Allow me, falling in love with a water plant

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I played in a river, sent Akinami the March sunshine warmest left off.I was reborn surge of dense gas, and a piece of plants, romance dear, you do not understand, the sun in the sky purple line half the other half in the ground, if you give me half melancholy hanging in my heart, stab at half you half my flesh, float and sink in the subtle fragrance in fact, is always your pain, like the pain I hurt in the daylight, that is, you have your heart knot untied knots, put your brilliant thoughts shrouded too dark.Honey, not my sorrow in parting your shadows covered, nor is it your joy through my sad soul.We once had, but lost unsympathetic, the haze season is winding haze was dying – I had a pair touched you, kissed thousands of times the hand has been suppressed for years of pain, you gave me the most profound melancholy, peerless she explains, always waving the moment, freeze you go, I go, we have to use our conscious and confused re-emerged in a spectacular farewell, we use our own reasons to find us stripped excuse.You’re a red poppy, I am a white datura flower, can not take the day had to wait Tu Mi.Like you wait swaying on the crossroads emotional appearance.I wait until the day from the night, and from night until the next day sun, I’m barefoot all the pain lying on the grass irrelevant condensate listen to life lit the bonfire, farewell, my beautiful in March, becoming the island survived the rain of my body and soul grass unity, happiness is no longer a borrowed against all the lakes before winding bird wandering and wandering sails are down low in the sunlight constantly singing dense river , passing fragrant plants of tomorrow’s dream, looked on, brilliant for my narrative with water, ebb and flow after you leave

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