Flowers in the greenhouse

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” eldest brother, where can I get to agricultural science? B: Opposite to it, there are many companies in it. Office buildings? Isn’t there a lot of plants in it? How can there be many office buildings?     When you look in, the so-called company is the ” master” of every family selling flowers. There are many and many greenhouses with their own ” company name” hanging on the door..     ‘ excuse me, why don’t you give these plants a name? Don’t know what is the name. B: The customer will know what kind of plant he wants to buy. ‘ is very speechless, here almost all kinds of plants and flowers are not marked on it.     Looking at these bright flowers, the whole people are in a good mood.     ‘ can I take a picture? B: Yes, by the way. ‘ Take a look seriously, each family’s flower types are almost the same. Under such circumstances, how can we attract more customers?. I really couldn’t ask why all of a sudden, so I just wanted to watch the flowers.     Among the hundreds of flowers, pink iris, red Christmas red, non-blooming golden diamond, gorgeous triangular plum, green kirin, yellow and yellow autumn chrysanthemum, attractive thousand-day red, and a series of flowers are blooming in this way.     Looking at the coming and going customers, after choosing the flowers and the green plants they want, I think that many people now have green consciousness, which also shows the improvement of spiritual pursuit after material satisfaction..     If I now have a small home and a large balcony, I will definitely pick many flowers I like to plant, such as cactus, chrysanthemum and daffodils.. And will let them often bask in the sun, care attentively, let them bathe in the sun and thrive.     These plants have been carefully cultivated in the’ greenhouse’, and we have to wonder if you can stand the wind and rain outside when you grow up like this. Just like people, because you have been well cared for, have not suffered, suffered from hunger and injuries, so will you be able to withstand the’ rain and wind’ outside.

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