“A few minor problems in the love, the most taboo of men and women.”

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In love, men and women of the most taboo a few small issues of public micro-channel number: dawn (dawn micro-channel search, you can focus on my public number, a adhere to the original girl) Chapter 01.Always say when two people fall in love break up, immature girls and boys, likes to threaten to break up with each other, share each other’s only trying to evoke sympathy and affection.I have to tell you broke up, you do not concern me, to say that people tend to like attention, eager to be able to cherish each other, but often counterproductive.And when the number of break up more, who are tired of.Well, you go, points to points, two people a fit of anger, it really points out.After some personnel will be upset myself, how to break up so easily said, but still Duzhe gas, Duzhe Duzhe, two people are tired of each other.Do not always say break up, get breaking up these two words could erase all male-female relationships, as you can get attention tricks.If you really love each other, it may be another way to love.Broke up, many times not love, but rather tired, gone lust.Chapter 02.Test loyalty in love, some people always like to say, I did not feel safe, and when the export remark when asked subconscious always like each other, you love me?Since you love me, if my loyalty?With this in mind small, it is not love?That to do something to prove.People in love, always like a fool, can drill into each other’s hearts desire, to see if his heart really loves you.In fact, more people in love before, is talkative.Love is not to say, what use is too sweet; love is steady companionship, bit by bit can be seen in the life of.Recently, an article written about such a thing.A girl to accompany her boyfriend of three years, live frugally.Because a coat of 2500, her boyfriend will be able to test out the girl worships money.It’s absurd to accompany you for three years, you will not see each other is what kind of person?Actually still in doubt, use a coat of 2500 to try, really ridiculous.Everybody was afraid of deception, then do not believe, just try every way to test.You itself have doubts about love, the preparation of a lie, what are eager to get.Do not in love, to test their loved ones.So men, women, too.Love a person, can be seen by all aspects of life.Hard to understand, was not to go test the loyalty of a person.I clung to the heart and your life together, you tells me everywhere fortification.That’s ridiculous!Chapter 03.Do not let third party interference girls fall in love, love to do one thing, let girlfriends to find out how loving.In fact, no need, loving not show up, you with whom, Mo care about the opinions of others.Girls and girlfriends mind likes to say, much more to say, girlfriends birthmark, this slag man, you have to try to distinguish can have a heart, do not be blinded by love.Boys fall in love, get involved in the end will always be a third party, and that is his mother.Must understand, is that you find a girlfriend, not your mom.If even for the initiative did not love, love or forget it, directly in his own mother had asked for a.Feelings of two people, any people who get involved in an intimate, are likely to split.The first 04 chapters.Do not stingy boys and girls do not get too vexatious love, some boys to be generous, a bit macho, do not be too petty.Millet and fees that would love Nan, Nan fee has never been ill-treated millet on the money.Eating out on a date, fee Nan has always been the first to pay the.Nan fee like millet, I prefer to let their loved ones happy woman.But the fee Nan mind clear, millet dismay of the fee money Nan.Millet always distressed fee Nan, to know what this can not be.Fee Nan said, all right, millet, what you want to buy what to buy, do not save.Nan fee is most fond of saying, the money is earned, not a province.Earned money to spend themselves, men do not stingy, to find a consistent view of three girls, big big girl you love love.Girls do not get too vexatious.Feelings of fear and toss trouble is, even if you have to love a person, will be tired of.Who will be tired, took the name of love to go downtown is the most worthwhile thing.The first clear your game, but also be considerate, more often, and who will be bored.Love a person, should not be too frustrating.Tired and no longer love!Chapter 05.Cold War Cold War is spiritual torment each other.Two people at the same time and space, has become very awkward, I do not know which step wrong.The more escape, think quietly, only to backfire.There are time limits during the Cold War, not to isolate the people you love, it makes twenty-one person verge of collapse.May wish to declare herself, under properly consider the question of who is.Emotional in many cases, it is not afraid of time, but this feeling is really broken.Cold War’s most brutal, you love him, how willing?Note: I have to say, when two people get along, emotional intelligence is very important.Know how to deal with the relationship between the two sides, it tends to be more interesting.And a man with good will, not love parted, as do all day long.Feeling the need to make good business and cherished, it is never one thing.- End – After reading remember to share your circle of friends to share the best support for me and I definitely want to talk about the heart and add the micro letter: siyima222YIBAO: emotional life walking hooligans.Jane recommended book author, microblogging reading of the recommendation, the original author headlines today, Himalayan radio certification anchor.Scorpio female pro to the bone, the heart does not go away feeling write text.This article is the headline number of the original, without authorization, shall not be reproduced.

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