Alley strange case

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Mid-year in August, early in the morning, Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Branch chapter, the young chief Wang Gang, suddenly received a strange case of life.He immediately drove to the scene and saw a thirty-down of women, distributed to them bleeding, lying on the ground; she was still lying beside a spontaneous gray old lady.To know how this case happened, we have to begin at the beginning of the story.This city has ten thousand pieces alleys, known as Vanguard, in fact, only three small courtyard, is a dead end.Head alley No. 3 Hospital, Wan lived an old woman, the old man had died, only a only child son and told Wanbao.Wan Ling mind, stubborn temperament, after graduating from college, now legitimate doubt age, became an associate professor of ten thousand old lady ,, the blessed old age seventy onto his grandson.Grandchild grow monkey potential, but also the Year of the Monkey born, so the old lady to her grandchildren played a small name, called Qauqaut.Filial son, grandson, funny child, Wan from the heart like the old lady’s eyes, but I could not desirable daughter Magnolia.I do not know Zuisui mother, wife or hard of hearing, anyway-law and son have been Gegedada Bulong.In recent years, the old lady grandson flatter streets full House run, the attitude of her daughter was intensified NAO, the most recent period, not even the rice is not to eat the old lady.They eat well, let a woman eat Lai; daughter eat dumplings, soup to the old lady.Manpower temper though stubborn, but in front of his wife but soft like a sheep.Wan woman to grandson, swallow, shortness of breath, at most, a daughter secretly curse: Budehaosi’s!Ever since, ten thousand because often eat and drink trouble, go wrong.That day, the Mid-Autumn Festival, early in the morning, magnolia and Manpower Qauqaut to eat cream moon cake, and sent them father and son went to grandma house to send moon cake, open a five-jen moon cake yourself, you end up with her mother to heat milk, eat well, drink enough, I went to work.Along the way, while Magnolia hurried forward, while for the holiday meals bother evil, like how do you stop tasted the sweetness of her mother.Walking, thinking, I suddenly felt a rush of dizziness, nausea, followed by a belly scratch wildly twisted bowel pain, that instant, beans large beads of sweat rolling from a piece of purple pale face crackling down.She clenched teeth off, with his fist against the belly, squatting on the roadside for a moment, still feel better.Fortunately, not too far out of the house, return it to the house, when she struggled just to move the house, plunge down, unconscious.Wan woman court room to hear the splash, I thought: son, daughter and grandson were not at home, does the bad guys breaking in?To get out to see what happens.Her head out, I saw a bunch of dark inside the threshold, can not help heart started slowly approached bent down to look carefully, ah!Scared back and Yang, a reel sitting on the ground, then see is the daughter Magnolia down at the door.She reached up and hugged Magnolia to help her, but his hands soiled with sticky blood.The old lady did not know what was wrong, scared fainted.Wait until Wanbao hearing edgy come back from Yuemu Jia, his wife and his aging mother Magnolia has been taken to hospital a few hours after the rescue, Wan old lady finally breathed, but somehow dead magnolia.Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Division of the police officers who, under the auspices of the merits of Wang Gang, they are distributed to them bleeding dead according to this phenomenon, to spit dirt identification, analysis, confirmed that the deceased was poisoned to death.So, it is suicide or homicide?According to the deceased went to work early in the morning to eat breakfast, then the incidence of cases struggled to return home judgments, soon denied the possibility of suicide.So who is the murderer it?They have three preliminary analysis.The first suspect is a woman Wan.For of old lady is the first scene of parties.Magnolia drink her milk is cooked; ten thousand-law and is not known; but the old lady often Wan reveals let your thoughts Budehaosi.This began to curse out the hair PETTY, when the intensification of conflicts, the formation of her motive is possible.Wan woman lost consciousness at his wife beside him, some people handling the case analysis, that the old lady like Wan old man of this age, scared to such a degree, the more satisfactory explanation, it seems to be like this: She originally planned to wife early years had been poisoned, the potency attack, happened to be on the road, or working time.But she did, when she was startled splash, suddenly found that she poisoned people are dead at her feet, too much for the old lady.This sudden excessive stress, causing her fainting, is understandable.

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