All-day temple

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Long-lost hope return date every ceremony, they gathered Beat ambition in order to settle, I make an entry, modest for the ceremony, listening to the confusion between, oh, oh, oh.. Gearing up culture is sprouting, this is my home, not the same summer, a few dozen lunar cycle’s history reminds us carry forward the distance elegant, all-day temples, Buddha Qi field, pointing argot home, monks low hope, faith continues to desire heart, smile holding bead, wayfinding eyes closed, I heard drums, blow patting consciousness, a road full of crowd containment, lively atmosphere, all the spirit of dedication, I keep up with fast beats , those who miss the old days, people want to home, such as the annual theater laugh, Wang Gu harvest, protecting the gods as usual, took the text washed away, the last bridge beam of this village, over and over again strike gongs, rhythmic rendering of each a corner, I smiled and wrote the yellow House, the elegant beauty of these red bars you like drunk, independent study, Wen Fei Dian Dian in.[Editor: Tree man]

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