Alley of the old village

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Alley is an important part of the old village.A seat behind the old village of Lotus Hill said the age and history of similar mountain village.Old village more trees, houses and more people and more; of course, we criss-crossing the alley More.    Alley of the old village has never been a big name, or that they simply no one is named.Alley, mostly common ancestry and family neighbors forming.An alley less there are 78 companies eldest who lined up the house, even into relatively complete integration.Alley here, so many families opened the door to all in the same direction, in the face of nature is a wall of thick walls.In other words, the alley where the people did not have a door, “perfect match” here seems not work.    Alley than the old village not Beijing’s courtyard.Courtyard relatively closed, people’s mentality often affected to some degree.And the people here very open mind, go home stopping is common.Farm spring harvest busy, hand tools lack the East West less frequent, use the service will become accustomed to each other.Moreover, this house of chickens, ducks and a dog ran into the stables is not surprising, for this thing began to argue, the entire old village will laugh at you.This is the old village, in particular, let the city people envy.Such an open mind and a peaceful atmosphere, and this constitutes alley are inseparable.    Alley every family planted all kinds of trees, which is unwritten convention in the old village.Courtyard, jujube, locust, elm, pomegranate trees, everything, but almost no poplar, willow, mulberry, all these trees to be planted outside the village.Elders who listen to talk about the past, the old village every year suffer hunger by drought, when the lean, those in the yard of leaves, tree flowers, fruit trees of great help.We thanksgiving trees, tree never live up to people.Trees and people, people and trees, in the old village, has a unique meaning, with “Dependence” is not excessive.    In fact, the alley is one kind of heritage for generations.Had created alley, perhaps one or two elderly people.More children in the past, five or six brothers and sisters.To marrying his daughter, his son to be married, not three or five sets of houses is not enough.In this case, of course, the older generation to live frugally, embryonic several houses for his sons, to be doing a painstaking.To his son generation had a son, so it goes again.Therefore, the alley of the old village, will more and more, the more extended the more extensive village.    Alley house establishment is almost the same, there is little unique style.In the past, mostly the house is three, a Westinghouse; are houses for people to live, that is, Westinghouse kitchen.Of course, wealthy people can also increase system, such as the house is three, three east across the house, two Western kitchen, even if this situation is fine on others.Old village alley than not, “Dream of Red Mansions” in the Grand View Garden, Zhongming Ding food grand is not the case.    Alley is enjoyable all year round sight.Can hear the sound of the cock, the host family will have to get up, went into the yard first thing is to open the cages of ducks nest goose shed.The door opened, the entire alley may crowded together, Angtou stride cock, Yaotouhuangnao Ming duck, the goose clumsy move, along the narrow, narrow alley, with jaunty rushed out.Out of the alley, the Ben Seton Hall, foraging for food, drilling drilling pond pond.Nearby spring planting, harvest accompanied by, holding a bowl of rice on a string thirty-five, filled the empty bowl on someone’s home could eat rice.Alley is an alley, human is human.    Alley also a cultural.You can not say that the old village alley never happened unpleasant, indeed, and some even dirty, shady world.Fight quarrels it is not on the table, also held in contempt for the old village.The method, however, in the event, where people solve their own.By the aggrieved person angrily went to the alley elders, will all shake off a belly troubles, then radiant home, what you do not have control.The elders will make people aggrieved person called him later, face to curse on the meal.Scolded those who gingerly treading on thin ice.Condemning a stop to thank for that, and quickly turned out; go home to sleep, nothing to worry about annoying things disappear, since peace and harmony.But there are also hot-blooded young man really unbearable humiliation, and other hands and feet, even beaten, people will not be tolerated, three or five years to lift their heads in the alley.Here, fight abuse, it is a last resort thing.    Old village alley decline of nearly three decades of situation.Spawned here in the last century has been no boom, tied to live young heart and rush out to find their own world, the alley on the left of some old Zhu cane.Still later, even those who let children alley full of vitality, but also into the distant city to spend their time.Becoming decadent old house destroyed, trees about to die, the alley has also been declining.    Alley is a symbol of life, is an unforgettable memory.Those alley various obstacles are recorded once in the past, the old man was still alive, the enemy is already gone, lost in the alley outside the young people who are or used to be the owner of the alley.Only they can truly understand the meaning of the old village alley.    Alley of the old village with the passage of time has completed its historic mission, and gradually fade out of our vision.In the ruins of the former, new trees budding, flowering, fruiting, maybe tomorrow.(Shou name)

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