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[ Editor’s Note ]Grandmother! Do you know that since you left us, grandchildren’s thoughts about you have been haunting them all the time? Grandma! As you can see, grandsons kneeling in front of your grave will always cry bitterly and I can’t forget your love for me. I feel that you are still concerned about our loved ones who love you most in the distant world . ah, simple words are full of deep nostalgia. Grandmother died at 4pm on January 17, 1986. It has been 23 years since now. During the past few years, whenever the New Year’s Day and Qingming Festival are celebrated, parents will take our family to the grave in accordance with our custom here and pay respects to her old man’s family. Every time my father cried very sad, the sad mood can’t be calm for a long time..     All six of our grandchildren love our grandmother very much, and she also likes us very much. Most of our childhood was spent with her grandmother. At that time, our parents had difficulty making a living and didn’t have time to take us with them. Although our mother loved us very much, she had to work during the day, do sweaters and sewing at night, and manage our food, clothing, shelter and transportation. It was really too hard for her to bury her love deeply in her heart..     Grandmother was in her eighties when she left. She spent her good youth in the old society. She is very nostalgic for her life in her hometown. Grandmother told me that among her peers, her elder brother is a scholar, a juren, and several women of her peers have attended foreign studies and can speak foreign languages. She herself has read some ancient prose with her elder brother. Anyway, most of her relatives are knowledgeable people, and they are very affectionate and friendly to her, so she respects and misses them very much..     Every year, grandmother has several important times to worship them, but at that time it was called superstition and superstition was to be criticized. Paper money and incense cannot be burned in public, and the consciousness of worship can only be read in your mind. Since we are far away from our hometown and have no ancestral graves in Xingou, we can only secretly burn some paper money and incense in places where there are no people in the wild during worship ( the money to buy these things is accumulated every penny of grandmother’s daily life, which is not easy! ) ). At that time, my grandmother always wanted to take me there. ( I didn’t know she took me there until I grew up because I was the leader of the grandchildren and the leader of the next generation, and she wanted to show me how to do filial piety. ). Every time I burn paper money, my grandmother told me not to dial it. If I scatter my ancestors, I won’t receive it. I don’t understand how she knows about Sheol.. When burning paper money, my grandmother could see that my ancestors didn’t receive it. She said you should see if the paper money flew high, and if it was high, my ancestors would certainly receive it. Fortunately, every time the paper money flew high and high, I think our ancestors must have received it.. However, after every sacrifice, I also can see that grandmother’s mood is very heavy, because she can’t see her hometown, her ancestral grave, her deceased relatives … ah … grandmother didn’t suffer much pain before her death, but suffered a fracture and lay in bed for more than a month. people left us in a very sober condition.. A few days before her death, she consciously told me a lot about the past. She suffered a lot and suffered a lot in her life, but she was kind and popular and did not die. She can understand those who have hurt her. Her only wish is to see her promising eldest son before she leaves the world. She has repeatedly told me that they can survive and Shenyang can prosper today. Your parents have done the most for her.. If you want your big uncle to return home, you must drive from thick to thin. Don’t forget your aunt, who is still in poverty and has made great contributions to her hometown, you should study hard. Your fifth brother will be taken care of. Your parents have borne you children and are tired and sick. You should be filial to your parents and who else should go to Shenyang cemetery and so on … Ah … Grandma said on the eve of her departure that there is a strong light in the sky and a strong attraction. There are people in the sky to pick her up, but she and she followed.. I told her to go quietly. After a few hours, she had some difficulty breathing. I used the big syringe brought back from Jingzhou by my sister to help her old man suck sputum. I saw that she was much more comfortable, and soon she left us peacefully. At that time, her father, me, second brother, fifth brother and sixth brother were present to her old man’s death. She had just expired when her elder sister came.. Everyone is very sad, crying very sad, but God’s call is irresistible.     However, according to what we say here, the ancestors were not tortured when they left. They were kind and blessed. I think my beloved grandmother is worthy of God’s care..     Time has passed so fast that it is raining in the Qingming Festival and tourists are busy offering sacrifices to the soul on the road.. My family will all go back to Xingou from all over the country to worship at the grandmother’s grave, but this time she lost her son, my father, because he left us forever on March twelve day and has returned to his parents who miss him day and night.. However, please rest assured that the weeds in your grave and its surroundings will be cleared up by rows of descendants. We will also build a better tomb for you next to my father’s tomb to reunite you..     Grandma! Do you know that since you left us, grandchildren’s thoughts about you have been haunting them all the time? Grandma! As you can see, the grandchild knelt in front of your grave and always burst into tears. I can’t forget it. When I was a child, I could sleep peacefully only in your arms. Grandma! Dear grandmother! I can feel that you are still worried about our loved ones who love you most in the distant world.!     May my father be reunited with you in heaven, happy and happy! ( 1896 ) This article was originally written to commemorate the 20 years of grandmother’s death. It was revised on March 28, 2009 during Tomb Sweeping Day in 2006..[ Responsibility Editor: Butterfly Love Flowers ]

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