Celtics sixth overall pick Smart Sunway few people love-hate relationship

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  Template: Russell – Westbrook SMART most impressive is an excellent physique, his height reached the 6-foot-3 wingspan but also 6-8, with 227 lbs of body weight, than most of his control Wei more tall and strong, he is also very good to play to their advantages of these。
  Smart liked the rim, his free throws per 40 minutes close to 10 times, shot in the lane as high as 57 percent, he excelled in transition and the pick and roll attack, promising the ability to create opportunities for teammates , which he learned in college the second year, in his freshman failure rate as high as 19%, this season has been reduced to 14%。
Smart defensive end also has excellent potential, his size and strength so that he can defend two positions in the backcourt, he is also tough enough and competitive heart, sophomore season, averaged grabbed rebounds, steals contribution。
  But his shot is a big problem, but sophomore season and has not changed。
He nearly half of the shooting was the third shot, the shooting just 30 percent, he sometimes too many jump shots to end the offensive。 NBA defensive when faced greater strength, his shooting may be more inefficient。
  Smart game attitude is very commendable, even his presence would improve the atmosphere in the locker room, can bring people together around doing all in the game。 Smart victory slightly paranoid personality a great relationship with their own experience, when 9-year-old Smart, cancer robbed him of his brother Todd was only 33 years of life, has become a Smart in 33 Oklahoma state's jersey number。 20 years, his mother Maria Carmelita rely on a kidney life, she had to undergo weekly dialysis treatments three days, while the average cost of a kidney transplant surgery requires more than $ 200,000。   For this Smart family situation, he was required to win millions in the NBA contract, but after freshman NCAA tournament second round loss to the University of Oregon, Smart chose the school, he was in that field the game is probably the worst performance of the season, only 5 of 13 shots in the audience, there was even five turnovers, a large part of the reason he stayed was to prove himself, which got his mother's unconditional support。
  Smart did not live up to the expectations of his family, his performance leaps and bounds sophomore season, averaging 18 points and assists, February 13, he was nominated for the Naismith College Player of the Year list, and also was named to the Big 12 best team area。
2014 first NCAA tournament, although the team lost to Gonzaga, but Smart swept away the doldrums last year's tournament, scored 23 points, 13 rebounds, seven assists and six steals, becoming history's first championship one gets 20 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and five steals players。   Smart's character also has an unstable side, in a game against Texas Tech game, and he had an argument with a fan, also shot down the fans who, after entering the NBA, he must first learn to control his temper, otherwise it could become a double-edged sword。   (Leatherhead)。

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