Allison Island Adventures

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Abbas and several students together to play Allison Island resort.Jack’s first impulse behavior not only makes his two classmates bottom of the sea, but also the pleasant scenery Allison Island into a hell on earth origin of Allison Island, a deep-sea submarine ghostly ocean in a dark, quiet submarine slide.Suddenly, the door opened parabolic, some objects were lost in the sea floor.Subsequently, the submarine turned around and disappeared into the depths of the sea.  A pack of hungry deep-sea spider crab around us?After years.  Due to the movement of the earth’s crust, this sea cropped up in an island.Then, after many years, the lush vegetation covering the entire island.  One day, one ton fishing boat carrying some fishermen came to the country this sea fishing, accidentally discovered the island.They are on the island, surprised to find that: the island has tall dense forest; the trees habitat of countless kinds of birds; there running streams gurgling mountain; more excellent natural harbor and rich fishing production resources.They gave the island named Allison Island, meaning beautiful.  Then they go back around the house also moved over.Gradually, more and more people moved to form a thriving fishing village.Subsequently, tert-owned island country announced its jurisdiction.  In the country vigorously promote tons of tourists from around the world flocked.Former island became a tourist attraction.  Summer, let’sgo!  Abbas is a second-year junior high school students in the city of Hunter.He likes all kinds of sports from an early age, tall, burly, there are seven meters tall.He likes to travel, holidays every year, we have to go around the world play.  Summer day, can not wait to find friends Allyson Abbas, invited him to travel together.Abbas said: I learned that a man named Allison Island Resort from newspapers, is to go and see it.You fits, go back and tidy, we start tomorrow.  The next day, Abbas, Allyson classmate and friend, Jack had the same hobbies, Rowling, Isa five people set off toward Allison Island.  After two days of hard work, to the island.The weather has changed, under a drizzle.The island also deserted, the few visitors.  Blue sea like the wake of a baby, gently sway in the.Points above the drift boat.On the golden beaches dotted yesterday support the tent are gone.Now, leaving only some of the kids dig holes in the sand.  Five good partner rented a boat, Jack also prepared a harpoon, they plan to go towards the sea.Along the way, they play slapstick, laughing constantly.Gradually, they had crossed the cordon, zoned out to sea.  Horrible journey to play for a while, Abbas intends to lead everyone to return.Suddenly, he saw on the port side near the sea, quietly revealing two periscope type thing, moving them looked.  In a reminder Abbas, others have noticed this thing.Alesha jokingly said it was a big country of nuclear submarines, to gather military intelligence here.Playful, laughing Isa threw two pieces of bread, saying it was consolation consolation soldiers in the boat.Jack shouted that it was impulsive monster, pick up a harpoon that step and striking something hard.  Sharp harpoon being fork in that strange thing.Unexpectedly, the thing sank slips.Jack can not hold the hands of the rope, harpoon thing that was brought into the water.  Just then, Allyson shouted: We Look ah, the water came out two large pincers!We saw, in front of the bow of the sea really out two full two meters high, like adults arms like thick brown pincers.  Full of horrible bumps brown pincers handle on bone tumor.Two long hand on the width of the jaw sharp serrated leaves, one of a, harsh sound emitted rattled.  Abbas was informed, exclaimed: That’s not what pincers, is the claws of a crab pliers!God, the body of the crab how much ah!  Just then, those two pincers pliers toward sat most edge of Rowling to play, will be caught off guard Rowling down the middle vise, dragged into the water.  Abbas and Allyson waving a paddle punch pliers pincers, while Jack and Command Isa clinging Rowling’s feet, she was dragged into the water to avoid Cancer.  It is very hard pincers pliers, oars hit above to no avail.Underwater Cancer mighty, Rowling and the others appeared to be dragged off the boat, oars Abbas and Allyson quickly put aside the past to help.  They are among stalemate, the water and out of several steel hook as sharp as Juzhua toward them open.Zharu Pi sharp claws deep into the meat, making them feel like a piercing pain.Abbas, they could not withstand the pain, let go Rowling and Isabel screamed dragged under the water.  A group of red blood thrown on the water, two subsea girl be dragged Cancer.The remaining three in shock, grief.  Perhaps the smell of blood caused a loss of more undersea Cancer, there are a few out of the sea chelation pliers.Three did not care so much, it took a paddle desperately to shore mad plan, behind the hot pursuit Cancer.  Along the way, three shouting: We Run ah, man-eating chase coming Cancer!Tourists near the ship that the three teenagers to some mischief, who do not believe them, stopped to watch the fun laughing.  