10 tips to tell you how to shoot the winning level of photography large

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10 tips to tell you how to shoot the winning level of photography large 1.Photos should impact upon the audience first sight, it creates a visual impact on the audience.A picture of success must be able to stir up people’s inner feelings.These photos are always a magical character will grab you, they make you stare long.  2.Composition Composition in the use of visual elements, the central theme of photo expression will be the main highlight.Composition of originality is very important and should be avoided cliches.(Who are able to climb Pro, but do not forget this is a photo contest, it is necessary to stand out prominent enough!).I want to know what you want to express?How can rely on their composition expressed in these messages?Depending on your purpose, a good map can be pleasing or disturbing.The audience’s attention should be natural to seize center of interest, do not let them get you charge a lot of trouble to find hidden messages in them.  3.When the light when you need to express the texture detail and texture of the subject and perfect exposure is very important.Light is the key to creating good photographs, the proper use of light, can greatly enhance your photos of tension.To achieve the best photographic effects, we need to first understand the different qualities of light.High color temperature light source toward the blue spectrum, low color temperature is biased red spectrum.Excessive light, will make you like a photo is like water, color, very light; too little light, so your photos will dim picture, looks like there are a lot of shadow.The lower the contrast of light, your photos will have more detail photos, sharper and have better texture and texture.  4.Technology you use when taking a photo of it what skills?Show your artistic tentacles right to judge!Try to shoot some unusual pictures of it!Can have many different places, for example, capturing a unique time is no different, unique color, texture wonderful light, or picture element is singular.  Fives.How to express your creative imagination through rich photo?Excellent photographs should be able to express your original ideas and messages contained in them, not just copy others style.  6.Center of interest should be the audience’s attention naturally falls on the center of interest.Any guide wire in the photo should guide the audience’s attention to this point, rather than a mess to let the audience’s attention wandering aimlessly.  7.Use of color and color combinations and harmonious use of color should play a role, or as a sharp contrast to express mixed feelings.Each color should reflect the true, and will not hit the color, undermine the sense of harmony screen.Photos with excellent color can produce great dramatic.  8.Whether it is style landscape photographer, portrait photographer, architectural photographer Hao.Different areas of photography requires a different style of composition and perspective.Techniques used may vary depending on the object you need to shoot, the environment and change the game theme, remember not to “use an old bible.”!  9.A prominent theme try to find some truly unique theme to make you stand out in a crowd similar to photographic works.  10.Story photographer Ansel Adams said, nothing more than a wonderful thing but the theme of the blurred picture worse.A picture can convey emotions, feelings, stories, an idea or a message, these are the elements to make photos full story.  Using the camera to record Moments professional photography tours (WEST micro-shutter photographing signal: xbkmsy)

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