Alley murder

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There is a long, narrow alley quiet town.Alley two turned out to be the same, I do not know since when, people have started at the end of the alley trash, Over time, actually blocked his path, it turned into a dead end alley live.  Granny is what the old folks on the town, she had no children, doing business after his wife bought a two-story old house in the alley along the street, and soon passed away due to illness.  He did not Granny source of income, they asked people to put on the first floor of the old house divided into several rooms, simply decorated a bit after the lease, she lived on the second floor, living by rental income.  That day, there is a 60-year-old man came to what Granny, requires renters.  The understanding of what Granny that this old man is a stranger, and had no children, his wife died early, because of difficulties in life was to do some local tea business.  He Granny see his weather-beaten, also a lame right leg, sympathize with him, they put themselves at the lowest price the last house he leased.  Blink of an eye a few months later, the lame old man and several other tenants can pay rent in full and on time, we get along very harmonious, where Granny was so happy.  One night, thunder and lightning, torrential rain, how old woman was awakened, she hastened to get out of bed to see if the windows shut tight.  By lightning bright outside, she suddenly found the alley below was moving slowly in the umbrella.This is the small blue and white floral umbrella, it is clear that young girl favorite things, but this rain fell in the middle of the night, who still has feelings in this dark alley slowly leisurely stroll it?Moreover, the end of the alley is garbage, stinking sewers, there is a dead end.He shook his head Granny was so puzzled.  The next morning, the rain stopped long ago, residents have to take out the trash, he suddenly heard the sound of a call in the depths of the alley mournful’s creepy: My goodness, Murder!  Town known for honest, stability and harmony is famous, not to mention murder murder, petty theft is common case is the number of years of epic proportions together.  Alley murder took place, the news like a bolt from the blue, so that everyone in the town are terrified.  Director Zhang police station after receiving the report, brought several police rushed to the scene of the crime.  Victims were elderly people, his back down in the dumps, was identified, even covered in more than 40 knives, appalling.Unkempt old man, in rags, clearly a wandering beggar.  Director Zhang brow furrowed, cast doubt mind: a beggar to beg for food to survive old to have any enemies it?And why would the killer with a beggar physically very weak there is so much blood feud that to hurt it at more than 40 knife?  To punish the perpetrators, but also the town of Taiping, immediately launched the investigation, both sides of the alley households and units become the primary investigation of natural objects.  When Director Zhang He visited Granny, Granny join together to understand how to provide a rainy night to the police details of this broken umbrella.  The little girl with a broken umbrella?Director Zhang felt more and more bewildering case, first, it is difficult to confirm the identity of the deceased, so many beggars country, simply can not know the victim’s name yet who this one, where native; Second, if the investigation object lock in the young girl who is obviously wrong, because the deceased more than 40 stab wounds, penetrating everywhere, if there is not enough killer is tough physically impossible.  Murder of detective work temporarily stalled.  A small town located in the south, and the rainy season, lightning storm described as common.  That night, thunderstorms turn to, knowing what Granny doors and windows are shut tight, but she still subconsciously went to the window and looked alley.  Sure enough, there it really is a broken umbrella lightning storm moved slowly forward, saw the murder last night with exactly the same!  He Granny suck down a cold lump, hastily stepped back and sat down on the bed, Heart secretly pray: Tonight be sure what wicked things do not happen yo!  At noon the next day too, have not heard of the murder happened deep in the alley, where the old woman considered a hanging heart off the ground.But she is still a highly responsible attitude, pick up the phone, put last night made a detailed report to the Director Zhang.  When the end of the call, and with particular emphasis Director Zhang asked: what Aunt, you are saying that you have seen twice every night thunderstorm that had broken umbrella through the alleys?  Yes, my eyes do not spend ears are not deaf, look closely mile!Phone where Granny say for sure.  Contact with County Meteorological Bureau Director Zhang accurate information, thunderstorms tonight will come to town again.  In the evening, Director Zhang took two police came under the cloak quietly deep into the depths of the alley ambush near the garbage, just waiting for the arrival of that mysterious broken flower umbrella.  After midnight, really sudden, thunder, heavy rain came down.Director Zhang et al by lightning, calm and keenly watching the alley of movement.  After a moment, how fruit Granny said, a broken umbrella suddenly appeared in the alley, and slowly move to the vicinity of the dump.  Seeing the broken umbrella closer and closer, at that moment, said Director Zhang jumped up, knocked sudden snatch broken umbrella.  Then a flash of lightning across, executive umbrella man Victim, looking grim, ghostly shape will be a boning knife fiercely to tie to Director Zhang Dangxiong.  Director Zhang a wrist lock hose escapement action, immediately let the man fell to the ground.Two other police handcuffed him going, but found he lay flat on the ground motionless, as though falling asleep.  Director Zhang to open the flashlight came closer and saw that the assailant was actually on the tea business he had visited the town to lame old man.  Lame old man was rushed to hospital, the doctor said after diagnosis, patients suffering from severe sleepwalking.  After the old man completely sober, the old beggar Director Zhang murder and assaulting a police officer tonight’s events to him in detail say it again, the old man thought for a long, suddenly burst into tears: I got the blame sleepwalking, I guilty, I’m sorry the old man died!  But why should you have to play a thunderstorm every girl with a broken umbrella, to do the killing alley?Director Zhang asked.  Old man crying in the corner, immersed in the pain of the past years, after a long time before hoarse voice, said: So I have in front of an alley, which also piled junk, I was eighteen years old female wanderers have time night shift, catch on a thunderstorm day, she hit a broken umbrella to walk, but unfortunately the garbage onto the alley a few criminals spoiled.I heard the cries to save wanderers, but was interrupted by their right leg.I was female wanderers fierce temper, hanged on the last night, I left it only to the broken umbrella.This small wanderers gone Mother, I did not take good care of her, her life was hard ah!Twenty years later, I getting older, suffering from sleepwalking, during rain and thunder, I do not consciously broken umbrella name of wanderers left, holding a knife, go I find those wanderers of animals killed for revenge.I did not expect, but I killed innocent people, it is really a sin!  Sorrow, anger what they do, quietly looking out the window Director Zhang increasingly bright sky, lost in thought

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