Give peace to the heart

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It’s drizzling tonight, walking on track and field, the night is very dark, but it’s beautiful.     Recently, there have been many worries in my heart and I have asked myself the reasons for them.. Most of the troubles are due to their failure to deal with them in time, so day after day, day after day, they accumulate over a long period of time. When they are exhausted, they have struggled with their thoughts and want to deal with them for the sake of happiness.. Some things will have to be faced sooner or later. It is better to solve them as soon as possible.     Sometimes it is not cruel, but it still wants to keep the innocence inside. The past life even if you cling to it, but after all, it is over and life has to continue. I am a heartless person who does not know love and always takes the love of parents, brothers and relatives for granted, so I dare not fall in love easily.. What kind of person am I, I know myself clearly. Qingming Festival and several friends visited Mingyue Mountain and asked me how I felt about this trip on the way down the mountain.. I said, how I wish I could feel inferior when facing nature. This at least shows that my heart is not dead yet and I also know what awe is.     Life is like a sleeping groom driving a car. When you don’t wake up, your fate depends on the horse. When you wake up, your fate is in your own hands. I’m not awake yet. I don’t know where my life is going, where I am going, and I’m very confused.. However, I clearly know that all the responsibilities lie with me, and it is my habit of not living well – the habit of finding problems, thinking about problems, and solving problems … I believe everything will pass, and one day I will become strong, learn to deal with the information around me, learn to behave and do things, and learn to live..     I don’t like to be fastidious in everything. I like to live slowly and look a little nervous, but what I get is happiness. Why not?     In fact, everything outside is decoration. We are passers – by. Everywhere you go, if you have a heart, you will have a harvest in your heart. If you don’t want to watch, you’ll be hell everywhere you go.     Every day find some time to come out to manage your thoughts and be alone. Maybe you will have some experience. Modernization brings us all kinds of advantages and disadvantages in life. The heart needs to be treated like a flower in every possible way. Life is painful, and we should live happily. Life is happy. We should live happily. In a word, everything we do is only willing to exist for the sake of happiness.” Give peace to the heart, happiness will be more, and life will be more sunny. May you and I be happy.

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