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I always want to cultivate a daughter with ancient elegance and bearing, so I always encourage myself to love reading and think about reading with this sentence..   Ji Nan’s literacy is very early, thanks to his wife’s efforts. He began to teach Ji Nan’s literacy when his children were in kindergarten. Although he had many hardships, he survived and found that there was a bigger sky waiting for her. This joy I could feel from the children’s love of reading books..   Whether it’s book knowledge or scientific knowledge, it’s not a method to remember, but to know why? Know what it is? Know how to find it? This is the fundamental way out for learning. For this reason, I am always satisfied with the children’s impression of books, not the good knowledge of books, word by word, or even the memorization of punctuation marks.   I always feel that the social development is too fast, the knowledge learned today may not be able to adapt to the future environment, know its nature and reason, and have a habitual impression, which will save children a lot of effort and more time to gain more knowledge in their studies..   I chose 70 bills for my children that must be recited by primary school students. I felt very guilty after I turned them over. I still have memories of ancient poems in the stage of singing geese regulations. I have forgotten many poems, although the marks are still there, they are not the same as the verses..   Ancient poetry is a bit awkward, but what’s killing me is that there are many poems with the same poem name and different authors or with the same poem name and different contents.. I only know one thing or the other about participating in Benjamin’s agricultural regulations. It is also because of this poetry anthology that I understand the following paragraphs.. However, I am always confused by some similar verses in the different regulations of Liangzhou Ci..   I am not a fruitful person in reciting poems, but I like to repeat them frequently. I can always appreciate the kind of poetry written by the author when I repeat them, and there is always a’ peach blossom blossom blossom blossom, lovely crimson love pale red’ frankness.. I hope that this is also the case with jiing lui, who loves the artistic conception of the poem rather than reciting it..   Every night before going to bed, I will select a new poem from the book and let the child read it with me first and then translate it into albino word by word. I have to admit that the child has a unique way of learning poetry and she feels much more about poetry than I do for adults.. Just like the saying ” lovely crimson love light red”, I explained the connection of loveliness, but jiing nan interrupted me to say that loveliness should be separated and understood as ” but should I prefer crimson or light red peach blossom?”, making the poem more comfortable and spontaneous.   I was anxious to let Ji Nan, who was still in the first grade of primary school, recite ancient poems from the whole primary school stage because I knew that the child’s golden memory was not strengthened with the increase of age, but regressed with the increase of age.. And have the impression that many things will get twice the result with half the effort.   I also have to admit that jiing’s memory is far better than mine. after reading it once and then listening to me explain the original text, she can recite it completely, and she rarely forgets words or phrases. I often recite eight poems from seven-character quatrains, and I will not deliberately correct her, because I can hear it, when children recite it, they are in harmony with the realm of poems, integrating the situation into them, and will have a deeper impression on poems, and poems are not exactly what I want from her.?   This kind of impression is deep, just like one winter night, when it rains heavily, the three of us turn back from our mother – in – law’s house, jiing lui suddenly pops out a few poems’ heavy rain brings the river into Wu night, and usually delivers guests at chushan high. if Zhu Ji’s friends ask each other, a rice is in the bowl.”.   This is a poem from Wang Changling’s participation in the at hibiscus inn parting with xin jian Regulations. Due to the heavy rain, the cold was changed into violence, but the change of the word also reflected the scene.. The mountains in the impression are all connected. Ji Nan did not have the concept of loneliness, so he changed his loneliness to high. The most interesting thing is to change Luoyang into Zhuji because of the environment. But I don’t know why the child changed the last sentence into a rice bowl, but why criticize it?   The thought is that children understand and learn the artistic conception to harvest the classical temperament, and the deep impression on the poems is not exactly the harvest of the children? Although the road is still far away, it has already started a step closer to success than staying where it is!

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