All people are lying

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3 suspicious tick, tick 2 tick 1, ah!With a scream, Su Zen woke up from a dream, he was gasping for breath, hand rub a bit of sweat on his forehead, eyes wide round.After a very long time, Su Zen breathing only gradually calmed down, but still frightened expression on his face, he is still a lingering fear.  He has been for several days to do the same dream.Dream, Didi tick sound that always sounded every time the voice sounded when the Soviet Union Zen mind a string of numbers will appear, and is’re counting down the number, but each to 1, and Sue Chan will be awakened from a dream.Didi tick sound like the alarm clock hand movement sounds like a time bomb.  Su Zen recovered ready to sleep, but he just turned around, but froze in there.Yang Xin gone!Yang Xin Su Zen is now girlfriend.Su Zen feel a bit guilty, because the Soviet Union was the Zen Yang Xin best friend’s girlfriend.  Then Su Zen hear someone talking in the hallway, he got out of bed, went to the door, lying on the door listening.  Is the voice of Yang Xin.  I’m so scared, I do not know what else to rip off a lot for a long time in there Su Zen, Yang Xin in who to call?  Tata tread footsteps getting closer, Su Zen rushed back to bed and lay there.A shadow from the outside came in, she was very light footsteps.  That shadow went to the bed, watching Su Chan Su Chan felt my heart is going to pop.Slowly the shadows near Su Zen, suddenly, Su Chan saw the shadow of the face, suddenly creeps up.Was no trace of color pale face, dark eyes there are no two the eye, mouth, nose, ears are out of the thick black blood.  Ah Su Chan, shouting, hand to push the shadows.  Yeah!Shadow fell to the floor.  Zen Su recovered, a closer look at the dark figure turned into Yang Xin.  Why are you pushing me you?Yang Xin wronged asked.  Su Chan was still gasping for breath, his eyes staring at the Yang Xin.You just who to call?Su asked Zen.  Yang Xin body inadvertently a shiver, but the Soviet Union Zen clearly see in the eyes, she immediately calm down: Oh, yes, my friends, we are studying where to play this weekend!  Zen did not continue to ask the Soviet Union, Yang Xin did not say anything, lying on the side of Zen Su.  Night, so still no trace of sound.But how Zen Su could not sleep, he was thinking back to Yang Xin just say, I can not help some cold.  Yang Xin tone and listen to the other person is being implemented in a conspiracy with the Soviet Union Zen thought a move.Does she mind as well as others?Su Zen thinking, his mind suddenly flashed: Is he?Su Zen some angry, thinking he saw the man when we must inquire into that.I kept thinking, Su Zen feel more and more pain in his head, and eventually even unknowingly sleep in the past.    Accident ten in the morning, Su Zen woke up, rubbed his stinging head, turned around, he saw lying on top of the coffee table a few slices of bread and a glass of milk, his face stuffed into his mouth a few slices of bread, then put that milk one drank it, the taste of milk a little strange!Su Chan frowned.  To the company, into the office, everyone looked up at Su Zen, then lowered his head, Su Zen obviously feel some of their unnatural expression.Walked into his office, Zen Su just sat down, the door opened, a man came from outside.  Ha ha!So early!Said the smiling come.  Xin new, there are some things I just want to ask How about you sit.Su Zen says.  Su Xin new sitting across from Zen.Su Zen silent, long time did not speak.  Recent work okay?Sim is not hard?Su Zen did not ask a thing of hearts want to ask.  Fortunately,!New Sim simply replied.  Chatted for a while, he left the new Xin Su Chan’s office, pushed open an office next to the sign that says: Assistant Manager room.  Xin looked at the new leave his office, leaning against the couch Su Zen, this time his mood flavors and taste.Su Zen suspect must have a secret hidden between Yang Xin Xin and new.Yang Xin Xin new and had a pair of lovers, a month ago, I do not know for what reason, the two broke up.Then Sue Chan and Yang Xin together on.  Su Chan is cranky, outside a knock.  Enter!  General manager, there is a batch file that you need to sign a word.Come to file a bag placed in front of Chan Su.  Zhang Yi, ah, sit down..Zhang secretary Su Zen, finished, Su Chan began to read the file.  File roughly mean you are going to buy a piece of land development and utilization, although the price is high, but the article mentioned several times in this land of great value in use, and it will definitely benefit the company’s.  After reading the file, Su Zhang Yi Chan looked up: the use of this land is really worth it?We will not be fooled or lose?  This piece of land is absolutely a great value for development, and I have done a full investigation and study, I can guarantee my posts.He said Zhang vowed.  You first go out, I’ll think about it.Su Zen says.  After Zhang out, looking down thinking Zhangyi Gang Su Chan just said, when he found himself in front of the emergence of a pair of feet, then a pair of legs, you want to look up at the Su Zen come, but suddenly a black eyes, faint in the past.

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