Cao Cao play Fisher Girl

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Three Wei Emperor Cao Cao east Tateishi, wrote a majestic “sea view”, sung through the ages.According to legend, he wrote this poem before and after, as well as some stories to tell.That day, Cao Cao East tour came to Qinhuangdao Tateishi side, see the rough seas, feel particularly comfortable, big hair suddenly poetry, wrote down the famous “sea view”.After writing, he ask to be laughing, especially satisfied with their flash in the pan.Masaoki riding his tour along the East Coast.I walked on, saw a small seat detached homes on the beach, two huts, the door has a beautiful as her being woven nets.Cao Cao at once very happy, I thought why not tease about it in the past, beating add to the fun.He whispered a few words in a courtier ear, it Pingtui about entourage, alone, quietly came to the woman around, lift net Gang, see reticulocyte very uniform.The woman saw a strange man came, stunned and wide-eyed, drink and asked: Who are you?Cao Cao said with a broad smile: Wu Nai Gang move people Yeah, I lifted this outline, you can head Zhang ah.Carter, come out from inside the hut a young fisherman, Nose bridge vertical head and asked: Yu is who dare to this indecent assault?Cao Cao calmly stroked his beard, said: Oh, last night I made a poem, poems had disappeared this morning, this coast is no second family, so the hopes of finding here is that you must have to steal?Fisher Girl said: We is the ordinary man, living by fishing, no culture, steal your poems by Ho?Cao Cao still smiled and said: I is Wang Wei Wu is also, you have to weigh the little lady, I still do not plant your stolen?Come Yeah, I found!Initials, Finals and a fall, a group of people swarm surrounded the hut up search.Soon, a guan’er people who look like, approached Cao Cao said: the king, the minister in this house search to poems.Cao Cao did not wait to take over, the female fish to grab his hand, disdain and said: What valuable objects, used to look at me.No other woman watching entourage grabbed, yelled: quick win!The woman will not be allowed to destroy the king of poems!This is priceless ah.Cao Cao smiled and said: how, are you stealing my poems it?The rule your husband’s sin, your sin or cure it?If your husband’s treatment of sin, you had better exiled to the frontier into slavery, if How about you, easy to handle.Cao Cao never be finished, just listen to the fishing woman said angrily: Beach waves within waves lengthy, difficult to wash seawater shame today.Walking is non husband Joe, what effect book Jiang Gan steal?Fishing very smart woman, she knows Cao Cao to love, to say these few words to limerick.Cao Cao heard, oh!I did not expect this and other folk actually have intelligent women, not only did not steal poems speak of Italy, not light no powerhouse humiliated Cao Cao Jiumu two Joe (wife of Sun Ce and Zhou Yu’s wife) weaknesses.Cao Cao was surprised and said: You little woman would write a poem?I test you.Well done, will let you.Fisher Girl said: Well, you ask a question it.Cao Cao left to see the right look, see North Point fisherman small courtyard wall there is a stone chessboard, there are even pieces of stone pieces.He thought: This couple does not seem to Dengxianzhibei!On the Road: Take askew how chess title?But the last sentence had to fall on the word ‘book’.Female fish without hesitation, mouth to come: the competition between Chu and Han chess into gambling, traveling endlessly war Qiangcu.Three-legged trend has been in the past, why should dominate down the gauntlet?Cao Cao a shocked, to say the world trend to chess, it is really rare Kill.But then I thought, what I might try her a try, said: very well.However, I was able to make a title again ah?Then stand holding a long lance in front of female fish.Cao Cao female fish looked for a moment, Yin said: muddy extremely heavy iron Banjun Hou, a cross-lance poetry through the ages.Now Yin into a view of the sea, is worth a thousand words book rolls.Cao Cao laughed and said, listen to words: really Wizards.Do not back fishing, and with the king how to Beijing?Female fish shook his head and said: It can not, I is a married man.Cao Cao smiled and said: Naturally, I am satisfied that you no intention concubine, I’m just going to let you do those ladies who read along, I wonder if you think of it?Fisher Girl said: King Wu, we are used to the fishing life, do not want to leave the sea.Cao Cao said: to my house, you will enjoy the endless wealth, thousands of times stronger than your involvement in the offshore wind waves in.You couple talk it, tomorrow morning I want to listen answer.The next day, Cao Cao sent went to the hut, but the man to an empty house, couple female fish had disappeared.

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