Crying again and laughing again

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In fact, I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be Cinderella. I also want to dream of beauty. Love doesn’t have to be a prince and a princess. The end will be happy. Fairy tales deceive us.. I only want a simple love, a love of love, only want to grow old slowly with a person who is flat and light..   Last night, I cried again. Tears could not help but fall down. Hiding in bed, or out of the sound, such helpless, shaking body just know. The people around you don’t seem to be very happy. Finer can’t forget that person when he listens to sad songs. Teacher and mother split up, scared me to face it, and fled from right and wrong. ShangHaoJia suddenly became complicated, and looked at his published mood, his heart was desolate. Strong and strong seem to have their own growing wounds. Seeing my eyes makes me panic. Wei Wei always smiled at the corners of his mouth. He said I was special and let me lose my head. Affection is not salty or weak with me. Some feelings between me and him are slowly deteriorating. Even if I was always a cheerful senior, I suddenly lost control of my mood … These people, their injuries, I cut short hair, so I learned to be free and easy.. Participating lang. I don’t know what the result will be when the women’s regulations are written for the first time. but I believe vivi, he really loves words more than I do. maybe he doesn’t have much burden on me, so look at his words and feel at ease.. I hope our words, no tears, just smile. & shy; Suddenly, I wanted to give up a lot of things and learn erhu. I gave up it for the college entrance examination because of erhu, I gave up the final of the’ college student professional knowledge competition’, and I always let go of my recent happiness. Ling Jie is right. I am a good girl. Sometimes this special one will make me suffer more. This extra elder sister thanked her for not asking the reason, but told me to cheer up. Many things are also used to seeing too many things, and many people do not want to be separated after a long time. Tears are the cheapest thing, but I always let them make themselves cheap. They said I look good with short hair and have a different temperament, clean and fresh. I told Zhuang Zhuang that I just don’t want to stand at such a high level. I don’t want to play hard, but I just don’t want to, because once my heart is crossed, there is no room for discussion.. It’s pleasant and tiring for too long, so I’m a child who can’t look at his face. I really don’t know if I want to change myself.. & shy; The trees on the campus became darker and greener, and the branches stretched out across the top of the road to keep out the whole afternoon sun. Yesterday, it was suddenly discovered that camphor trees could blossom. After walking along it for three years, what did I miss, and what kind of scenery did I begin to comprehend in my hindsight?. As if I had promised Brother Hao to take him to Tongcheng to visit No.1 Middle School, but I lost my word and he was as good to me as ever after returning to Xiangxiang.. Destiny is always so wonderful. I went to the south of Hubei with my injury, but I just wanted to relax and dilute the mood of the college entrance examination.. The mother who sent me to study computer will understand if she knows it? I learned singing, dancing, speaking and Japanese there … I am about to go to college. They are only freshmen and sophomores, and I still understand more or less what they say.. I can’t forget brother Fang told me his speech dream, from the first year of the new year to the second year of the new year, for seven years, how much courage it takes to persist. I don’t know, but when I turned over his notes page by page, thickly dotted and worn out, I suddenly understood what persistence is.. & shy; I am a restless person. I don’t like to do one thing all the time. I don’t like to stay in one place all the time. I am too familiar to have any impulse desire.. So when I think it is necessary to leave, I will disappear automatically. This kind of firmness is not understood by many people! I said I was afraid of such a season and such weather, and it would easily become sad if I didn’t take care of it.. Sister Shu said that there is only one person in our large class in the education vocational class. She wants me to go. To tell the truth, I also want to go. How is life for her who retired from the position of minister suto?. At the beginning, we met at the first sight, and now we stand next to who. Well, there will be elder sister Juan and elder brother Gang with her, and it is also my wish to make her happy.. As hurt as I am, I will speak without rhyme or reason, but once I get serious, I will try my best to be a girl. You should be happy. He is a man who can really take you home. Some of them can’t stand tossing and turning. May you be really happy. A person still likes to look at the sky when he is alone, but what seems calm and calm actually hides a surge. Mouqian elder sister said that some detours are to be bypassed, so listen to your heart.! She