However, they soon realized that was not three teenagers in the prank, but it was too late.In the case of their unsuspecting, was dragged into the sea chelation clamp.  Instant, drift at sea sailing lightship people are turning.  More terrorist attacks three teenagers on the shore, and hurried to report thrilling at sea after the island’s people.Similarly, people on the island do not believe they say is true.  Some people laughed, they say, this sea has not even a shark, crab on the beach saw the child will have good hiding, but how could that strange things do?This is not April Fool’s Day, you lie level too bad.  Some people even threatened them, they must have murdered two little girls, only to pull this lie, they want to sue the police.  Abbas see no one believes, vexation anger, I wanted to call home to report what happened.Unexpectedly, the island’s communication failure two days ago, is still not repaired, the phone can not play.  They want to go back by boat, unfortunately the last ferry had left.  Three teenagers had no choice but to find the families on the island to stay, do intend to wait until tomorrow.Before going to sleep at night, when Jack went convenient, suddenly heard the door has happened, they called together to hear Alesha.After a while, Abbas came out and saw They frightened expression, was about to ask them to come back to doing, Jack, a finger before his lips and motioned him not to say anything.  Suddenly, they heard a scream coming from outside the house, then the ground rustling sound, is it?Seriousness of the situation, the three of them did not dare to act rashly, had to retract the house, the door firmly shut.  Just shut the door, there is something outside the door hit.Very strong door, did not hit a few wrecked.Then came the shabu la la, la la Shua dig the sound of wood.A moment later, the door was dug a big hole, a chelating clamp into the room.Alyosha exclaimed: My God, man-eating to the Cancer!  They suddenly realize that the village has just suffered a cannibal attacks Cancer.On the occasion of them stunned, the hole is deeper and greater Cancer, a car almost like a crab bristling body squeezed in, the two big and hard claws clamp toward the three of them Flurry.Meanwhile, eight sharp steel fixing shaft also severely tied up to three.  Jack reacted quickly, quickly grabbed the quilt and threw it towards Cancer.Abbas and Allyson imitated his way, grabbed the bed and threw objects have Cancer.  Cancer body was wrapped round and round, want to get rid of the quilt, but sometimes can not succeed.Three people took the opportunity and got a few hard stick, mercilessly pound Cancer.  Cancer could not struggle, against, on several occasions been almost three claws hurt.Half an hour later, the operation of the quilt Cancer gradually slow, and finally no more.Cancer watched the body being smashed, three still lingering fear.  At this time, there are a few Cancer coming toward the door, because they are crowded together, doorway too narrow, can not come a moment.  Abbas hurried to pick up the quilt on the ground, throw those in Cancer of the body, but also ripped off a sheet, called Jack into the kitchen and got some cooking oil poured on top, lit lost in the past, the fire suddenly burned up in the body Cancer.  The fire spread rapidly.The house also burned up.Three back into the back room and found a food storage cellar, and hurried into hiding.  After the big bright day, three people walked around in the village and found hundreds of people in the village all missing.I saw on the ground was full of Cancer footprints and spotted with blood, stretching away to the beach direction.  Three people came to the beach, where there are traces of man and crab?Cancer covered with footprints in the sand, do not know how to climb out of the sea last night, only Cancer.  Monster of life experience to the ferry, carrying a boat full of tourists.  Three teenagers stopped them, one by one happened on the island will tell them.Those visitors looking at the general silence of Allison Island, could not help but gasp.  Back to the city, accompanied by his family, who will report to the mayor made things.This was no small matter mayor, also the federal government reported.  The federal government, after investigation and verification, deployment of domestic experts, carrying the most advanced equipment in a large number of heavily armed police escort, take the warship came to Allison Island.  Six months later, a genetics expert pointed to a Cancer specimen at a news conference, he said: Many years ago, a nuclear waste dump nuclear powers often to this sea, the seabed of spider crab contaminated, leading to gene mutation.Their volume is increasing, and this period is just the mating spawning period, they naturally become more ferocious cruelty.Several teenagers inadvertently make them a hurt, angered them, so they happened Allison island tragic scene.  Finally, the experts called for bitterly: If the global environmental pollution does not improve, I do not know how many biological genetic variation occurs, then perhaps humanity will destroy in their own hands.

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