At the beginning of the lingering wanton butterfly change

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Another year-end beginning! Then it is interpreted as a review of life! Always exceptionally cold, will eventually be helpless to wait.   The north wind is cold and hard, the snow is falling, the summer flowers are gone, the sweet soul leaves have no green marks, only frost and snow are falling.   The extremely cold but red fire also cooled the sincere enthusiasm. Touching not to be dispirited and discouraged, and let the dull gallop. Retreat in a corner of a high-rise building, keep that little waste heat alone and hold only that little clinging.   Chopping wood and wrapping it in red have all their enthusiasm released.! Also burned my cold shoulder. Turn into a black body and leave it to the author’s literati, writing about love and hatred for a long time, pictures and texts are full of joys and sorrows, and poems are bold and unconstrained and leisurely.!   One day after another, one year after another, the past lives have become the same.!   It is a fable that the years quietly pursued forward and wanted to stop secretly.. How reluctant! White – haired wrinkles have long selected my sad face, but it happened that many times I care about it, but I really don’t like it the most.. Is crying or laughing or happy or vexed, who can have any change in time and space??   The past has not been left behind, either joy or sorrow, and sorrow is thick and thick.!   In 2010, it passed so casually again. Life still hasn’t changed much. Will life really not change much?? There are only a few: worried about parents’ old age and helplessness, worried about the beauty of their children’s studies, pitied for the poor health of their wives, and pitied for the concern of relatives and friends.. More just for the unbearable life and busy demanding, for the trivial life and tired to endure to swim!   The internet is just as beautiful, with a few additions and subtractions, and several times of going and staying!   Legend has it that the romance of the year has blossomed in the autumn waves and dreams in the early morning of September.. I’m afraid this is the only butterfly change in 2010, a bit fresh in the lonely year. After more than ten years of separation, I also hope to use words to amuse my leisure, and to decorate the space vacated by the pen and ink.. The blue screen flickers between you and me, wandering in the sea of the net, and deducing another kind of prosperity or neglect.!   One day, I walk by as soon as I open my eyes. One year, I turn around and leave.. Life can still miss a few eye, still can turn a few times? Maybe once I woke up in my dream, I was already standing at the head of Naihe Bridge and was no longer just looking forward to it..   I will wave my hand to my heart’s content and let yesterday’s beauty go slowly! Try your best to stamp your feet and run away from yesterday’s crushing! Looking back as soon as possible, the old laughing songs will be kept for a while.!   When the sun rises again, hold more rays of sunshine and enjoy more warmth! The smile broke out again. It was a bit more brilliant and pleasant.! When traveling in space again, gather a few more flowers and plants to make the fragrance more fragrant.! When we exchange again, we will spend more time thinking about friendship and make friends more often.!   Can poetry make dreams come true! Can Dreams Make Good Poems Show!   At the beginning of the new year, I wish only new happiness and no new troubles. Every new good thing comes with an old smile.   Forever!

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