is a good girl, unfortunately, I still can’t sublimate under her light. & shy; Suddenly miss a lot of people who have been spoiling my plane, taking care of my brother and accompanying me to eat ginger cloud in my senior year, let me cry happily, scold me but not forget to love my Qian son and accompany me to the whole high school Xin … some people are far away, but their feelings are as close as they are, that beautiful, I cried eyes, and it’s good to have you shining every tomorrow for me.. Such memories are very light. Don’t bear too many shadows. I can easily remember those faces. Just won’t agree, just a little stubborn, the plane said I wasn’t strong enough, and only he still regarded me as a child to dote on, for seven years, I and he have the same feelings as family members, and the weak will still be weak. In fact, I haven’t changed over the years.. & shy; Sad and happy, will not hide, protruding edges and corners, time forgot to smooth, actually also grinding uneven. Cry tired, good, strong always think of me like that, so he ignored the love I deserve, he said, he has always been very good to me, but I always take these good as a matter of course, originally we all learn not to think differently, he forgot, I am also paying in this love, perhaps immature, at least not betraying.. I thought I could, but I could never get there. & shy; Some people have come and gone, some people have gone and come again. csi is right. when a person who is too emotional faces too rational a problem, he will be at a loss. I don’t know if he will be pleased with me when he knows that I have dealt with so many rational problems with his feelings. I think he will be disappointed. six years ago, I was just the little girl who didn’t speak because she was angry, had a bad temper and had a very strange character.. He said when he was a teacher that my eyes were funny and there was something different. I think I have lost his favorite thing now. In those years, his world has changed and my life has been reversed and displaced. I, a student, can no longer be his friend.. Drought said, be happy. But happiness seems to be wrong, I learned to let go of happiness, I hope the drought is still the same, don’t let me full of too much regret.     After such a long time, I didn’t know I wanted to go home. I didn’t have to pretend deliberately to talk to my mother and emerge from it without consideration … After so many experiences, I now understand that only family ties are eternal.. Once I was also a child nobody wanted. I was almost abandoned when I was born, not without hate. However, some people said that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference, so my hate is condensed with love. I was only young and ignorant and used extreme expression.. Not forced, who will have the heart to abandon their children, I have seen their kindness, so I love them and appreciate them more. I let them break their hearts for my growth. They gave me all of them, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangzhou … When other children were still in the same place, I had already looked at many strange scenery, and now I am not afraid anywhere..     Like to travel, like to go to a strange place, see strange faces, like to go to a city slowly, understand slowly, like slowly, and finally come back with the harvest. I always feel that the most beautiful scenery is on the road, occasionally inadvertently looking over, a quiet girl in the near seat, a drawing board hanging behind, small wild flowers blooming beside the railway tracks, light and elegant flowers, facing the wind, and also the existence of life … moving all the way, what I harvest is the return of my heart.     I really want to go to the West Double Edition and the Sahara Desert … in many places, perhaps because of someone, perhaps because of a story that happened there … I don’t ask why, but I want to start with a simple bag on my back..There are many times when this impulse occurs, and I want to travel all my life.     The inexplicable will not want to talk, the inexplicable will want to cry . Just want to, not too much emotion. I remember the teacher in charge of senior three said that you are the princess of our class, and there will be very good princes to belong to you in the future.. In fact, I don’t want to be a princess. I want to be Cinderella. I also want to dream of beauty. Love doesn’t have to be a prince and a princess. The end will be happy. Fairy tales deceive us.. I only want a simple love, a love of love, only want to grow old slowly with a person who is flat and light..     A lot of things are too stubborn to be lonely, and I am reduced to this kind of loneliness. Jane said that my heart was too strict to even leave them close to each other, but I made them love dearly more.. Such sisters, who are hard to find in this life, know that the more expressionless I am, the more sad I feel, and know that I’m brimming with tears and won’t let them drop . such sisters can see through me at a glance, so they have been inseparable over the years.. & shy;

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