Happy life

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During the Spring Festival, I received such a blessing message from my friend: ” I hope you are as happy as a teapot on the stove every day. Although the small fart is burning hot, it still whistles happily and braves happy bubbles.”! Happy New Year! The new year will fulfill all your wishes! ‘ Every time I see this text message, I am extremely happy. I can ignore any worries, worries, overworked work and real adversity and be happy.. There is no reason to worry about the trivial matters of life, and there is no reason not to enjoy life happily..     I remember a poem that said, ” I am not the most beautiful / but I can be the most lovely / I am not the most beautiful / but I can be the gentlest / I am not the richest / but I can be the happiest / I am not the smartest / but I can be the most diligent …” Indeed, happiness is an infinite fortune, and no one can deprive you of it.     A friend of the Buddha realized this truth. He told me that happiness is born and determined by yourself.. No one can stop it. If you want to be happy, you will still be happy even if life treats you again and even if others beat you and scold you.. Happy mood depends on one’s own state of mind. not by the outside world and others.     Be kind to yourself, live happily, live happily, live happily, spend the holidays with family members, and don’t forget to report peace, harmony and leisure to your family in a foreign land, read books, go for a walk, enjoy the natural scenery in the suburbs, see blue sky and white clouds, and see streams and running water..     Happiness can be infected. Only if you are happy, the people around you will be happy. Spread your happiness to everyone around you.     Sometimes, I get into my own emotional troubles. I think, you can’t find the only person in the world who loves you, how lonely and lonely you feel inside, and you have to bear all this without escape, and you have no choice but to tell whom? Thought of here, I was so sad that I cried at the corner of my bed.. But I soon became happy again. Because happiness is one’s own, the joy of the heart can’t even be stopped by the gods. I don’t have the extraordinary ability to manipulate a good man’s thoughts, make him love me and give me happiness and unexpected happiness, which I don’t want. I care about myself. His own happiness cannot be stopped by others. Be yourself, love the person you should love, make the friend you should hand in and live your life. Happiness belongs to you..     One day, I suddenly felt that death was a kind of beauty, so I understood San Mao, Gu Cheng and Hai Zi … but suddenly I felt how ridiculous my idea was.. Affection, friendship and love are all good responsibilities, and all the things that pass by in the world are fate.     I was born to be useful, how short my life is, why not cherish every happy day.     I think I am so ordinary, so ordinary that I don’t have an ideal job, and how small I am, as small as a grain of dust in the world of mortals.. However, I want to be happy, live well, laugh at life . Ah, happy life, without complaint or regret!     April 7, 2010

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