The feet corns how long do these remedies seal the deal

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Corn is a very common skin disease, usually long in the foot, we normally not pay enough attention to the maintenance of the foot, often cause corns, that foot corns how to do it?These remedies seal the deal。
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The feet corns how long do?As shown, a large garlic White garlic warm, spicy level 1。 Spleen, stomach, lung gas having stagnation line, warm the stomach, eliminate disease product, detoxification。 Useful for treating swollen ulcer drug such as corns。
Formulation a white garlic, one of garlic。 The feet corns how long do these remedies use to seal the deal Onion and garlic mash put together and then applied to the corn, and then bandage fixed, two days for continuous use 3-5 times on it。 Note that when using this drug must use the current system。
And the onions, garlic use fresher as well, adhere to medication, corns can fall off。 2, Ginkgo Biloba Ginkgo biloba is a traditional Chinese medicine efficacy with blood circulation, pain relief, so put it onto the affected area, can play a role in the eradication of corn。
The feet corns how long do these remedies seal the deal formulations Ginkgo biloba 20-30, a small amount of rice。 The use of Ginkgo biloba leaves into the pot with the text fire, then charred leaves research into powder, add rice to make it with adhesive, then it spreads in the affected area to yarn Bouza prison, a few days later to change the family to stay。

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