Canola flower

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Spring is very light footsteps, quietly fell on canola flower blossoming.  In the wake of that moment there was a flash of the eye is dew in the sun.  Barefoot at your fingertips stepping on the green grass of the blue sky, the exciting moment as her mother’s arms, comfort and tranquility.  Once in the mountains looked on flowers, a sleep quietly among themselves both physically and mentally to forget the exile in the wilderness.      Friendship is very strong spring, a old brain gave birth to diffuse wild golden.  That splash of color like yellow Hearty spreading everywhere, is intoxicated than half of China’s masterpiece, painting-like tenderness of thousands, dripping into the flames of passion like ocean spray the worth of steel flowers, as if the sun melted, construction picture into one mighty flourish the trend of the times.  Spread into millions of square kilometers of the color is like a landscape speckled with gold, dream-like.      An fragrance hit, wetting the memory of the curtain.  Young butterfly flapping play lively, covered with bits and pieces of pollen and fragrance.  The leaves are dark green solidified, shame swagger, only canola flower stretch surrounded in the branches, like a quaint country girls, her eyes filled with pure guarding plain.  Pretty branches of mature and reserved, perfectly bare at every touch of spring, intone the verses Yang Wanli flying yellow.  At this point, all the flowers were eclipsed in the golden canola flower’s.  It was the spring of unique luxury and romance, it shows the extraordinary power of nature.  Although there is no feeling of shock, but it is always pleasant to enjoy a warm and memorable Anterior.

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