Yang, available yongnian.  Fortunately, even holy!Geyiyongzhi.    But something geese line out the door Saibei, is in no township.  For wing than 10,000 years, since the trip behavior.  South winter diet of rice, spring complex north Cheung.  Tanaka has taken a turn Peng, fly away with the wind.  Length and eradicate it, not quite Viva.  This is regrettable Yukio, Andhra drive Quartet!  His military puzzled saddle, armor leave Pong.  Veteran to slowly, when returning home?  Dragon Tibetan Deep Springs, beast step Takaoka.  Dead fox go first mound, the hometown encore forget!    Ballad vulgar term storage urn no fighting, no foot trunk hair tie.  Friends from my credit, I wonder if it should.    Dong lyrics virtue not escape deficit, since the turn of events often difficult.  Zheng Kangcheng Xingjiu, bowed to the ground kick the bucket; Guo Jing to do in life drawing Sang Park.    ★ Gamo pond up my pool, it leaves what Lili.  Pong can do righteousness, knowing concubine Morrow.  Zhong Koushuo gold, sympathizing students leave.  When the king read to me, the only worry often bitter grief.  Jun want to see color, feeling sad spleen knot.  Jun Nian often bitter grief, the night awake at night.  Hao Yin Mok to it, shelved plain love?  Do not hesitate to fish cheap, shelved onion and scallion?  Mo hemp □ (wood on the audience, the sound “happy”) cheap, shelved and Kuai Jian?  Out abuzz why bother, why should we worry too are into.  Frontier multi Mening, how to trim trees!  Music from the king alone cause, prolong life Chiaki.  ★ side note: this is not like Wei Wu’s first mine, or entitled after Chen Pi or made, or say ancient words, regardless of this pro forma record.

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