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I walked a long long alleys May Huaihua did not open, the breeze filled the window a long long alleys April lived next door I miss the feelings of a woman faint long her long skirt certain after this bumpy road to hang around in the rain, looking to steal a few sentences the possibility of trekking, lend me dressed in bright green clothes smiling through her beside me is a short bloom with little fragrant field of women’s shoes flowing if she hurried footsteps away I Panzhi Man Festival in her far far away where I go through a long long alleys where there are sparsely lined tender good sun on the roof next door wrapped around the woman’s long hair tangled knot to tie him my heart I did not understand a roll of running script vast feeling of sadness will not fit in a few feet of the mind drifts I would actually brilliant in this season sad warm slowly flowing tributary long long long alleys whose flute sound so melodious touch of my sorrow spread, long long long alleys

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