Canola flower I sing for you – write in the British Hill Farm Bureau organization of canola flower Photographers

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March Yingshan whole field covered with yellow canola flower a ridge ridge piece quietly open and the earth and the sky matched blending with Castle as partners see you standing in golden pastoral brilliant beautiful you dyed yellow spring shuttle the angle of field intoxicating fragrance blowing children are played out among the flowers Splendor busy bee honey flowers after year and today I wander in your world to witness your beautiful you into my verse your simple and natural your selfless sacrifice my soul subjected to a Xian ceremony worlds because you more harmonious at this time I would like to turn into a flowing white clouds in the sky you wish turned into a ray of spring swaying you would like to turn into a beautiful wreath rain sprinkle your rhythm passionate embrace how I wish time stood still and I was elated with you and write a beautiful chapter in March canola flower I sing for you! Written in March 2016

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