Alley laughter

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“If the sea can take away my sadness, as away of each river, all suffered injuries, all the tears flow, my love, please take it all away,” corner of the room came the melodious voice, is so passionately, is so sad waves, he pushed open the door and saw a photograph of a young girl in his hand a alley an elderly mother in a good mood and laughing gently touched flatter , it is clear that this girl is too think that the alley of this mother’s picture.”I must be happy, in fact, very easy to meet.”I think of the phone next to the familiar ringing, pick up the phone I saw that it was my old mother calls me, and I picked up the phone, I heard the phone is mother’s tenderness was knocking sound with every word greetings keyboard rang my heart, how I want to say “I want to go home”, but the thought of the work, put me on that hit the eighth level of hell.I remember little, my mother like summer dinner sitting in front, the wind blowing sailed from time to time with the passing of Aunt Uncle chats up, I occasionally heard their apology in the room laughed, hearty laugh , the joy laugh.I almost half squint his eyes, mouth revealing a trace of a smile, let the laughter of the extended away.Looking back now, is still so clear, people still feel so warm, as if my mind is just playing a movie yesterday, but also like the photo in the hands of the girl I had a lifetime interest in the association, I tugged at the mind and stretched, went downstairs looking at the distant sky, vast, boundless let me producing the fantasy, I was thinking what to do at the moment my mother?There’s nothing like looking at the sky in a daze, like me, have a very miss me, I miss it.I want to look like my mother work, serious and hardworking, confident, and hard, I say, “Mom, tired, take a break, I’ll give you a glass of water to drink.”.I am thinking about again in Guangzhou, I came out the night before, my mother gave me up jacket look, stitch by stitch seam slowly, slowly wear line line, really makes people feel “leaving sew, Italy fear of delay in return “feeling.I finally finished the cotton jacket coat carefully sewn by her mother.Mom was pacing to the mouth of the alley and began their lives large lecture that still hold the phone in the room, pondering for a long time, the laughter still so beautiful, so moving, so nice, as if composed a melodious song ear rippling.Think hope can cloud my full thoughts to take home to my dear mother, so that they can feel my feelings, year, and I do not see that kind of looks like my mother has been a year, had a few times when sleep at night I could not sleep thinking about holding a pillow to sleep with her mother the day, on several occasions were not going well let me think of my mother working feel confident that, on several occasions praised as little as you want to think to show off in front of mom.Alley mother’s smile in my dream, reality again and again, in small, I do not know how to cherish now, I left the warm embrace, to know a mother’s child is a treasure, no mother children are blades of grass, mom, I will use my energy to care for your life, love your.

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