Be a warm woman

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Perhaps, life lacks a motive force for a long time, so I have blocked my once – warm heart for many years and how happy it is to be a warm woman..     In my life, I have met many things and experienced many horrors. So, I hid the warmth I was born with for many years..     Today, the sun is especially bright. Standing in such sunshine, I really feel warm and really beautiful. To this end, be a warm woman, let all the softness of this spring blend into my life all the time, and let me become warm and smile like sunshine..     When I am willing to put down a lot of thin coolness in my life and walk into the sunshine again, I think I have recovered myself and have been expecting the layers of warmth in my life to embrace me and let me have a pure smile like a child..     For many years, I lost myself. I’ve been living without temperature or fire, and I’ve missed the excitement and sunshine in my life all the time.. Perhaps, what did my life escape from, perhaps, what I could not afford to escape from. Now, all of a sudden, I wake up and giggle, and then feel that every day is really good and everything in the morning is really fresh..     I’m glad I want to be a warm woman after meeting so many people. Because, only if you are a warm person and know how to make yourself warm, can you bring your warmth to everyone in your life. Be a warm woman and return to the original sunshine.     All the experiences in my life are just a wash for my life. The years that are not sad or happy should be quietly gone from my life. Over the years, I coolly let myself not find myself; Over the years, I have been calm and I don’t know what happened to myself.. I should have belonged to a warm woman, but over the years I have become so indifferent that I have even become thin and cold at times..     The spring breeze gently blows and warms my long-lost heart. Perhaps, spring brings me all the power of life. Be a warm woman and smile freely in the sun.. I also expect myself to meet a warm man. I think I should warm up first. What kind of person do I want to meet first?.     When the wind blows, I smile in waves of breeze. How happy it is to be a warm woman, to warm yourself and others. However, I did not know how many years I had not been a warm woman.     Once upon a time, most of the time, I used to look on coldly everything in my life, and for a long time, I was no longer involved in my own enthusiasm.. To this day, I discovered that I had lost a lot of good things, including my smile and my deep expectation for life.. However, life always has its ups and downs, and at the time of its steepest and most tiring climb, it finally sees the most beautiful scenery in life..     I just want to recover the warmth I once had after experiencing a lot of great pain and sorrow.. Because, I deeply feel that only this warmth can make my future years more wonderful. Life has been experiencing such and such things, and life is afraid of losing its inherent warmth in all experiences.     I was born warm and I should have been warm. Over the years, it was just that I accidentally lost my share of warmth. The memory of oneself is always so enthusiastic and always so loving and smiling.     Be a warm woman, as long as you have a heart that runs toward the sun, all this will return to the original March. I’m coming. I’m coming towards warmth with all the enthusiasm of life. I believe all the warmth will welcome me with their warmest arms, and I am willing to revel in this warmth and be warm and embraced by this warmth..     Life is a song, and the melody will appear on whatever tone you choose.. I think I am a person who can narrow her eyes and smile happily, so I am willing to choose all the warmth of life and smile freely with the greatest courage in this life..     Warm and beautiful, this is my own expectation for myself and this is my own effort for myself. Tomorrow, no matter where I go, I believe I am sunny after all. After all, I will embrace my life with all my sunshine, and eventually move towards all my warmth with the most true heart..     Be a warm woman and smile as warm as ever.     Write on March 13, 2014

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